I'm not around much more than once in a blue moon nowadays, but if you have any questions or just wanna strike up conversation, feel free to send a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I see it!

My FanficsEdit

Final Fantasy: Alius Venatus

Untitled Story

Alius Fabula Exertus

Alius Fabula Exertus mk.II

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Editing MilestonesEdit

100 - Right Here

200 - My own story

350 - Once again, Right Here

500 - A minor edit on my talk page

750 - Just a little discussion

1000 - WOOT!!!!!!!!! This one was actually two messages on one talk page

1350 - A quiz that I took based on Dead Fantasy.

1750 - Here, after deliberately expanding on one of my user sub-pages to reach this milestone where I wanted.


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My AwardEdit

My own award.

The A.J. two Chocobo Award!

In the opinion of A.J. two, A.J. two is awesome, and has done something that that merits their recieving this award, whether it be something important to the wiki - or himself -, or just being a friend. In his eyes, this user deserve this award. So, anyways, Congratulations!

People I given this award to: SilverCrono, Sorceror Nobody, TheBlueDragoon, Drake Clawfang, Deadlyslashsword, Jimcloud, MirrorshardSceada, Keltainentoukokuu

Other SubpagesEdit


/Sandbox - My first real sandbox

/HAHA - A page I made (No longer used)

/Wiki Datalog - An ever-expanding "information center" about the Wiki and its users, in the style of XIII's Datalog entries

/Award - My very own award!

/Music - Just some random music and stuff

/Random - A template I made

/Endrandom - The second half of the template
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