You are a fading dream, but one that has been touched by reality. Run, dream. Run on into the daylight. And walk into reality.
―Yojimbo, Final Fantasy X

Ultima (FFXII)
Name Lozzy
Alias Angel of Heresy
Job Class Summoner/Sage
Birthday 21st September
Ethnic Background Mixed
Hair Colour Dark ash
Eye Colour Blue
Height 5'5"/165cm
Blood Type B+
IQ 133
Magicks White Magick, Black Magick, Summon Magick, Green Magick, Arcane Magick and Time Magick
Limit Break Eschaton
MySpace Click Here

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Trivia Edit

  • I get very intense hayfever, but it's rarely set off
  • Both of my parents are deaf
  • I've lived in the same house for all of my life so far
  • I'm a complete ditz
  • I've beaten a 15 year-old gamer at Mortal Kombat when I was 4
  • I have a fully fledged phobia of the song Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin
  • My eyes used to be green
  • A police officer once assumed I was junkie because she saw me itching my nose
  • I've met a man called Mike Hunt
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