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First of ALL my watchlist contains things I've never even edited, which is strange. I've never gone into the FFVII section, Tifa LockHart, Final Fantasy XIII or XII! I've never edited anything outside of Final Fantasy VI. I really don't care what it says on other FF games unless I know it's wrong. But my point is, INEVER edited anything less than what is Minor on this site, like spelling errors (Tera > Terra) that's about all I've done. So I don't know why my Watchlist states I've edited things I've never even been in. I don't really like the new FF games, so editing things in that section don't please me. And what I saw in Tifa's section did PLEASE me so I didn't change anything. Why am I being blamed for those changes? I only stick to my UserPage and have been chatting a little bit. But that's mostly all.
And I don't even know how Tall Tifa is, but I've been blames for changing her height and than something that says this: Look for underline words!

""‎ (diff; hist) . . . . FinalFighterA+

It says this qoute: Skort IS a word, reffering to the article of clothing that is both a skirt and shorts, which tifa wears in AC

Oh, and it's "referring" not "reffering" see? This is all I've been doing!

What?! I don't even care about AC! Who keeps adding things to my Watchlist! I'm beginning to think something is down here. So I'm sorry to burst people's BUBBLE but I'm WikiaOrgress, I don't leave my cave and IF I DID it wouldn't be for anything related to Final Fantasy VII OR XII,XIII! So leave MEH be. Oh, I saw something in XIII below Oerba Dia Vanille 'that something said Terra's Japanese actress plays as. I went in and changed the word "Pluys" to "Plays"' and that's all!

Oh, I like Tifa, so I wouldn't have changed things I don't no anything about!

And, it's true, I checked, Terra's actress plays Oerba!

Facts, Fun And Success[]

FFVII'm a proud fan of FFVI and Terra Branford!Judge Chocobo.png

This is sort, but it's something I can add to this, I guess. But, I've made a fanfiction based on FFVI and it's got 30 reviews and gets about 156 hits a day from 17 countries! Doesn't that rock?

A nice little place to check out is this place, it has awesome FF remixes! I enjoy the Terra theme remix by AMIEVIL. It's called Death on the SnowField. Check it out.


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Square's Should Do List And Biggest Mistakes

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