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Pandemonium Colosseum*[]

NeA-SorcerorNobody.png This is the Pandemonium Colosseum
...which is currently under my control. Go me.

Commence with The Pandemonium!

PCArchivesDoor.png LockerRoomDoor.png

The Rules[]

NeA-SorcerorNobody.png I'll inform Biggs & Wedge of the fights for the upcoming week, and they'll post them. Please then vote for who you would like to win, or who you think will win. Fighters are more likely to win the more votes they get. Probably. Assuming I don't go mad with power, but the mere suggestion that such a situation could arise is laughable. Right? Right?

Current Champions[]

The Champions Collapsed to save from Spoilers
Proud Parents Title Darth Title Chaos Title Protomateria.jpg
Vacant Darth Exdeath Vincent Valentine
ExdeathThirdAlt.png FFDoc Chaos.jpg

Week #6 (Sorceror Nobody Week #2)[]