With all the people that have left recently I think it's time for me to say farewell too. There are some here that know me and many that don't, I was rather active for a time and contributed a lot to the wiki, making a lot of meaningful edits (or so I hope). However, in recent times my activity has reduced to pratically nothing and I have no time to edit the wiki nor do I have a desire to any time in the future.

I would like to say thank you to those who I came to know on this wiki, some of whom have already left before me, for making my time on the wiki more enjoyable and good fun: Yuan, 8Bit, Diablo, Muchomas, Hexed, Nelo and Sir Blue. I thank you all very much!

I wish those who still edit here all the best and hope this place continues to grow and expand with the growth of the Final Fantasy Series. Farewell!

-Adam Mcduck-

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