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Age 24
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About Me, Myself and NobodyEdit

Erm... ok first off, I don't have much if any experience of HTML so if my page looks a bit retarded thats why. I'm giving this wiki a go because job hunting non-stop would be plain boring and also because I really enjoyed all the Final Fantasy games I've played for different reasons. My favourite of the series so far is FFVIII because I could kinda relate to Squall, I liked the character designs and you get to play with gunblades- it's sword, but its a gun too! Result! FFX comes a close second because it's whole design concept is just way more vibrant than a lot of the other games in terms of both the characters and their environment; also Auron and Lulu rock! I'm currently playing FFXII and FFTA2 both of which are pretty cool although I find it easy to get bogged down in FFTA2 just due to the sheer volume of "go to area, kill allcomers" type missions. As far as my personality goes I'm usually quite agreeable and accommodating to others opinions so long as they don't express them in an overly aggressive "thou shalt not disagree" kinda way and start lashing out. This sort of thing just isn't called for and will result in me removing bodyparts - parts that you will miss.

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User:Ammyissun/Final Fantasy X-2 Walkthrough

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