Some things never change.

Name Adam
A.K.A Big mamou
Job Class Engineer
Hometown Houston
Date of Birth 05/20/1980
Height 5'10"
Weapon A mechanical pencil and a pad of paper.
Summons Fluffy Puppy (who proceeds to chew on the controler or attempt to lick me to death)

Drooling Baby (who also proceeds to chew on the controler but does not attempt to lick me to death)

I guess you could say I am relatively new here (since Feb 2008), at least new to edit and actually contributing something. I've lurked around the place for a while before that but figure I might as well help out.

I actually started playing Final Fantasy with the very first game when it was released in the US. I had enjoyed Dragon Warrior so I decided to give another RPG a try. Then that was it. I actually bought a Playstation so that I could play FF7 and FF8. And then a PS2 for FFX. I shelled out the cash for the PS3 this week with the MGS4/80 GB bundle. That was painful, now I am just waiting for FF XIII.

Videogames (mostly FF) have been one of my favorite distractions for the last 20 years (every since I got my NES at the age of 7). I used to contribute heavily to another wiki highlighting my other favorite distraction (baseball cards) on as pitt23. But being one of only about four major contributors has gotten old, so here I am!

Wiki ProjectsEdit

  • Currently on sort of a break, I'll pop in every now and then.
  • Gnome type activities. I do much more of that than anything else.
  • Quotes, quotes and more quotes. I believe every page should have a quote.
  • Final Fantasy X enemy pages. I am validating weapon/armor drops as well as steal, bribe items. Sorry, but I refuse to simply copy from Brady Games or Gamefaqs, both make mistakes.


  • Metal Gear Solid 4 - its my new favorite distraction
  • Final Fantasy X - Monster Arena (validating weapon and armor drops)

Waiting ForEdit

  • Chrono Break (yeah right)
  • Final Fantasy XIII


This is a kinda fun thing that is showing up on everyone's user pages, here's my go at it. One's false so try and find it.

  1. I'm married with a 1 year old daughter and 3 year old puppy.
  2. I am my father-in-law's "favorite". Not favorite son-in-law, his favorite between his two daughters and me. I'm quiet, I'm cheap, I play golf with him and I now pay the bills for one of the daughters.
  3. I love golf, but I am terrible. No seriously, its bad. But it's better than sitting inside an office somewhere.
  4. I drink way too much Mountain Dew.
  5. I've been a fan of the Chicago Cubs as far back as I can remember.
  6. In college I had the best job ever, I worked at the front desk of one of the Freshmen Ladies' dormitories. I actually got paid to do homework and talk to girls. Got a few dates out of it too.
  7. I have permanent damage to my right knee from playing baseball in high school.
  8. I still own my first NES from 1987 (and it works!), as well SNES, PS1, PS2, Gamecube, PS2, GBA and DS.
  9. My wife thinks I am the oldest child that she knows.
  10. I was the treasurer of my fraternity in college - Lambda Chi Alpha.
  11. I work for one the evil oil companies. Hey somebody might be getting rich off the high oil prices, but it ain't me.
  12. I have never met a glass of Jack and Coke that I didn't like. Unless it had too much Coke.
  13. I have a very poor long term memory, but an extremely sharp short term one.
  14. I taught ballroom dance classes in college.


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