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Name Bahamut's Kingdom
Age 30...yea older than most here
Occupation Cook in reality.
Webmaster/Creator otherwise.
Favorite Color Black
Favorite Singer Janet Jackson
Favorite Band Guns N Roses

About me[]

Hello there, The name is John, but I am most commonly known throughout the internet world as Bahamut's Kingdom. I have been around the internet for the better part of a decade, but have only been recently involved in such things as website building for the last three or so years. I opened my own website based on the Final Fantasy series in December of 2005. I chose to call it Final Fantasy Kingdom. My goal was to cover, as much as humanly possible, all of the games, films, and other items found within the series. I have been working on the site steadily, and it has evolved into a site I am very proud of. I cover 53 titles, with over 30 completed. Final Fantasy Kingdom has also ventured outside of the series, to include the Castlevania and Mario Brothers series. It is even now growing more, with additional games being worked on in the backgrounds, as well as new coverage being placed in the existing site.

The love of Wiki[]

I have always loved coming to Final Fantasy Wiki, even before I was really going on my site. It was great to see the additions to this wonderful site, as they were being put in. I have always come here for information such as release dates, and critic reviews. It has also been a great place to go, just for the fun of coming.

I decided some time ago, that I wanted to try and give back to this site, in some way or another. I created an account earlier in the year, but it was a bit overwhelming to see the coding being used. So I kind of let it go for some time. Now that I have gotten a bit better at understanding the codes used in FFWiki, I am back to placing in what I can. I am mostly adding missing images from the games, such as enemy, and character sprites. I am even learning a bit of the stat tables, so maybe I can assist in those areas as well. I do not know what the future holds for me at FFWiki, but I plan to give it the same love and respect I give for my own site. It is truly the best place to come for any Final Fantasy fan.

Most loved quote[]

"In complete darkness we are all the same.

It is only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us.

Don't let your eyes deceive you.
Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation 1814

I get a lot of people saying I like this quote, just because I am a huge fan of Janet's. But this is very far from the truth. I was not a fan, when the Rhythm Nation 1814 album was released back in 1989. I was fully into the heavy metal of the time. But for some reason, I heard that on my sisters cassette, (Yea cassette...sad huh) and it struck me. There was something in the way it was said, and what was said, that was just so real. It has become something of a life's motto since then. It is perhaps the biggest single reason for me becoming the fan that I am now.

Need to know things[]

{{Bahamutkingdom|time= ~~~~~|text= Your text}}

For FFI PSP enemy images:
[[Category: Final Fantasy PSP Enemy Images]]

For FFII PSP enemy images:
[[Category: Final Fantasy II PSP Enemy Images]]

For FFIV DS enemy images:
[[Category: Final Fantasy IV DS Enemy Images]]

Thank you 8Bit Black Mage for helping me get these=)

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Completed Final Fantasy games[]

There is not a button for every single title in Final fantasy series here, (That would be redundant in some instances) so I thought I would list a few not covered...but are covered at the same time.

Final Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls

Final Fantasy PSP

Final Fantasy II: Soul of Rebirth

Final Fantasy II PSP

Final Fantasy III DS

Final Fantasy IV Advance

Final Fantasy IV DS

Final Fantasy V Advance

Final Fantasy VI Advance

Final Fantasy Adventure

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

Final Fantasy Legend , 2, 3 (Not part of the series, but should be noted)

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My favorite Final Fantasy[]

This user is a fan of Final Fantasy VI.

Without a doubt, Final Fantasy VI still remains the tops in my book for the main series. I remember though back when I got it and IV (II on the SNES), I tried to play it. I got through to the mine, and was just not interested. I ended up playing IV over and over for a time. One day I was talking to my friends son, and he told me I really needed to play VI. I said I was not impressed with the fact that I had to ride around in some stupid machine, and could not even use magic. He told me that was just the beginning, and I really needed to give it another shot. So I did. I played VI from its release in 1994, until the release of VII in 1997. I have played that title through more than any other to date. The story, though poorly translated on the SNES, is perhaps on of the best I have ever seen. The characters, and their backgrounds were done superbly. Everything about it was what a RPG should be. VII fans may hate me for this, but VI is so far superior to VII.

My least favorite Final Fantasy[]

This user Hated Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.