Name Bluesilver
Nickname BLS
Dexterity Right-Handed
Weapon Ragnarok, Kiku-Ichimonji, Octagon Staff
Job Class Black Mage
Spells Flare, Waterga, Thundaga
Summons Alexander, Diabolos
Special Attacks Focus, Control, Dance

About Me[edit | edit source]

First of all, welcome to my user page! You may recognise the name or some very, very, very, very close variants as that is the name i usually go by on sites, albeit more recently i have had to choose differently due to the username being taken (i hate you YouTube). I joined the site because i enjoy trivia nearly as much as what it's about, so when i found this site i eventually and naturally joined. I am also an occasional contributer to the TARDIS wikia.

i am a male known for my insane hair (think Cloud Strife toned down just a little), i own all the final fantasies apart from 11(can't be bothered to pay), i am a fan of and my favorite color is blue... alas most of this stuff is probably somewhere else on the page but still. RPG's and platformers are the games i am best at, but i like other genres as well, except for games that are nothing but mini-games, don't talk to me about them. I am a fan of the Mario (main series, cant stand those damn sport spin-offs), Sonic, Kingdom Hearts, Kirby, GTA, Super Smash Bros., Forza Motorsport, Call of Duty, Mass Effect and Fable series to name a few.

Mindless Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • I have had only 1 nosebleed
  • I can speak minor Spanish, French and Japanese
  • I am an Atheist and i am not afraid to make my opinions on religion heard
  • I am a collector of Scrubs, Futurama, new Doctor Who, Torchwood and i used to collect simpsons DVDs as well
  • I am predicted to get A* for my GCSE's this year
  • I am rather talented at drawing (or so i've been told)
  • I have broken the sound barrier but you must never ask me how
  • I don't believe in the moon, it is just the other side of the sun
  • I am starting to quote Janitor from Scrubs
  • I think amano's "art" can be likened to that of a drunk four year old
  • I have been to Downing Street
  • I don't care if i should really be revising, im still here

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