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LR caius in temple
Primary Role Beckoned / Guardian
Played FF V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII, XIII-2, LR:XIII, Type-0
Height 5'11"

Then show me. Lecture me again when you are on the verge of death.

Garland, at Terra's Observatory

But what of yourselves? Will you enjoy the festivities beside me? Or perhaps...greet the end here, in the land where it all began?

Barthandelus, in Oerba

You would oppose me as well? So be it.

Seymour, inside Sin

It began with an act of supreme violence-- a big bang expanding ever outward, cosmos born of matter and gas, matter and gas ten billion years ago. Whose idea was this? Who had the audacity for such invention? And the reason? Are we born only to die? To be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth before giving way to our generations? If there is a beginning, must there be an end? We burn like fires in our time only to be extinguished. To surrender to the elements' eternal reclaim. Will this all end one day? Life no longer passing to life, the Earth left barren like the stars above, like the cosmos. Will the hand that lit the flame let it burn down? Let it burn out? Could we, too, become extinct? Or if this fire of life living inside us is meant to go on, who decides? Who tends the flames? Can he reignite the spark even as it grows cold and weak?

Dana Scully, Biogenesis, The X-Files

-- Tickets to the FF Concert in London in Sept!

I'm a PhD student in Pharmacology and Toxicology (Last six months - I should probably be on here less) and in my down time / spare time I like helping out on this wiki. I've played every Final Fantasy from V to Lightning Returns inclusive, though not including Tactics or Dissidia. Although releases of original FFs on smartphones is rectifying that slowly but surely...I would probably have finished my degree by now if I didn't get so stuck into delicious FF games. :(

Final Fantasy VIEdit

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I DO love FFXIII. People complain it's linear but the story demands that from the game. The characters become l'Cie, and the game revolves around them attempting to escape their fate, focus, and home only to realise they had been shepherded down that path all along by the wiley fal'Cie, their free will an illusion to be exploited. I know it's easy to see it being a cheap design using a plot device as an excuse for linearity (especially as there are so many sandbox-type games now, as opposed to the PS1/PS2 era) but I really liked it and didn't really notice the linearity, especially as I thought each chapter was so fresh. At least on the first couple play throughs. I was actually a bit sad once everyone met up on the Palamecia as the combat wouldn't be deviating from that point on; just pick 3 characters and go for it (the lady trio). I do however, always imagine what a difference it would have made if, once defeating Barthandelus in Oerba, you could fly back to Cocoon and revisit every area you travelled through at the beginning of the game. Sort of like a "trying to find a reason" to save Cocoon or figuring out how to unmask Dysley and the Sanctum without having to destroy Orphan, then, after that, continuing on to Eden as in the game.

I love Fang. Simple. She don't take no nonsense from no one! If there was going to be any game connected to FFXIII then a prequel set during the War of Transgression with Fang and Vanille, with Yeul and Caius would have been amazing and could have explored the mythos in a less confusing way (is it just me that thinks FFXIII-2 overcompensated for XIII's lack of linearity?!).

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

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Other GamesEdit

FF is, and will probably remain my favourite series of games, I also enjoy:

  • Assassin's Creed
  • Resident Evil
  • Devil May Cry
  • Uncharted
  • Halo
  • Soul Calibur
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Silent Hill
  • Bayonetta

That's it for now folks :)

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