Name Biggs Palazzo
A.K.A Biggs
(of Biggs&Wedge)
Hometown Midgar
Date of Birth 2/9/9987
Age 22
Height 5'11"
IQ 20 more than Wedge
Weapon The Buster Sword
Spells Firaga, Regen, Holy, Flare.
Summons Ifrit, Knights of the Round,
Bahumat SIN, Ark.
Limit breaks Omnislash version's 2, 3 and 4.
Damn Cloud, always out to try and best me

We, the Red Wings...are the greatest airship fleet in the skies...the pride of Baron! My orders...are the you...
―Biggs, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Major BiggsEdit

I am Biggs. The leader of Final Fantasy's favorite double act; Biggs and Wedge.
Correction, you were the leader. You screwed up your leadership role in FFVIII, you sucked in FFX, so by the time FFXII came around you had been demoted and now I am the leader
You have exactly 4 seconds to get off my page otherwise i will open up a whole world of pain all over your ass
I'm just saying. you need to get your facts straight...
Don't get upset Biggs, but I am the leader now


Come to think of it, maybe we should be called Wedge and Biggs now, what do you think?


and i warn you, the reason i've taken so long starting my page is i've been shopping for a new pet.
...yeah i like that, Wedge and Bi... wait, what new pet?


sic him boy... or boys...(?)
Woof, Woof, Woof.File:Cerberus FFVIII.jpg
...nice doggy... er... doggies. um... bye Biggs, nice page!
Good boys. After Wedge had me chased away by Baku, Jessie, the Elvoret, Cecil and finally Sephiroth I figured it was time to get some kind of protection. Honestly I let him go off and write his page completely undisturbed. The very first Paragraph of mine he interrupts. I don't know how I've put up with him so long.
Anyway I'm Major Biggs and this is my Page. Here you will find my weekly comic, "Black Mage Talk" as well as my Userboxes and other stuff. Welcome! I'm glad you're here and not on Wedge's page... which sucks.



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Ultros-field-ffvi-ios Uwee hee! Come to the Colosseum and vote on this week's fight:
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The Master ExploderEdit

MasterExploder1.png Black Mage Talk

Previous BMT's
I am currently playing the original Final Fantasy at the same time as Final Fantasy IX, And it inspired an idea for a weekly comic of sorts

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