Real Name Jose Geerman
Job Class Black Mage & Archer
Hometown Santa Cruz, Aruba.
Date of Birth March 16.
Age 17.
Weapon Saggitarius Bow.
Spells Meteor, Ultima, Bio, Shock.
Summon Mateus & Ultima (FFXII).
Final Fantasy Wiki Character

Hello, I'm Aminosa or Jose (pronounced Hose). Aminosa means I don't know in papiamento (my language).

I am obsessed with Final Fantasy XII. I really love it so much, can't get enough of it. Plus it was released in Japan the same day as my birthday.

F*** YEAH!!! I beat Omega Weapon in Final Fantasy VIII and it only used one physical attack, one meteor and one megido flame ; thank you Quistis for your Shockwave Pulsar.

I like Ultimecia.

I am actually waiting patiently for the US release of FF XIII, the story and some of the characters are really interesting, my fav by far is Vanille...too bad I spoiled the ending for myself. I cried a little at the ending when Fang and Vanille crystallized (?) to prevent cocoon from falling or something of the like. And I don't even have any money to buy a PS3. Btw there's already a walkthrough on youtube, eh. nice.

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Things I'm Doing Edit

I have this bad habit of putting too much on my 'to do list'. These are the games which I'm currently playing.

Final Fantasy ; Restored the crystals of earth and fire.

Final Fantasy II ; in Mysidia tower.

Final Fantasy III ; have to go to that place where there's a war.

Final Fantasy V ; Fought Gilgamesh on the brigde in Galufs world.

Final Fantasy VII ; on disc one, Cid just joined.

Final Fantasy IX ; on disc three

I'm replaying Final Fantasy XII (yay!!!) again. So yeah, I have a long way to go. And I'm also replaying Final Fantasy IV on SNES so that I can start a walkthrough for it (and hopefully finish it), Cecil just underwent the class change.

Damn it!!! I want to get Final Fantasy X sooo badly but can't, I really want to try out the sphere grid and play with Lulu.

Cool Table Thingies Edit


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Game Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy VI I like them all ^_^
Story Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VII I like them all ^_^
Soundtrack Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VIII I like them all ^_^
Cast I like every character ^_^
Final Battle Ultimecia Kefka Vayne Carudas Solidor I like them all ^_^
Battle system Gambits Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VIII I like them all ^_^
Level Up System Crystarium Sphere Grid Esper I like them all ^_^


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
II Character Maria Firion Minwu I like them all ^_^
IV Character Rydia Cecil Rosa I like them all ^_^
V Character Faris Bartz Klauser Lenna I like them all ^_^
VI Character Celes Terra Shadow I like them all ^_^
VII Character Tifa Vincent Red XIII I like them all ^_^
VIII Character Quistis Trepe Squall Edea I like them all ^_^
IX Character Freya Vivi Beatrix I like them all ^_^
X Character Lulu Rikku Auron I like them all ^_^
XII Character Fran Ashe Basch I like them all ^_^
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