Armond Warblade
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 6'-ish
Eye color Brown like chocolate
Hair color Brown like a light-brown stuff
Favored element Earth
Laterality Right-handed
Home California, the United States of America
Deities Pelor, Heironeous, Dwayna, Balthazar
Weapons Sword and shield or daggers
Signature attacks Sword Bash, Jehanaijuzu Strike, Rain of Swords (Full list)
Job types Student, gamer, and Black Mage
Special skills Dragon Slash, Rodgort's Invoction, Falling Spider
Limit Break Freshmen Eradication Beam

Hey. My name's Armond, won't tell you my real name. I'm pretty active at Guildwiki, and you can find me there. If you want to talk to me, drop me a note on my talk page for the appropriate wiki.

This is literally the first page I've ever edited on this wiki, on my first real visit (I clicked a link here a few times right before I had to get to class, so I don't count those).

I will think of myself here, as on guildwiki, as QCC - quality, clarity, and cleanup. I've only just made this account, so I don't know how much this wiki needs it, but I know that Guildwiki (which likely has a similar spread of demographics in its editors) does, so I thought I'd see what I could do here.

I've not played too much of the Final Fantasy series - I've beaten FFII (but not Soul of Rebirth) and FFI, and am working on FFX. After I finish SoR, I'll move on to FFIV, but after FFX I've promised to play Tales of Symphonia. (Since I've got access to FFI, FFII, and FFIV on the GBA I can play them at the same time as the big box games.) But I'm excited about FFX-2.

I need to run around the templates here and figure out how things work on this wiki; every wiki is different, and I've just found out that the Table of Contents template I usually use isn't in existance here. Ah well.

Most non-vandalism edits by are me. That's my school's IP address, and I come to this site from a lot of computers and sometimes forget to log in. Most of the time I'll remember to change my signature to [[User:Armond|Armond]], but sometimes I forget. Just wanted to clear that up. But thank god the stupids at my school haven't found this site.

Anyways, enough about me. I'm making a few sections below to fill out later.

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To-do List[edit | edit source]

  1. Make a LG userbox and post it here (from
  2. Figure out why some backgrounds change color when the text is highlighted (at least for my browser), such as in {{Template:Welcome}} Apparently it was a temporary thing while the browser got used to the backgrounds.
  3. Help out in Category:Section needed

My work is never done; more to come...

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