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Age 22
Height 6ft
Weight 170
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Laterality Right handed
Hometown USA, Ca, Indio
DoB September 17, 1993
Wiki-age 9 years

Azul seems to have originated from the depths of the wiki-forum in 2007. He edited FFIV enemies during his time as a regular editor and was promoted in the months following. The young Azul was very active during his earlier years. He encountered many a valiant editor along his journey throughout the ever expanding and sometimes contradictory FFWiki, but remained collected and in the background of things. After a countless number of days spent maintaining the wiki and guarding its gates, he decided it was his time to move on and let the noble higher-ups and other dedicated editors to shape and change the wiki. Though sad to part from the place he'd called home over the years, he knew what he had to do. He packed his bags and headed off down a road towards higher education. Though he is content with the direction his new journey is leading him in, he still yearns for the olden days of the FFWiki when he and some of the greatest minds he's had the honor to call friends would congregate and shoot the shit about their favorite pastime. Azul doesn't know where he'll go in life or who he'll meet next, but one thing is certain: Azul, now a young-adult, will always remember the days spent with the people he admired the most.

The man behind the blue[edit | edit source]

I'm a desert kid from So.Cal who loves anything Final Fantasy. Well, almost anything. Been here awhile and had my hand in a couple bestiary projects and side-game revamps. I don't have too much time on my hands these days but when I do I usually just gnome or add a couple enemies here and there. I'll randomly pop up in the IRC every now and then. I have created and mastered azulspeek a.k.a the 'language of teh gawds' and will employ it at will oyumadbro>>

Music[edit | edit source]

I listen to a large variety of music but what piques my ears nowadays is electro/indie rock, basically the bands that play at Coachella. I started playing piano when I was in elementary/middle school and haven't stopped. I usually pick VG music but sometimes I like to play classical.

Piano[edit | edit source]

These are a list of songs that (will hopefully get longer) I can play/want to play on the Piano:

Learned[edit | edit source]

  • Matoya's Cave
  • Yuna's Theme (1/2)
  • Corneria Castle
  • Cyan's Theme
  • Wind Crest
  • Aerith's Theme
  • Troian Beauty

Songs I want to learn[edit | edit source]

  • The Place I'll Return to Someday
  • Roses of May
  • To Zanarkand
  • The Prelude
  • Crisis Core Theme
  • Melodies of Life

BH's Medal of Honor[edit | edit source]

For uploading a better version of the Home image. Which was previously the worst image on the wiki


FF Opinions[edit | edit source]

Category Best Second best Third Best Worst
First Generation Game (I-VI) Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy II
Second Generation Game (VII-XII) Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy VIII
Spin-off Final Fantasy X-2 :P Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Don't have one.
Cast Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VIII
Story Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy IV Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Final Fantasy VIII
World Spira of X Ivalice of XII Cocoon of XIII The boring continent of I
Ending Tidus and Yuna's "last" goodbyes Zack's Death Scene Midgar's return to peace (DoC) XII's VO of Panelo/VII's totally ambiguous ending
Music Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy VIII
Main Character Yuna/Fangu Cecil Harvey Locke/Terra Bartz
Supporting Character Auron Kain Highwind Sabin Selphie
Summons Aeons Espers Summons of FFIV Guardian Force
Summon Shiva Ifrit Bahamut Siren

Wiki Accomplishments[edit | edit source]

Projects[edit | edit source]

Articles[edit | edit source]

Complete the Final Fantasy IV Armor page -Complete!

Fix up the Crystal Chronicles articles -In Progress

Bestiaries[edit | edit source]

Add Romaji and Japanese names to the Final Fantasy VII enemies templates-Complete

Add Romaji and Japanese names to the Final Fantasy IX enemies templates-Complete!

Create Crystal Chronicles enemies-In Progress

Azul's Reviews[edit | edit source]

Hi! It's Azul :) Here to bring you my Short FF reviews. Only the FF games that I either beat, or are in the last Dungeon. I will Judge my FF games by Logo, Battle system, Bosses, Soundtrack and Story. And remember, every person is entitled to their own opinions.

FF 1 PSP.jpg
The logo is nice. The colors save it. The picture is wayyy better than the PS one. Rating: 9/10
Battle system
The Battle system could have been better since it is a "re-make". Turn System is boring in general. FF's random enemy encounters are repetitive. Only 3 spells can be learned per level? No Summons? That sucks. I'm very indecisive. The boss battles are the only "fun" part in the battles of FF Rating: 6/10
The 4 Fiends. My most favorite FF Boss fights were against them. Even though the graphics and animation wasn't up to date like current bosses of the FF games, the fights were still pretty flashy. You can actually use a strategy in boss battles, and not the boring hack-n-slash like regular battles. Kary, Lich, Kraken and Tiamat (Girl). The best bosses out of the whole FF series Rating: 10/10
The characters aren't really different from each other. They all have the same story. Nothing like the FF characters of today. The NPC's stories weren't that deep either. Rating: 4/10
The game produced some of the best tracks that would make numerous appearances in the series. Even the NES tunes sounded good. Rating: 10/10
Very generic, and confusing story. Chosen Warriors, battling an ancient evil and the whole Paradox-Chaos-Garland-thingy was confusing. Rating: 7/10
Overall the game was good. It had it's ups and definitely had it's downs, but it laid out the carpet for the next FF games to step up. Without this game, there would be not FFXIII or even FFII. Rating:7.5/10
FFIV original logo.png
Plain Kain. Even though Kain is a "badass", he doesn't do anything for this logo. Rating:5/10
Battle system
Battle system was great in FFIV. The "Rows" allowed all my characters to get in decent hits. My party mainly consisted of Cecil, Rosa, Kain, Edge and Rydia, with the Mages in the back and the Attackers in the front. With Rydia and Rosa equipped with Bows, my party was undefeatable. The only useful summons were Bahamut, Titan and Leviathan. The rest were kinda lack luster. Rating:8/10
Again, the 4 Fiends. Not really as fun as the previous, but they did add to the story. Golbez, Mom Bomb, Calcobrena, Weirdo Elf. All memorable. Each boss, you had to use a strategy, I liked that about the bosses of FFIV. I hate an easy game. The FFIV additions were kewl too. Rating: 9/10
FFIV probably had one of the best cast' in all of FF history! Kain, Rosa and Cecil. The Love Triangle. Rydia, the summoner of Mist. Tellah, Wise Mage. Cid, crazy Airship Engineer. Palom and Porom, twin Mages. Edge, lone Ninja. FuSoYa, Lunarian. Golbez, the pawn. All great characters, all with deep history's (except for Edwad, Spoony Bard!). Rating: 9.5/10
Theme of Love was probably the best track. I liked all the tracks. There's not one track that I didn't like. Rating: 10/10
The story blew me away. There's so much in the story of FFIV. I don't really know what to say here, but to play the game and you'll know what I mean. Rating: 10/10
This game is one of the best FF games of all time. It has moved to Numbah 3 on my list. Rating: 9/10
FFV logo.png
Dragons r ko_ol Rating: 9/10
Battle system
Job System, AWSO_OME. ATB, AWSO_OME. Summons, AWSO_OME. Spells, AWSO_... okay you get the point. There's not one thing I didn't like about the battle system. Rating: 10/10
There was alot of bosses in FFV. At least that's how I remember it. I liked that each boss was unique and each fight against a boss was different. Rating: /10
This is where FFV goes bad. Butz sucked and didn't seem like a Main Character to me. The only reason why I give the character section a 5/10 is because of Lenna and Faris. Who was the other character? Rating: 5/10
The music of FFV was nice, but that's all it was.Rating: 7/10
The story was okay. Not the Best but it was entertaining. Rating: 7/10
I have to say, this game was fun to play, but it was.....forgetful. I guess I need to experience the game full on and not play it every 2 weeks then stop for a month and then finish it.Rating:7.5/10

Azul's Tips and/or Tricks[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

Guaranteed Win - With this strategy, you can beat any hardcore boss *snap*, like that! First, get your characters above 30. Then in battle, have your Black Mage cast Haste and Temper on your Warrior. Then just have your Thief & Black Mage constantly cast Temper on him. You can't loose!

Final Fantasy V[edit | edit source]

Guaranteed Win - I don't know if it matters if your characters have super-ultra-high levels, but I'm sure it doesn't hurt to have them at higher levels. Okay, this is the strategy I used to beat Ex-Death and his incarnation. All of your party memebers, must be... MIMES!!!. Seeing that Mimes have 3 open slots, you can have any abilities you've learned up until then, but, at least one of your characters must have Ninja ability Throw and the Samurai ability, Zeninage. The rest of the slots can be whatever you want. Now, the strategy part. First move: Have your first mime use Throw, and throw your strongest weapon. I used a Fuma Shuriken. Second move: Have all your characters mimic it until the First Ex-Death is done. Third move: First mime uses Zenigage. Last Move: Everyone mimics him.
Last form-o-Exdeath, GONE!

22 ABP fast - This works in the Void. Make sure one of your party members is equipped with Gladiator and one is equipped with the White Mage. Get into a fight with 2 King Behemoths, have your WM cast Berserk on both of them, just so they can't use METEOR. Then Finish them with your Gladiator. *victory fanfare*.
Easy 22 ABP.

Poll(s)[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy y Yo[edit | edit source]

Playing[edit | edit source]

Completed[edit | edit source]

Game Saves[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy II: Snow Cavern

Final Fantasy III: Underwater Cave

Final Fantasy IV: Lunar Subterrane

Final Fantasy VI: Phoenix Cave.

Final Fantasy VIII: Don't plan on continuing anytime soon.

Final Fantasy IX: Return to Conde Petie

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings: Trying to beat Judge of Wings

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions: Stopped playing

Non-FF Stuff[edit | edit source]

Holy Kain Artwork.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • My mom is vaguely related to the lead singer of Linkin Park
  • Before settling with Azul81677 I also considered: Azulmagia, Blue, and Highwind
  • There is only one game that I like as much as the FF games: The MK games.
  • I am the oldest 2 bros and 5 sisters: Leila, Jessie, Clarissa, Amaya, Monique, Jesse and Alex
  • CSM welcomed me at 2:54 July 3, 2007
  • I can speak 3 different languages. English (native), Spanish, Italian.
  • I'm from Southern California. I live in a desert town called Indio where COACHELLA is held.
  • I'm a college sophomore at UCR.
  • My first Final Fantasy game was FFVII
  • My favorite Final Fantasy is X.
  • I created the The Dollet Hotel Forum
  • Fangu, nuff said.
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