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Durai Papers[edit | edit source]

Spoiler warning: If you regard this as serious business, then you might as well be an hero.

My first attempt of creating a Wiki dedicated to my beloved Ivalice ended in vain when I received a letter notifying me that a larger Wiki exists and I should participate in it instead. I so make my way to this Wiki, reading full well the official policies attributed on every Wikia in existence - ownership and the like. When I began my first edit, which was to document Ivalice according to each incarnation, I was hauled as a lowly vandal.

The Wiki apparently has an authority safeguarding its articles from inevitable change. Undeterred, I faced these authorities, intent on proving that my edit is made on good faith. However, circumstances arise and I was forced to leave the wiki for quite some time. I had fear that my work will be reverted, and all efforts go down for naught.

Yet, when I returned, the articles are still intact, if not improved a little. My faith to the authority was restored, however, I lost the documents that could help me improve these pages, so I sought to improve what other arenas I could. I began by filling what other Ivalice pages lack, and then moved to other games that have piqued my interest.

However, I discovered that some people here are akin to Wikipedia hardheads. It appears that whatever issues such as notability, merging and redundancy arise in Wikipedia, they are apparently here as well. I moved on to improve the enemy pages, starting with individualizing certain XII enemies, and since, the enemy pages interest me, and I sought to improve them. As I browse, I discover that the IV and VI enemy pages have yet to be updated.

It was quite surprising, actually. I do recall the sheer number of editors active in this wiki. As I observe silently, they were not lazy, yet their attention is given to trivial interests such as "duels", "tourneys" and "gladiatorial pits". As I continue, I see a distinct number of Gnoams. It was a pleasant sight, but it was not enough to quench my dissatisfaction on the whole effort.

So, I voluntarily, but unannounced, began improving the IV and VI enemy pages as necessary, by adding what I know and updating what recent information there is. However, it seems a cabal exists, upholding a certain ism, and apparently unawares of the authority's decision. A select few stormed about, demanding that I answer to them. I was unsure what the issue was: but apparently with the illusion of power given to them by the authority, this select few thought that it justifies their actions. Some of my works have been erased forcefully without proper explanation.

Seeing this as injustice done to me, I recovered and restored my works, and with what wit I have I upheld them with words of the authority. Fortunately for me, other members of the cabal acknowledged my works in good faith, and allowed me to continue. My temper subsided, I resume my voluntary efforts. But it gets me thinking, with the absence of the authority, is the cabal attempting to become the authority itself? And to this select few, I wonder, have the lines between good faith edit and vandalism become blurred, that they can't differentiate between one and the other?

As I embarked on this quest to deliver the rose of knowledge into the wiki, I have realized that I made many acquaintances, but my persistence for the revelation of truth had created more enemies than I would imagine. It all depended on how well one would accept my view of things - and in actuality, many could not. The world was not ready for change, and moreso when it is abrupt, rushing into them like the waters of Zeirchele Falls. Nevertheless, I do acknowledge that sometimes my own views were not necessarily truth, but who is to say which is truer than the other? I say firm hold to our beliefs and copious amounts of self-dedicated research is all that is necessary.

More harassment have ensued during my stay here, but it all began with a simple request from a gnoam. While I see it disruptive to my voluntary effort, I followed the gnoam's request to stop the updating of information, allowing their group to do what they deem necessary. While it is not in my right to hate, I am displeased that despite all that clamor about gnoams being a quiet fixer-upper who avoids attention, one of them managed to direct a misinformed member of the cabal to my discussion board and paste a warning - for trying to clean up my own discussion board off the gibberish left by a random novice. Shaking my head in disbelief, I left the misplaced warning note as a reminder for myself to not follow a gnoam's principles and requests.

Removing myself for a day for a function between scholars, I returned after my travails, and found that my tools have been confiscated by a member of the authority. After careful deliberation, I concluded that it was for my own protection - it seems that a few impatient, perhaps spiteful, members of the cabal had wished for my tools to be taken to the confiscatory and wished that my access to the wiki be permanently disabled. Fortunately, my tools and accessibility were returned a day later, and I resumed my work, despite the cabal's demands for a furthering of my sentence.

An influential member of the cabal approached me one day, and with him a demand that I follow the rules or face the consequences. Naturally, I ignored these demands - my work here is voluntary, there is no fee paid for my services and I am not binded by a legal contract of any sort - and continued on with the updating process. As expected, he returned, and after doing some sort of "tease", tries to exert his prowess. Such behavior isn't authority material, and I'm thankful for the fact that he is not one. I reassured him that all will be done in time; that all the cabal need is patience.

As the day pass, I am coming closer and closer to the end of my work. I had declared earlier that I wished for no gnoam to help me, but the rush to finish my work finally made me succumb to the urge of summoning a gnoam. Fortunately, a gnoam had come to inquire if I had no need for their help. This gnoam was a friendly but shy sort, and I imagine she had been around for quite some time. The reason why I refused their help in the first place was because of the requests and complains I received, as I had mentioned above. I welcomed the help finally, but reminded her that I shall not entertain any complains. She acknowledged my wish, and we carry on with what remains.

Fortunately for us all, a number of links have been fixed by the Gnoams. In an instant, I saw them in a new light; indeed they were what kept the Wiki running. Unfortunately, some of them refused to be tied with my projects. I respect their wishes, and they went on with the rest of the Wiki. Looking back at my project, now finally done, I japed that a simple recognition be bestowed upon me. Somehow, a few regarded my jape as a serious threat to the fantasy world they had created and began writing rolls of parchments and letters to the authority to refuse my so-called "demands". As expected, the authority, wise as they are, respectfully acknowledged my jest. I smiled heartily inside, and began to layout plans for future projects.

But, as I revised my works I realize I have left a bestiary incomplete. Returning to a project that I had begun, yet stalled myself halfway, I began gathering my sources and filled whatever empty areas an editor have left for me to fill. A daunting task, to be sure, but as long as I persevere, the work will be done. As I count my steps to the completion of the bestiary, I realized that a certain stalker is eager to draw my attention. A nuisance, I admit, as it keeps leaving baits, expecting me to chew on them. But these only serve to leave a trail of mess, and I am not fond of mess. Sweeping away what I can, I shook my head in pity at this stalker, apparently one of the servants of a certain cult leader, vying for attention. As I compiled the completed bestiary into a book, I pondered my future in this Wiki and realized that I have traveled too far. I shall return to my Ivalice studies soon, but gil must be spent!

The recent events that are happening to me in this Wiki makes me wonder if Arazlam Durai faced these hardships and resistance when he presented his Durai Papers? >:3

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