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This page is for links, etc. for large scale projects.

MediaWiki pages[]

MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation: Top navigation for Oasis skin.

IRC methods[]

  • You must identify upon logging in with /msg nickserv identify <password>. This allows you to enter op mode.
  • To change the topic, type /topic <message>. Remember to retain the existing relevant topic if applicable. Or, type in /cs topicappend <new addition> to only add new topic material and keep the former still intact.

Mode changes[]

  • /mode +/- q <nickname> - Mute user
  • /kick - kicks a user.
  • /whois <nickname> - displays "signature" of user
  • /mode +/-b n=####*@gateway/web/cgi-irc/* - bans a user. #### are the first four digits of a user's sig.
  • /cs op #FFWiki Eight-bit - enter op mode.
  • /cs deop #FFWiki Eight-bit - remove op mode.
  • /ns ghost <nick> <password> - Ghost nickname



Transclusions are embedding another page, through {{,}}. Essentially, type a page name within the brackets to take all the data on that page and show it on another. <onlyinclude> tags flank the text desired for transclusion.

Standard table setup using widths[]

{|border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" width="100%"
  • Any uniform header color may be typed above the first header field.
  • ! bolds and centers. It is used in all subheaders in addition to the bg color.
  • ! may be used to easily center an image. Otherwise, for text that should only be centered (numerals and such), use align="center".