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Name Wedge Highwind
A.K.A Wedge (of Biggs&Wedge)
Job Class Dragoon
Hometown Baron
Date of Birth 28th Aug 9987
Age 22
Height 6'
IQ 10 more than Wedge
Weapon Spirit Lance
Spells Lancet, Thundaga, Comet, Ultima & Regen
Summons Quetzacotl, Phoenix, Odin, Eden
Limit breaks Highwind Family Values O_o
Otherwise known as
"Jump around"
by House of Pain

To your post, Gibbs! To your Post!
―Deweg (Wedge), Final Fantasy XII

Wedge Highwind[]

Here It is, the personal home page of the better half of everyones favorite double act. Wedge Highwind; the next great Dragoon of the Highwind Family and the unsung hero of Final Fantasies IV, VI, VII and VIII who finally got his just deserts in Final Fantasy XII. Welcome Anonymous User, Welcome. Here on my Homepage you will find my personal thoughts and preferences, Userboxes and Tables and such things. But also you will find my special Feature (which is literally thousands of times better than Biggs's Black Mage Talk), The DNC; according to Wedge. Enjoy!

L'Cie[] This user is a cursed l'Cie, bound into the
service of
Sorceror Nobody for eternity
Branded: September 3rd 2010 Eidolon: Shinryu
Role proficiencies:
Focus: To continue the designs for an awesome Dissidia sequel

Shinryu Dissidia.png



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Important Notice[]


Welcome one and all. So due to all of the controversy surrounding the DNC, I'm doing a little overhaul on my Page. To begin with the fights on my page will be taken from various User Arenas, as well as the DNC occasionally. However, that will only make up Half of the fun you can find here on the Homepage of the better half of Final Fantasy's most loved Duo. Introducing Now Bonzai TV! a unique addition that will feature a variety of comedy Sketches involving the residents of my page, as well as a few other individuals. So, two new things to Look out for, Bonzai TV and The Featured Arena.Wedge Cocoon sig.gif (of Biggs&Wedge)

Bonzai TV[]

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