8bit just so happened to fall into the Dissidia Wars world simply by noticing that other users on the wiki were disappearing into said world. In order to make it a round dozen (and not at all because he thought it was fun.....really...... XD), he wishes to enter the world, and suddenly finds himself there.

Reason for Fighting[edit | edit source]

8bit finds Dissidia Dream World captivating, with the presence of swords, magic, elaborate getups, and grandiose speeches. He is rather concerned about being stuck in it for an indefinite amount of time, though, as he would be adverse to missing classes and final exams at university. Seeing as how doing nothing would accomplish nothing, he takes the various supplies brought along with him and seeks out others to battle. He wonders if time is actually passing at all within the real world, and if all this fighting will actually "end" the struggle...

Appearance and Weapons[edit | edit source]

8bit's standard appearance is a blue Quiksilver shirt, jeans, and a white lab coat. His alternate appearance consists of a red jacket with a university logo, jeans, and the same lab coat.

He wields Books, Chemicals, and Miscellaneous Weapons.

Unique Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapon Type Effect
Aerogel Stick Chemical ATK + 1, BRV + 5, SPD + 5
Bunsen Burner Miscellaneous ATK + 25, BRV + 20, SPD + 10, DEF + 10
Chemistry: the Molecular Science Book ATK + 15, BRV + 45, SPD + 15, DEF + 15
TI-84 Miscellaneous ATK + 20, BRV + 60, SPD + 20, DEF + 5
C2H6Hg Chemical ATK + 45, BRV + 40, SPD + 20
Treasured Medal Miscellaneous ATK + 45, BRV + 80, DEF + 30, SPD + 30

Battle[edit | edit source]

Situational Scientist is 8bit's style of sparring. With the chemical, mathematical, and other quantitive-reasoning-based materials in his possession, he relies on a system of multi-result basic Brave attacks that affect the potency of follow-up Brave attacks. His HP attacks are rather simple to use, but in some cases can benefit from standard Brave attacks. He's not that fast, but not that slow on the ground, and is a rather small target, not having much extra armor or such. As such, his defenses are rather low, but with the right combinations his successive-science or multiple-math can be lethal.

Brave Attacks[edit | edit source]

Move Type Description
Indicator Ground Releases three plumes of different-colored liquid, which move at different velocities and angles towards the opponent. The pale pink is phenolphtalein; blue is bromocresol green, purple is crystal violet. When struck by an indicator plume, the enemy loses a very small amount of Brave over thirty seconds and becomes colored with a faint hue of the corresponding indicator. Not a very damaging move in itself, but hard to avoid and sets up Link-Titration.
Pythagorea Aerial 8bit flings a very accurate beam of energy directly at the opponent, immobilizing him or her for a second. The distance from 8bit to the enemy is illuminated as the hypotenuse of a triangle; the two legs of the triangle are also illuminated during immobility. The angle of inclination is registered, setting up Link-Geometry. The beam of energy itself deals a low amount of damage, but is a very good harassing tool.
Aluminum/Al+3 Ground/Aerial Metallic beads of energy rain down on the enemy. They remain embedded in the ground for a few seconds after impact, then suddenly swell and facture, sending splints of aluminum flying. If the enemy is affected by the crystal violet indicator, the descending aluminum orbs have better accuracy and deal more Brave damage on contact.
Acetic acid Ground/Aerial 8bit lobs a bottle of concentrated vinegar at the enemy, which explodes on contact with any piece of terrain. The resulting shower of vinegar has a wide radius. If the enemy is affected by the bromocresol blue indicator, the radius of explosion is larger and deals more Brave damage. Initiates Chase Sequence
Cyanide/CN- Ground/Aerial After a brief pause, twin spirals of ignited liquid spring up from underneath the enemy and pursue him or her. The spirals reflect all projectile attacks. If the enemy is affected by the phenolphtalein, the spirals gyrate in more elongated patterns and may emit small globules of flame that also track him or her. In addition, more damage is dealt on contact. Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Sine Ground Twin Alpha symbols skim the ground, starting at 8bit's position and forming a figure eight as they converge on the enemy. One symbol moves faster than the other; both leave a three-second turquoise trail that deals lighter Brave damage if stepped on. If the angle of incidence from Pythagorea was between 60 and 90, the alpha symbols move faster and the trail lasts for five seconds. Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Cosine Aerial Three Beta symbols surround 8bit; one of which flies upwards, another flies downwards, and the third guards against most Brave attacks and reflects projectiles. If the angle of incidence from Pythagorea was between 0 and 30, the vetically moving beta symbols will also slightly home in on the enemy if they are at close range and deal more damage. The third Beta shield will also nullify any Brave attack without fail.
Tangent Ground/Aerial Four Theta symbols form an elliptical orbit around 8bit, forming a temporary guard. After two seconds, the theta symbols are released and move relatively slowly towards the enemy. However, they all approach from different angles, converge on a pretty large area, and continue moving after passing the convergence point. If the angle of incidence from Pythagorea was greater than 30 and less than 60, the theta symbols will swell as they travel and deal more damage on contact. Initiates Chase Sequence
Virga Aerial A straightforward attack, 8bit conjures an aura of water around himself and seperates it into two misty blades, slicing forward in a wide arc.
Null Set Ground 8bit disappears into the ground, and a 0 appears beneath the enemy, tracking his or her every move and moving slowly upwards. If the 0 is attacked, Brave damage is dealt to 8bit, but if the resulting value results in a Break or a number with a 0 digit in it, 8bit remains hidden and the 0 becomes more aggressive. Upon contact, the 0 will deal brave damage to the enemy, stunning him or her for a short while; if it is attacked and the resulting brave value does not contain a 0, 8bit reappears from his intial hiding position and is stunned for a short while.

HP Attacks[edit | edit source]

Move Type Description
0 Kelvin Ground 8bit summons two rather large canisters of liquid nitrogen to the field, one a distance in front of him and one in back. If they are knocked over or hit by an attack, they spray out nitrogen in random directions, freezing anyone nearby (including 8bit! D:) for two seconds, dealing Brave damage, and then dealing HP damage upon rupture.
Vector Aerial 8bit emits three bolts of lightning that travel in x, y, and z directions from his position at the origin. Additional Effect: Wall Rush
pH Scale Ground/Aerial 8bit withdraws a pH probe and charges towards the enemy, attempting to impale them with the probe. The pH meter starts at 0 and increases over time as 8bit is pursuing the opponent. Upon contact with the enemy, the number becomes tangible on the field for a second and the enemy is stunned. Resulting HP damage is based on the relation between the scale and the indicator the enemy is affected with. If crystal violet, the closer to 0 the pH is, the higher the damage; bromocresol blue works the same way with a pH of 4; no indicator, 7; and phenolpthalein, 10. 8bit can cancel the charge manually or automatically stop at 14.
Proof by Induction Ground 8bit creates one copy, then k copies, then k + 1 copies, which seperate into two distinct groups and surround the enemy, forming an equals sign. 8bit is immobile during use. Additional Effect: Wall Rush

Brave to Brave Attacks[edit | edit source]

Move Type Description
Neutralize Aerial Chains from Virga. 8bit brings five more blades of water around, trapping the enemy, and then sprays them with a bottle of deionized water. Removes any indicator from the enemy. Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Graph Ground Chains from Null Set. At the exact moment when the 0 hits the enemy, it fractures into three line segments. 8bit's hiding position and the enemy's position form the hypotenuse of another right triangle, and the legs are again illuminated. If the angle of this triangle is within the same classification (0 - 30, 30 - 60, 60 - 90) as the established Pythagorea triangle, double Brave damage is dealt; otherwise, normal damage is dealt. The Pythagorea angle value is removed after the attack.

Brave to HP Attacks[edit | edit source]

Move Type Description
Octavarium Ground/Aerial Chains from Aluminum/Al+3. If the enemy is struck by at least two aluminum shards in sucession, Octavarium can be chained, which creates a sea of electrons around the opponent, drawing a cluster of eight aluminum globules in. They coalesce into a solid plasma-like globe around the enemy, then form an eighth note, which seperates from the enemy, assumes the shape of a guitar, and smacks the enemy in the face.
Etymology Aerial Chains from Cosine. Upon the successful block of a Brave attack, and if the enemy is in relatively close range, the Beta shield lassoes the enemy in closer, upon which he or she is bombarded with thousands of words in different languages, ending with a stream of Latin in a lance shape.

EX Mode[edit | edit source]

8bit's EX Mode is Transcendence, in which he amplifies his powers of math, chemistry, music, and words with that of astronomy and faith. A halo forms an ecliptic around him, with a random planet that orbits slowly and may block an attack; he dons goggles and a scapular for a bizzare yet comfortable effect. EX Mode grants increased speed and regen.

In 8bit's EX Burst, 8bit's halo rises up and away from him, and three symbols appear. They will be either a set of astrological symbols or molecular formulas. In each case, 8bit must identify each character as belonging to Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn, in that order. In the astrology set, ♂, ♃, ♄ will correspond to Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn respectively. In the molecular formula set, each symbol given relates to a special (not neccessarily dominant) compound present on that planet. Fe2O3, P4, and H2O appear and correspond to Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, respectively.

In the next step, the enemy will come into focus at the vertex of a right triangle, and the value of the vertex's angle in radians will appear. 8bit must identify the values of the opposite, adjacent, and hypotenuse of the triangle, and then command the three planets to align along the hypotenuse, where Mars is closest to the enemy, then Jupiter, then Saturn.

If all these steps are done correctly, Advent is performed; if not, the weaker Opposition occurs.

EX Mode Attacks[edit | edit source]

Move Type Description
Sanctify Special Attack In EX Mode, 8bit can charge energy into a medallion shape, which assumes a shield around him, blocking any attack. The shield takes five seconds to charge and lasts for eight seconds. 8bit can float slowly while charging but is free to move and act while the shield is operative.
Opposition Inferior EX Burst If the any of the commands fail, the planets enter a trio of opposition, with Mars flanking the opponent on the left, and Jupiter and Saturn on the right; all three converge on the enemy.
Advent Ultimate EX Burst Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn line up in an acute angle above the enemy in a sea of stars to create a perfect conjunction. Choral music is heard as all three combine into a brilliant cross-shaped star, which blinds the area with light and emits a holy ray to astound the opponent.

Battle Music[edit | edit source]

Friendly Battle

Important Battle


Wandering Map

Battle Quotes[edit | edit source]

Encounter[edit | edit source]

Cue the music!

Let me get my TI-84 out quick.

Joining me in science?

Let's make this a quick experiment.

You've come to learn chemistry? ^^
when opponent is weaker

Might need some practical application...
when opponent is weaker

You're a tough one to solve.
when opponent is stronger

Play nicely, 'kay?
when opponent is stronger

I'll need some prep time.
when HP is low

when HP is low

The hardest person to understand is yourself.
against 8bit

A dream left unrealized must fade into day.
Against Armageddon

Lexicons are always awesome!
against BlaqheartGIG

If I win, can I join your band? (alternate: I DUN HAVE FOOD! DUN EAT MEH D:)
against Chief

Oh dear... do you really need that sword?
against Cluna

8 would never break the Emperor's shell...... *cackle*
against Diablo

Don't go shipper on me, now.
against Drake

Okay, I'll work on TC! Don't kick me!
against DSS

FAE!!! Teach me :D
against Faethin

I'll bind your chops.
Against FaythofFenrir

Out of all the permutations of job combinations... I'm not suprised!
against Flintlock Vitor

Um...I.... o.o..... Korea? Croquet?
against Goo Rayder

against Hexed

against Hexed

Shall we clear the waters?
Against J

Would you like some tea with your thermodynamics?
against Jeppo

Clash of the conics!!!
Against KujaRhapsodos

Fight with brains, not boorishness!
against Leon

You see only one side of death.
Against Malevolence Tanaka

Is there a trope for a chemistry geek?
against Nelo

Lighten up with some chemistry, Commander!
against Netherith

Hi OA! *spins*
against Otherarrow

Is THIS your world?
against Pikmin Master

A man who learns nothing from others has a fool for a master.
against Sorceror Nobody

Let me upload an image of fear for you.
Against Tenza

I don't watch much TV... OOO, PHASERS!
against Ultima

Bah, I know nothing of electrical engineering.
against VoidCommanderExdeath

Looks like I'll need a silver bullet... AgNO3?
against Werefang

I believe you need an accompaniment.
against WildRose

Literary discussion, my friend? Or shall we rave about the maths? ^^
against Yuanchosaan

You shall learns the maths!
against ZEROX

Photoelectric effect, anyone?
Against Warrior of Light

Eternity is in a higher place.
Against Garland

Are you using multiple fusion alloys? :3
Against Firion

Now, if I could project mini-nebulae...
Against Emperor Mateus

Hmm, I remember when I was your age... back in the Islands!
Against Onion Knight

Some temperance would do you good.
against Cloud of Darkness

Speak with eloquence, not cheesiness.
Against Cecil

Regret is the first step to forgiveness.
Against Golbez

Can you mimic titrations to the milliliter?
Against Bartz

There is surely something after death.
Against Exdeath

Don't be shy... I share learning with everyone :)
Against Terra

I'm afraid all we share is our luv for randomz...
Against Kefka

The cross product of angst and monotony is...
Against Cloud

You have less significance than a single Lewis Force.
Against Sephiroth

Maybe if you learned something at the Garden, you'd share it?
Against Squall

Only One governs time.
Against Ultimecia

Best. Protagonist. Ever.
Against Zidane

I suppose I haven't read in a while...
Against Kuja

Calm down and think, please.
Against Tidus

Would you like a dose of academia?
Against Jecht

The series sigma n, where for all odd numbers n = o, and for all even numbers n = h...
Against Shantotto

I have some proton donators we can work with...
Against Gabranth

Second Law of Thermodynamics!!!!
Against Chaos

Victory[edit | edit source]


You've been turned in.

We both learned something!

So, are we back to reality yet?

Do you appreciate science now?

Break, please.
When HP is low

I had to think a lot for that one.
When HP is low

That was suprising o.o
When opponent is stronger

Perhaps you should be a bit more humble?
When opponent is stronger

Good refresher.
When opponent is weaker

Uhm, you all right?
When opponent is weaker

Defeat[edit | edit source]


Hey, that hurts!!!

You broke my goggles!

Guess I still have a lot to learn.

Teh chemistry fails??! NOEZ!

Geez, didn't have to be that hard...
When opponent is stronger

Couldn't calculate that one...
When opponent is stronger

Bah! Computational error?!
When opponent is weaker

Back to the drawing board...
When opponent is weaker

Moveset[edit | edit source]




Need a drink?
Acetic Acid

A lesson in thermodynamics!




Clear your mind...

Null Set

Ice cream, anyone?
0 Kelvin


Just a little experiment!
pH Scale

Proof! (Upon connection of the equals sign, a very graceful voice announces, Quod erat demonstrandum", with a 40% chance of having the phrase being "Therefore, OWNED by mathematical induction!" instead.)
Proof by Induction

Back to seven!

This is MATHS!

Upon the formation of the eighth note, a guitar solo begins to play. When the aluminum-guitar makes contact, there is a 40% chance that a very spirited voice will shout out, "FLONNELUBHUGZ!"

Voices predominantly in Spanish will begin to murmur when the flow of words commences. Upon the connection of the Latin lance, there is a 40% chance that a very refined voice will announce, "ad astra!"

Love... rejoices... in all things!
Charging and casting Sanctify

Multiple choice.
Selecting astrological/chemical symbols

I love unit triangles!
Identifying segment values

Look to the stars!
Planets align perfectly

Oops... apocalypse? XD
When Opposition is cast

Glories, stream!
Successful completion of Advent

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