"I did it. I have become a summoner."
―Yuna, Final Fantasy X

"We may never meet again, but we'll never forget it each other."
―Leon, Kingdom Hearts

"I am the champion of the earth and the sky. I am the conqueror of evil. The single white rose of Wutai...Yuffie Kisaragi!"
―Yuffie Kisaragi, Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus

Al Bhed Ancient Aerith
Cetra, Al Bhed
Job Class
White Mage, Thief
Midgar, Home
Date of Birth
June 28th
Staff, daggers
Summons Valefor, Bahamut, Ifrit, Shiva, Siren
Limit breaks
Healing Wind, Mix, Holy

About The Last Al Bhed AncientEdit

"You see......Everything's all right."
―Aerith Gainsborough, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

"You don't need a reason to help people."
―Zidane Tribal, Final Fantasy IX

You're no use to us if you're in jail
―Penelo, Final Fantasy XII

My real name is Chelsea, but I go by the name Aerith on a website I love to go! I'm struck on Dyne in Final Fantasy VII, but love watching the ending of Final Fantasy IX. The Final Fantasy series is one of my most favorite series. In dreams, I see myself as the silent quiet characters of Final Fantasy. My favorite character of all time is Aerith Gainsborough! ^.^ Her and Cloud are so cute together!!!!!!!!!! :3 I love to write stories, this is one of my favorites: kh-vids Fantasy VII Tifa, my second favorite, is the character I play as. Let's see, I also love crossover pairings. One is Sora x Garnet. I'm ThiefMioneAyamani on Youtube.

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FFVIII-SquallRinoa artwork This user is a huge fan of Squallinoa, and loves Squall & Rinoa as a couple.

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VII This user has completed Final Fantasy VII.
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VI This user is a fan of Final Fantasy VI.


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Favorite CategoryEdit

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist Cloud Squall Zidane
Female Protagonist Yuna Rinoa Aerith
Male Supporting Character Vincent Auron Larsa
Female Supporting Character Rikku Paine Cissnei
Male Love Interest Zidane Tidus Zack
Female Love Interest Aerith Yuna Garnet
Villain Sephiroth Genesis Shuyin Seymour
Minor Villain Edea Sin Kuja Ultimecia
Airship Celsius Fahrenheit Highwind
VI Character Terra Shadow Setzer
VII Character Cloud Zack Yuffie
VIII Character Rinoa Zell Squall Seifer
IX Character Zidane Garnet Vivi Steiner
X Character Tidus Rikku Yuna
X-2 Character Yuna Lenne Rikku
CC:FFVII Character Zack Angeal Genesis Hollander

Sub PageEdit

Terra Branford/Dissidia (PSP)


Dissidia Terra

1. Zidane is a amazing character and one of the few male characters I really like.

2. I really like studying about the Chinese Zodaic and the star zodaic.

3. Terra has become one of my most favorite character of the Final Fantasy series, though Aerith remains at the top of the list.

4. Crisis Core is the only FF PSP game I own, along the fictional historial game of Jeanne'DArc.

5. Cloud was the first character whose costume I wanted to make for cosplay.

6. I'm part of two large online families, under the titles of: Writer Child and Fighting Guardian.

7. I act more like a tomboy than a girl in real life.

8. A big crossover fan, I like to think of any crossovers.

9. I'm always so curious and want to know more.

10. I believe I almost look like Aerith or Tifa of some of my features.

Walkthrough ProjectsEdit

I eventually plan to do some walkthroughs on my favorite FF games. Until after I learned that certain things and come used to the site.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

FFVI logo
Thanks to Dissida -Final Fantasy-, I've come to love Final Fantsay VI. Mainly because of Terra, the unsure heroine of the game. Personally, I think Terra and Celes would make a great team together, and maybe Terra could find someone special for her, not sure who though. Locke kinda reminds me of Zidane, and Celes is kinda like Steiner. But Edgar, a big resemebles to Balither!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

FFVII logo
The very first FF I encountered in my life. The only scene that got me into the game was the death of Aeris, I was 4 at the time, I think, and thought, 'She was so pretty, why did the long haired man kill her?' As I got older, and FFVII reared its head back into my life, I decided to play it. (I had only Dirge of Cerberus and seen Advent Children). Song I can relate FFVII: My Immortal-Evanescence

Dirge of CerberusEdit

One of the two games I own. I love it!

Crisis CoreEdit

Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Logo
The second game I own! Zack is so cute!

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

File:Ff8 logo.png
The second FF I encountered in my lifetime. I liked the opening scene, but my favorite scene of the whole game was the dance scene. (Poor Squall). Anyway, what I liked best about VIII was the appearance of the Guardian Forces, they looked so beautiful! My most team: Squall, Rinoa, Selphie, and Irvine.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

FFIX logo
My most favorite game of the FF series! Garnet is the most beautiful character I've ever seen! And the way Eiko tries to make Zidane her own. This one is actually the first FF game I completed. It took me a while, but I beat it. Most used team: Zidane, Garnet, Vivi, Armanant. Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XEdit

FFX logo
Before being reintroduced to FFVII, I really liked this game. Maybe because I could relate to the main female of the game, Yuna, and her unnoticed love for Tidus. I nearly freaked during the wedding scene. Yuna + Seymour= uncoolness! Auron is mainly the person I really liked.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Tell the truth, I liked this game better than the original. Yuna, searching for the man she loves and mistaken for the love of a fayth, I almost find that haunting. I never finished it, but Rikku being my favorite character, I couldn't help but get it!

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Once my brother got this game, I knew I would wanna play it. The opening kinda got me confused, but I loved it. The only characters I really liked were Ashe, Penelo, Basch, Fran, and Larsa. They were all awesome! Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Top Five Favorite FF FemaleEdit

5. Ashe


She's alright, for the second princess player I like. What really got to me about Ashe, was in the opening, at Rasler's funeral. How she knelt down at her departed husband's side. I sorta wished she would fall love in Vaan and marry him in end. TT_TT

4. Rinoa


Rinoa is a great character, especially the Dead Fantasy series. She's like her beloved Squall, and the wings really make her a angel.

3. Garnet

Garnet White Mage

What I love Garnet is when she gets out of Alexandria in Disc 1. Go, Garnet! She's the best White Mage in IX!

2. Rikku


FFX-2 Rikku is my favorite out of her. Thief is my favorite dress sphere!

1. Aerith


No, duh. Aerith is in fact the best character in the whole FF series. Curse you, Sephiroth!

Top Five Favorite FF MaleEdit

5. Vincent

Vincent Turk

Vincent is most awesome character in all of VII. His gun, Cerberus, is the coolest. His love story is really sad, though, kinda like Ashe and Rasler. But Vincent never married, thank you, Vincent!

4. Vivi


Vivi is probably one of the cutest character I've ever seen! I see myself as Vivi sometimes, because I'm shy as he was. Plus, his appearance in KHII made me really happy! ^.^

3. Vaan


Though I thought Vaan as a pain in the butt, he's actually alright. I kinda hoped Ashe saw Vaan as a reminder of Rasler and grow to love him and the two would get married at the end of XII. I can still dream about that.

2. Genesis

File:Userbox CCgenesis.JPG

The second hottest character in the VII series. Genesis is awesome, his rapier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His demonic wing is awesome! When he quotes Loveless, it sounds so beautiful!

1. Zidane


Zidane is the best thief I've seen! Before him, Yuffie was the only thief I knew of who had a sneaky way to stealing.

Top Favorite Arranged VideosEdit


Template loop detected: Template:Video Template loop detected: Template:Video Template loop detected: Template:Video Template loop detected: Template:Video Template loop detected: Template:Video Template loop detected: Template:Video Template loop detected: Template:Video Template loop detected: Template:Video These were all made by katethegreat19, a super wonderful video and song maker! ^^


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Template loop detected: Template:Video

Template loop detected: Template:Video Template loop detected: Template:Video These were by PrincessGarnet16, a cool friend and creator of Sora x Garnet!


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Template loop detected: Template:Video

Template loop detected: Template:Video

Template loop detected: Template:Video

Template loop detected: Template:Video Another great video maker, FindingMyFantasy


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