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This area is for my ideas in expanding the help pages. Section linking would be added to the Help:Linking page, while Disambiguation Pages and tags would be made into its own page.

Section linkingEdit

Sections of a page are determined by the use of "="s as headers in a page. In order to direct a link towards a certain section of a page, the "#" symbol must be used inside the link. To do this, link to a page as normal, but immediately after the page name, insert an # and the name of the section desired.

Piped linking is usually utilized when linking to sections of a page in mainspace articles.

  • [[Chocobo#Final Fantasy XII|Chocobo]] gives Chocobo

Sometimes in an article, multiple section headers will have the same name. To specify which section you want the link to direct towards, type a space after the section name, followed by a number which corresponds to the placement of the desired section in relation to other sections with the same name.

which will link to the second section that is titled "Monsters".

Tags and Disambiguation pagesEdit

Multiple pages on the wiki have the same namesake. In order to avoid confusion bewteen different articles with similar titles, tags and disambiguation pages are used.


Tags are text in parentheses that come after an article name. The words within the parentheses serve to differentiate that particular article from other pages. This is most often used for enemies with reoccuring appearences.

For example, there are several different pages about the Yellow Jelly enemy. The tag after the words "Yellow Jelly" indicates the game in which that page refers to.

This is a partial list of the various tags used at the Final Fantasy Wiki:

  • Games - As exemplified above, tags used to differentiate between games contain the full game name in parentheses. An example is (Final Fantasy IX). There are a few exceptions:
Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-: (Crisis Core)
Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-: (Dirge of Cerberus)
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings: (Revenant Wings)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: (Crystal Chronicles)
  • Summons - Certain entities may appear as regular enemies or as summons in different games. The tag (Summon) is used to differentiate a page about a summon from a regular enemy page.
  • Weapons - The tag (Weapon) is used when a particular title may refer to a weapon or class of weapons in addition to an enemy or character.
  • Enemies - Used in tandem with the (Weapon) and (Summon) tags, among others, the (enemy) tag refers to an standard enemy page.

Disambiguation pagesEdit

Disambiguation pages are used to organize pages with the same title but different tags. They merely serve as a place to help redirect to a more specific page, and are titled without any tags.

A disambiguation will be structured as such:

  • The title of the disambiguation page is bolded, followed by the words, "may refer to:"
  • Bullets are created to list the various articles that have the same title as the disambiguation page, but different tags.

The result will look something like this:

Title of disambiguation page may refer to:

  • Link to first tag
  • Link to second tag
  • Link to third tag
  • ect.


except that the disambiguation template will be written out.

For an example of a disambiguation page, let us go back to the Yellow Jelly enemy. Since there are multiple pages with the base "Yellow Jelly" title, the disambiguation page Yellow Jelly is created. In it, links to the Yellow Jelly (Final Fantasy II) and Yellow Jelly (Final Fantasy IV) pages are provided.

Disambiguation pages should not be linked to. Instead, link to the proper page with the appropriate tag. When creating a new page, please do a quick search of the wiki to determine if another page with the same title exists. Add the appropriate tag to your new page, and make sure the disambiguation page links to it.

EoS Diwa stuffEdit


Okay, what I was thinking up with those Diwa things is that they souls of people since long dead. A Diwa may by aligned with Light or Darkenss, depending how that person was aligned. So far, we have met one Dark Diwa, whose name I am forgetting. Oh, that's right, "Kalaam" (Yes, it's stupid).

Anyway, Diwas are able to go into the "Afterlife", via some portal in some place yet unknown. However, there is a stipulation to venture through the Gates of Paradise: A Light Diwa may only pass through with a Dark Diwa of equal "potency", shall we say, in order to keep the "balance". When there is a shift in the balance of Magic, as there is now in EoS (Favoring the Dark), there are fewer Diwa of the opposing alignment. Thus, in the current world of EoS, those who lived their lives in the Light are free to enter the afterlife. The recent surge of Dark users means that there are still many Dark Diwa isolated outside the gates of Paradise, unable to find a Light Diwa to make the journey with.

This is why Kalaam wants the Order of Twilight to defeat the forces of Darkness: to bring about another balance so that there are more Light practicioners in the world. Then, Kalaam and his group of Dark Diwa may compelte the journey when those of the Light die and become Diwa.

What I was planning hoping for was that Emperor Diablo or whoever was manipulating the "weapon" finds this location where the Diwa enter the afterlife. he them somehow manipulates the portal and uses it to transfer the Diwa into his weapon for use in destroying the "evil", who is Diabolos, I assume. Of course, because of the lack of Light Diwa, the ploy can be unsuccessful, till Yuan is killed and her Light enters the portal.

Thoughts? Chat on the talk page. Please. :)

Mafia Stuff Edit


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