We are the Red Wings - the pride of Baron!

Biggs and Wedge, being the Pride of Baron, Like a Boss
Name Biggs Palazzo & Wedge Highwind
A.K.A Biggs&Wedge
Job Class Warrior & Dragoon
Hometown Baron, Vector, Midgar, Deling City, Luca, Archades, Bodhum
Date of Birth 2/9/9987 & 28/8/9987
Age 24
Height 5'11" & 6'
IQ Debatable
Weapon The Buster Sword & Kain's Lance

Journal[edit | edit source]

Journal History
After signing off Kitty Crisis, I kinda feel the need to write a little something here, that will probably turn into a lot. It is unrealistic for me to believe that the Characters Biggs and Wedge, nor myself as their puppetmaster, will ever return to full creative speed again. Let me tell you a little about myself before I leave, I am a 25year old United States Marine from The United Kingdom. I am very much still the same mind that was behind what I considered to be escapades so hilarious, that they are prohibited by law, from being insinuated by anyone who isn't me, such as the events of this page and others closely related to it. But as for right now, I simply to not have the time nor the intelectual energy to dedicate to what I used to do around here. Who knows if I will again. In all honesty I have scarcely picked up a final fantasy title in over a year, so I don't really feel as though I have any right to be here amongst the experts any more. As I've said elsewhere I really don't much care what happenes to anything I've written here or elsewhere. If I took up too much space in the vastness of these interwebs, feel free to erase stuff. As for me, maybe you'll see me around. If you'd like to stay in touch, shoot me an e-mail at matttheenglishguy@live.co.uk . If not, well then whatever. It's been fun, I'll leave this, you, and everything else to the grammer nazi's. --BiggsandWedge 23:50, September 23, 2012 (UTC)

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