Real Name Unknown
Birthplace Mysidia
Job Class Red Mage/Ninja
Weapon Dualwield Masamune & Anduril
Race Lilim
Techniques Karma, Break, Flare, Holy, Holy Flare, Almagest
Limit Breaks "Neo Almagest" - creates an FFwiki account
"Job" Killin' Nazis um...Tonberries

"Oh this is... this is nice, this is the end, okay. Where exactly am I? Oh grea… here's the song, oh good. Um, there's some things that are still unresolved here, guys! How do I get home? What do I eat? Was Rei my-my mom? Or a clone? Or, hell, was this all in my mind? Wha-what's an EVA? Is that sort of a Freudian thing? Er… um Am I real? Oh, hell, does a bus run through here? I mean, I'd like to go home now but um… Oh God… Where's home? Okay, okay, okay. I mustn't run away, I mustn't run... Okay I got that, good, okay. Now, if I were to run away, let's analyze that: Where the fuck would I go? I'm on a big blue ball! Uhh, is this how you end the series? I mean, is this where we go from here? Okay, the movie better sure as Hell make up for this, I'm telling you right now, 'cause I'm stuck in Nowhereland! You ran outta ink too, didn't you, ya bastards?" -The REAL End of Evangelion

Almagest. A legendary being of immeasureable power. From the Void itself he comes to wreck havoc upon the souls of all those who live peacefully and not peacefully on this earth. Thrice, he entered the planet, yet he has so far been stopped by the usage of Celestial Birth Control Pills. But if he were to try again, who knows what terror he could unleash?

What I Plan to Accomplish HereEdit

This should probably go below the "About Me" section, but since my userboxes are being retarded, it will go here.

  • Editing - No shit.
  • FFTA Job Class Guide - And whatever else needs to be done concerning FFTA.
  • FFTA2 Job Class Guide - A walkthrough for these games would be nigh impossible, but I may make one. I still need to complete a few more missions in this game anyway.
  • Whatever else needs to be done.

About MeEdit

Just in case that vague monologue didn't fill you on about my personality, I'm a big fan of just about anything Square Enix. Okay, several of their games suck, but they've got some true masterpieces in the mix, such as one of the greatest game of all time, Final Fantasy VII. Damn straight. I am not a vandal (honestly). And by the way, the name "Almagest" comes from ExDeath's ultimate attack, but since we're all nerds here, we should all know this, right?

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Worst to BestEdit

The Final Fantasy games in the order listed above. This is my opinion, and is no one should get all pissed off about this.

  • FFXI - Just because I'm not willing to sell my soul to an MMORPG.
  • FFII - Good thing this game wasn't any longer, or I would have broken a good PSP. Is every second go at a game series awful, or is it just the games I play?
  • FFVIII - Not my least favorite game, but nevertheless, it sucks. I hate the junctioning system, and the game's storyline was drowned out by me screaming "WHAT THE FUCK'S GOING ON?"
  • FFIII - Like the DVD remakes of Star Wars, the only version of this game I can play, the DS version, is characterized by having imaginary mistakes fixed (such as the characters having no personality; I didn't mind it in FFI) while actual mistakes (no save points, no purchaseable Phoenix Downs or Ethers) were left untouched.
  • FFV - Probably the hardest Final Fantasy. I counted about five regular enemies that could wipe out my entire party in a single move, and that was before I had even left the first world!
  • FFIV - I don't think I CAN have an opinion on this game yet, seeing as how the only version I've played is the shitty DS version. Imma try and emulate the Advance version to see if its any better. So far, it has been better but not worthy of the gold. Or the silver.
  • FFI - The beauty of FFI is its simplicity. Pick a party and just go kill things - I like it. However, it's short, which is not something I would often use to describe FF games.
  • FFIX - If I had played this gamew as a wee lad, I would've loved it. However, I played it for the first time not to long ago, and I found myself incessantly bitching about it. Still an awesome game, though.
  • FFXII - Sorry, Blue (if you're out there), but I just didn't like this game as much as you do. Awesome story and awesome gameplay, but no character development. I really didn't feel like Dalmasca needed saving at the end of the game. Plus, just about everyone I know hates this game. Why?
  • FFX - Now here's a game with characters! The battle system is fantastic as it relies heavily on the player's strategy skills. I like the Sphere Grid system, and I'm looking forward to its "return" in FFXIII.
  • FFVI - Of course this is going to be towards the top. It's also short, but it's fun as hell. I don't really like how Kefka vanishes from the main story after World 1, but the mini-villains keep the story interesting. Also... HOW COULD YOU LET ME KILL SHADOW?!?!?!?
  • FFVII - Just a beautiful game. The Materia system allows total character customization without characters becoming gods (unlike FFVI), yet Limit Breaks help characters maintain their individuality (unlike FFXII). It boasts an awesome storyline that just pulls all of your heartstrings (ugh...That was cheesy). The sequels are killing this game, though.
  • FFXIII(?) - DON'T DISAPPOINT ME, SQUARE! This game could probably be the best game ever, and I'm fucking READY to play it. Just don't pull a Dissidia on me and turn out to be mediocre. Please, don't be a Dissidia.

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