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Welcome to the Basement! Here you will find links to all the projects that either Wedge, myself or Both of us is currently working on. I had Tifa make the basement just like the Avalanche HQ in the old 7th Heaven, so that Wedge would feel right at home working on his focus. Also several or more members of the Wiki may be invited to Join Avalanche and Help either one of us on a particular project and will be gratuitously awarded with many fancy templates and userboxes etc.

Dissidia II: Final Fantasy Denique Orbis[]

Denique Orbis.png

This is our sequel to Dissida. Completing is Wedge's Focus as a Sorceror L'cie, it was given to him when he was branded by
Sorceror Nobody. Wedge is working on it slowly and he would greatly appreciate any help with either writing move-sets or just general Ideas.

The Nintendo Phoenix[]


This is an Idea that Wedge and I put together a little while ago and posted onto Wikia Gaming. It is basically the next big thing in Gaming. Everyone, whether you just visit 7th Heaven for fun, or if you are a member of Avalanche and are playing a big part on a project, everyone should look at this design. We're currently in school working on a Degree in Computer Programming and Design partially so that Nintendo will listen to us when we pitch this Idea to them. If this comsole is made it will permanently put Nintendo back on the top of the pile. It is also the console that Dissidia II (see above) was designed around. We're also working on a few other games for the Phoenix and they will reach Cyberspace when they are solidified a little more. Watch this space!

Crisis Core Walkthrough[]

FF7 Biggs.jpgCrisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Logo.PNGFF7 wedge.jpg

Okay, we decided to do this so that we could feel like we had made some kind of valuable contribution to the Wiki (Besides removing backgrounds from Images). Hopefully it will get underway very soon...

Kitty Crisis[]

An Epic Story of what REALLY happened to the IRC bot MasterTonberry, and also how were were able to make our Return