The Flashlight is a Fantasy/Sci-fi/Mystery novel written by FF Wiki user A.J. two. The novel currently spans five chapters, with a sixth being written.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Denzil - The main protagonist of the story, Denzil desires death as penance for an apparently hurrendous (but unstated) crime he has commited, and continually puts himself in harm's way to achieve that death. His attempts at death usually backfire on him, but have the effect of saving someone or something. Formally a Gladiator, Denzil returns to the Coliseum, only to find distaste in what he once did. He ultimately goes against the Gladiatorial Rulebook - the Gladatorus - by saving Levi in the first chapter.
  • Levi Athens - An ex-Gladiator, Levi is trained in the Gladiatorial Art of Assassination, which Denzil suspects is to 'kill those who would do harm to him, in order to avoid his own death'. Facing Denzil in the Battlepit, he is nearly killed when Denzil's plan backfires, but is saved from a more gruesome fate by Denzil himself, the both of them becoming fugitives of sorts.
  • Valkyrie - A mysterious female Gladiator who saved Denzil from death near the end of the first chapter. Denzil notes that Valkyrie is not entirely truthful in her actions, remarking that "[she] claims to sympathize with me, but she shows no signs of remorse for her actions in the previous fight. Her motives are currently unknown.
  • Julia - A new resident of Quintes, Julia is introduced in chapter two when Denzil accidently bump into her. Denzil remars that she is familar, but can't figure out why.
  • Aureus - Referred to by Denzil as "the little hyperactive boy", Aureus is obsessed with Gladiators - and Denzil in particular. He is decribed by Denzil as a "little minipulative beast", and also as a gatherer of information. Denzil notes that he has many hiding spots around Quintes, and even takes great care at one point in the story to avoid them "by a measure of probably about twenty feet".
  • Jar-kel - Denzil's best friend. Jar-kel takes an even greater dislike in Gladiators then Denzil does, and tension is caused because Denzil is (or was) one.

Setting[edit | edit source]

The events in The Flashlight take place on the continent of Viel'iot, within the Kingdom of the same name. The entirety of the first chapter, and the beginning of the second chapter, takes place within the capital city, Naecorats, while the rest of the second chapter takes place within Denzil's hometown, Quintes.

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Chapters[edit | edit source]

Allusions[edit | edit source]

  • The name "Denzil" is a reference to Denzel, the Geostigma-ridden boy from Advent Children.
  • Denzil remarks when his plan backfires in the first chapter that Levi was supposed to be his "salvation through destruction". This is a quote directly taken from the game Mass Effect 2, spoken by the game's primary antagonist Harbinger when he is in control of a Collector soldier.
  • The term Denzil uses to describe the area around of his hometown, the Southern Bowl, is a reference to the term "Southern Belle".
  • The name of the capital city, Naecorats, is a backwards spelling of the Square-Enix game series Star Ocean.
  • The city of A'yabrea is a spelling variant of Aya Brea, the protagonist of Square-Enix's Parasite Eve game series.
  • Geheilig Pols is Afrikaans for "Hallowed Pulse", a reference to Final Fantasy XIII.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Denzil's name was originally spelled "Denzel". Both are pronounced the same in the story.
  • Originally, Levi was never named, and the events involving Valkyrie were never mentioned.

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