Kuja CG.png
Name Ryan
A.K.A Bahamut knows best
Job Class Summoner/ Red Mage
Hometown Lindblum
Date of Birth 3:16
Age 20
Height Not quite 6 Foot
IQ Depends on caffeine intake and level of insomnia
Weapon Spell Charm Bangle and Summon Charm Bangle, Blazefire Sabre
Spells Blizzaga, Flare, Esuna, Renew, Faith
Summons Bahamut, Alexander, Anima, Zalera The Death Seraph, Miorochu
Limit break Summon Blitz: Summons all of my Summons for an all-out war on my opponent

"It really isn't my kind of place. You see, there's an Anti-Magic Barrier around the place. And I want to send you because you're too stupid to use magic." - Kuja

"Uh... Why is everyone singing???" - Sabin Rene Figaro

I've read a bunch of these trying to get an idea of what to put in here but so far all i seem to be able to find is a bunch of people saying either nerdy or pompous things. I think I'll fit in nicely. First I'll start off by saying that I'm an avid gaymer due to the fact I have no cable or sattelite, and am currently not working. My circumstances leave very little to do except play video games, like ALL DAY LONG. I had never actually played a Final Fantasy title until around July 2009. In fact the only Square Enix titles I owned were the Kingdom Hearts series, which should give you an idea as to why I was skeptical about playing the FF series (I hate KH Tidus and Wakka & Selphie in general). But my partner suggested I play them when we moved into our first apartment. I started with Final Fantasy X and then i started XII. Now I have terrible Gaming Attention Deficit Disorder. I start a game and get interupted by a new one. I've played I, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, XIII, Dissidia, and Dissidia [012]. However I've only Finished VI, VIII, IX, X, XII, and the Dissidias. I'm pretty much done with VII & XIII but I can't bring myself to finish them. I hate finishing a game. In fact the only reason I've finished any of them is because I either A.) wanted to start them over. B.)was made to by my boyfriend because he was tired of waiting for me to finish or C.) really wanted to see the ending scene. I'm new to the wiki as of June 2011 but have actually been coming here regularly since around March 2010, mostly for information on new titles and for Dragon's Neck Colliseum (For what reason Yevon only knows because there's only been like 10 fights since then. That's right, 2 days into my wiki usership and I'm taking a shot at TA. Expect many. I'm a very impatient person). I'm not really funny, I'm just mean and people think I'm joking. BTW Blue Highwind is like my God. No kidding I follow BlueHighwind's every word like a small child. I find it's best to listen to pretty much everything said by BlueHighwind. Everything


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Other Games I Play

  • The Kingdom Hearts Series (*****)
  • Tales Of Symphonia (*****)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (*****)
  • The Super Smash Bros Series (****)
  • Xenosaga Saga (****)
  • Mario 64 (****)
  • Banjo Kazooie & Banjo Tooie (****)
  • Jak Saga (***)
  • Shadow of the Colossus (***)
  • Drakkan (***)
  • Mario Kart Wii (***) (*would be higher but i f***ing hate the damned blue shells)

Books I Enjoy

  • His Dark Materials - Phillip Pullman
  • Jurassic Park & The Lost World - Michael Crichton
  • Intensity - Dean Koontz
  • Creature - John Saul
  • And pretty much else anything by my Gods Michael Crichton, Dean Koontz, or John Saul
  • The Mortal Instruments Series - Cassandra Clare
  • Stephanie Plum Series - Janet Evanovich
  • The Women's Murder Club - James Patterson
  • Lord of the Rings Saga - J.R.R. Tolkein
  • To Kill A Mockingbird - Harper Lee
  • The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Cell - Stephen King
  • Food Network star Giada Delorentis's cook books

My Favorite TV Shows

  • Xena & Hercules
  • Firefly
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Will and Grace
  • Queer as Folk
  • Futurama
  • American Dad
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Angel
  • Charmed (*after Prue dies)
  • Modern Family
  • Cougartown
  • So You Think You Can Dance
  • Fairly Legal
  • Absolutely Fabulous
  • My Hero
  • Footballers' Wives
  • Glee


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Game IX VI X X-2
Graphical Style XIII XII Dissidia Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers
Soundtrack IX VII X X-2
Moogles IX XII VI Dissidia [012] Duodecim
Chocobos IX XII XIII X
Final Dungeon IX X VI VIII
Final Battle X XII IX VIII
Battle system IX XII XIII VIII
Level Up System IX VIII XII XIII
Skill System IX V VI XII
Limit Break IX VIII XII VI


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Main Protagonist Zidane Tribal Locke Cole Squall Leonheart Zack Fair
Female Main Protagonist Lightning Garnet Til Alexandros XVII Celes Chere Lenna Charlotte Tycoon
Male Supporting Protagonist Adlebert Steiner Vincent Valentine Basch Fon Rosenberg Irvine Kinneas
Female Supporting Protagonist Beatrix Lulu Fran Oerba Dia Vanille
Couple Celes & Locke Garnet & Zidane Balthier & Fran Cloud & Aeris
Female Bubbly Ditz I Hate Fan-service Girls
Temporary Player Character Beatrix Seymour Guado The Moogles (VI) Ward
Villain Kuja Kefka Sephiroth Barthandelus
Minor Villain Cid Raines Garland (IX) Seymour Guado Garland (I)
Recurring Boss Beatrix Seymour Guado Gilgamesh (XII) Ba’Gamnon
Biggs and Wedge VIII VI X X-2
Airship The Red Rose The Hilde Garde III The Strahl The Celsius
I Character Bahamut Matoya The Warriors of Light Garland
II Character Haven’t Played This Title
III Character Haven’t Played This Title
IV Character Rydia Edge Tellah Kain Highwind
V Character Gilgamesh Bartz Klauser Boko Lenna Charlotte Tycoon
VI Character Celes Chere Setzer Gabbiani Kefka Umaro
VII Character Vincent Valentine Tifa Lockhart Bugenhagen Cait Sith
VIII Character Quistis Trepe Edea Kramer Seifer Almassy Selphie Tilmitt
IX Character Kuja Zidane Tribal Adelbert Steiner Queen Brahne Raza Alexandros XVI
X Character Lulu Seymour Guado Auron Rikku
X-2 Character they all suck *expletive deleted*
XII Character Basch Fon Rosenberg Fran Balthier Penelo
XIII Character Lightning Oerba Yun Fang Cid Raines Oerba Dia Vanille


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
IV Summon Bahamut Leviathan Mist Dragon Bomb
V Summon Bahamut Syldra Golem Remora
VI Esper Bahamut Alexander Lakshmi Cait Sith
VII Summon Bahamut Zero Bahamut Alexander Kjata
Guardian Force Bahamut Alexander Diabolos Siren
IX Eidolon Bahamut Alexander (NAS) Madeen Atomos
Aeon Bahamut Anima Shiva Yojimbo
XII Esper Adramellech Cuchulainn Zalera The Death Seraph Shemhazai
XIII Eidolon Bahamut Alexander Odin Hecatoncheir
Overall Bahamut Anima Alexander Hecatoncheir
  • NAS- Not Actually Summonable

Job classes

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Warrior/Fighter Lightning (NRS) Fran Adelbert Steiner Zack Fair
Thief Zidane Tribal Locke Cole Vaan (NRS) Rikku
Paladin Adelbert Steiner Beatrix Basch Fon Rosenberg Cecil Harvey
Black Mage Lulu Kuja Vivi Oruntia Selphie Tilmitt (NRS)
White Mage Garnet Til Alexandros Yuna Celes Chere Penelo
Summoner Yuna Garnet Til Alexandros XVII Rydia Isaaru
Blue Mage Quina Quen Kimahri Ronso Quistis Trepe Lenna Charlotte Tycoon(NRS)
Ninja Edge Shadow Ninja (I) Yuffie Kisaragi
Samurai Auron Cyan Bartz Klauser (NRS) Yojimbo
Gunner Vincent Valentine Balthier (NRS) Laguna Irvine Kinneas
Dragoon Freya Crescent Oerba Yun Fang Kimahri Ronso Kain Highwind
Monk Amarant Corral Sabin Rene Figaro Tifa Lockhart Snow Villiers
Gambler Setzer Gabbiani Tifa Lockhart (LB) Wakka (LB) Cait Sith (LB)
Dancer Mog The Rest Suck
  • NRS- Not Role Specific. Either character has a variable job class (XII, VII, etc.) or it is a mixed job (Amarant, Rikku, etc.)
  • LB- Limit Break. Character uses this job in their Limit Break but not in actual combat.

Top five males

1: Balthier

2: Kuja

3: Sephiroth

4: Adelbert Steiner

5: Vincent Valentine

Top five females

1: Lightning

2: Fran

3: Garnet Til Alexandros XVII

4: Lulu

5: Beatrix

Top Scenes in Final Fantasy

1:Zidane and Kuja Reconcile

2:Zidane and Garnet re-unite

3:Tidus fades back into Pyreflies and Yuna Whistles for him

4:Lightning summons Odin for the first time

5:Quina and Vivi's "Marriage"

Most Overrated Final Fantasy Characters

1:Kain Highwind

2:Aeris Gainsborough

3:Zack Fair

4:Sazh Katzroy

5:Cloud Strife

Most Underrated Final Fantasy Characters

1: Freya Crescent

2: Fran

3: Celes Chere

4: Lulu

5: Reno & Rude

Worst five males

1: Kain Highwind

2: Cait Sith

3: Cecil Harvey

4: Zack Fair

5: Nooj

Worst five females

1: Oerba Dia Vanille

2: Rikku

3: Yuffie Kisaragi

4: Selphie Tilmitt

5: Lenne

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