Vague Explanation Edit

Well, despite having only beaten Tactics Advance/A2 (where I learnt to completely ignore plot, to avoid having my brain come out of my nose) and III, and currently playing through IV, VI X and XII, I still figured I could contribute...something. My first edit: Putting a full stop on the end of a sentence.
Ferret casting VERY STRONG FIRE! copy

Firaga; always the right choice.

Why the name? Edit

A Bangaa Red Mage/Archer is a combination of my favourite classes and race from all the games I've played. I might put my Photoshopped picture up some time when I'm not feeling lazy. Anyway, I decided to chop off the Archer bit fer convenience.

Other stuff? Edit

Um...*picks brain for suitable ending*

Wakka makes me angry.

The fact that he got the 10th best character of all time award somewhere makes me pathological.

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