Keeping biologists biology majors (since when do biology majors get jobs?) out of the FFWiki since 2009

Welcome, all, to CAFFW, a recently dreamed up collection of Wikians that seemed like an awesome idea after noticing that there's quite a lot of chemistry fans that frequent the Wiki and the IRC. Here, we exalt electrons, love Lewis structures, and idolize isomers. Explicit adoration of chemistry must be observed on the IRC before you are considered eligible for inclusion (though if you experiment with cuttlefish, don't bother). Esteem for multiple fields of mathematics and other non-biology-related sciences are also familiar characteristics of our members.

This is somewhat of a joke page, like Hexxy's band subpage, but hey, might as well roll with it. We can throw things in here like random chem facts, questions, or news, or post transcripts of chemistry-related talk from the IRC. Whatever fits your molecular geometry.

Acting on a good idea from IRC members, in addition to the random pageness, anyone can post a chemistry problem that they would like help with here. Please note that we've (read: 8bit and Hexed dragging Fae and Yuan into this) just started this at a whim. XD



These users are generally seen as (relatively) proficient in chemistry (some more than others ^^;) and can regulate the page format, give definitive answers to questions, and do general adminy-stuff around here.

CAIT (Chemist Admins in Training)Edit

These users have submitted chemistry questions and are interested in chemistry as a whole. Upon demonstration of skill and enthusiasm in chemistry, they may be "promoted" to admin level.

Chem QuestionsEdit

Please submit a general overview of your chemistry problem here, first creating a new subsection under this header with your username. You may then create sections under your username (we're at the four equals sign level now) with individual problems. Remember to sign with four tildes afer posting. Also keep in mind that response time may vary. ^^ 8bit 02:21, September 29, 2009 (UTC)


8bit and Yuan bondingEdit

[13:26] <Eight-bit> Option A:

[13:27] <Eight-bit> 8bit completely expunges college from his life and spends 20 hours a day writing fanfiction

[13:27] <Eight-bit> Option B: 8bit draws Lewis structures and representations of organic molecules

[13:27] <Griffen78> XD

[13:27] <Eight-bit> Because it reminds him how fun chemistry is

[13:27] <Yuanchosaan> XD

[13:28] * Yuanchosaan lends 8bit an electron

[13:28] <Eight-bit> Wait, don't you want to take one away? ;_;

[13:28] <Eight-bit> Now I'm all negative.... ;_;

[13:29] <Eight-bit> We can share some and create dipole moments!

[13:29] <Eight-bit> :D

[13:29] <Eight-bit> :D

[13:29] <Yuanchosaan> But then I'll be the non-metal. D:

[13:29] <Yuanchosaan> :D

[13:29] * Yuanchosaan is covalently bonded

[13:29] <Griffen78> ?

[13:29] *** Yuanchosaan is now known as Yuan-Bit

[13:29] * Eight-bit is covalently bonded

[13:29] <Griffen78> 0_o

[13:30] *** Eight-bit is now known as Eight-Yuan

[13:30] <Griffen78> 0_o

[13:30] * Yuan-Bit is attracted to Griffen by dispersion forces

[13:30] <Griffen78> omg they like morphed then parted

[13:30] <Griffen78> ?

[13:30] * Griffen78 has yet to have chemistry so he has no idea how to take that

[13:31] *** robert_ [n=hellspaw@objectx/robert] has quit [SendQ exceeded]

[13:31] * Eight-Yuan offers lone pair of electrons to Hexed

[13:31] <BlueLionheart> I do.

[13:31] <Eight-Yuan> Quick, must pick element

[13:31] <Eight-Yuan> Selenium is nice, but I don't know how it works

[13:31] <Eight-Yuan> Phosphorous

[13:31] <Eight-Yuan> I'm phosporous

[13:31] <Eight-Yuan> I have five bonding spots, people. Take advantage of them o.O

[13:32] <BlueLionheart> I'll be iron.

[13:32] *** Fraunkenschteen [] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.0.14/2009082707]"]

[13:32] <Yuan-Bit> Phosporous? Okay. And one bonding pair.

[13:32] <Eight-Yuan> Form trigonal bipyramidal structures with us! o.o

[13:32] <Yuan-Bit> o.o

[13:32] <Eight-Yuan> Wait, I can't be the center

[13:32] <Griffen78> um....can someone break that down into stupid person words?

[13:32] <BlueLionheart> I'll explain later, Griff.

[13:33] <Griffen78> :P

[13:33] <Hexedmagica> Carbon for me. :p

[13:33] <Griffen78> I need good explinaton now!

[13:33] <Eight-Yuan> Um... let's see. C, P, Fe

[13:33] <Eight-Yuan> Yuan, you are?

[13:33] <Eight-Yuan> Pick an element, Griff

[13:33] <Yuan-Bit> Hydrogen?

[13:34] <Yuan-Bit> Ooh, Hexed is carbon. Hydrocarbon time!

[13:34] <Griffen78> pick one for me XD

[13:34] <BlueLionheart> When two elements "bond", they become new elements.

[13:34] <Eight-Yuan> Hmm, what would make it easy..

[13:34] <Lunar-Voidmaster> What's a good piece or light armor in any FF Game

[13:34] <Yuan-Bit> They become compounds.

[13:34] <Hexedmagica> No. They make mollecules, BL. :P

[13:34] <Lunar-Voidmaster> What's a good piece or light armor in any FF Game

[13:34] <Griffen78> I knew dat

[13:34] <Lunar-Voidmaster> Need name for Artifact

[13:35] <Yuan-Bit> Well, assuming they are different elements.

[13:35] <Griffen78> so um...what is e?

[13:35] <Griffen78> *me

[13:35] <Eight-Yuan> Gaia Gear

[13:35] <Eight-Yuan> Gaia Gear, for sure

[13:35] <Yuan-Bit> Griff can be Nitrogen.

[13:35] <BlueLionheart> Whatever. That's what I meant, anyway. You can be Mercury.

[13:35] <Eight-Yuan> BL is the cation

[13:35] <Griffen78> uh ok then

[13:35] <Yuan-Bit> Nitrogen is useful.

[13:35] <Eight-Yuan> Hg doesn't work well here

[13:35] <Eight-Yuan> Try a more electronegative element, please?

[13:36] <Eight-Yuan> Oxygen?

[13:36] <Eight-Yuan> We can make phosphate

[13:36] <Eight-Yuan> Fe(HPO4)2

[13:36] <Eight-Yuan> Ferrous hydrogen phosphate

[13:36] <Griffen78> .....

[13:36] <Yuan-Bit> Ooh.

[13:36] * Griffen78 nods his head

[13:37] <Eight-Yuan> Meh, need carbon, though. ^^

Anthropology? So not chemistry.Edit

<Eight-bit> Human life needs to arise at a point.

<Eight-bit> 1 million years ago?

<DSS|Drawing> Actual humans are younger than that, but sure.

<Eight-bit> I find it interesting that I don't much care for the theory of evolution, yet I find it central to this setup [Setup of Twilight Crystal fic history].

<DSS|Drawing> We're not anthropologists, we're chemists, dammit.

<Eight-bit> XD XD XD XD XD

Fae manages to bring Kain Highwind into physical chemistryEdit

<Faethin> My favourite branch of chem is physical, but organic is a second close

<Eight-bit> 90% scores sophmore year

<Eight-bit> NOES


<Faethin> I want to pursue organic physical chem

<Eight-bit> I want to learn more organic

<Eight-bit> I don't get any until next fall


<Eight-bit> It's memorization pretty much, right?

<Eight-bit> and YES >:3

<Faethin> No

<Faethin> Memory does help

<Eight-bit> You need spatial intelligence

<Eight-bit> ...

<Faethin> But... intuition is a lot better

<Faethin> See, you *have* to memorise a lot of things, but you're not getting anywhere with memory alone

<Faethin> *Especially* regarding Organic Syntheses

<Eight-bit> which is the reaction part, yes?

<Faethin> And anyway, you get so used to talking about ketones, aldehydes, carboxilic acids, esters, hallides, amines, amides, nitriles...

<Eight-bit> :D :D :D <3

<Faethin> ...that you sometimes forget you know about them

<Eight-bit> ._.?

<Faethin> And all of sudden *boom* ZOMG I KNOW THIS GROUP IT'S AN AZO-PIGMENT :D

<Faethin> Yeah

<Faethin> You just forget they're there, but can instantly name them when they show up

<Eight-bit> Zao-pigment? That sounds awesome :)

<Eight-bit> azo

<Eight-bit> I attended a random graduate level seminar

<Faethin> Pigments derived from Azo groups

<Faethin> My favourite branch is Physical chem

<Eight-bit> And they talked about... epoxy bonds... or something... in huge molecules with repeating chains of connected hexagonal carbons tructures

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<Faethin> Cause that's were you get to see Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Chem<3

<Eight-bit> Quantum means what?>

<Faethin> Looong story :p

<Eight-bit> Maybe I shoudl take more chem before them ^^

<Eight-bit> But yeah

<Faethin> I like Phys Chem a lot because it allows you to be formal. Formal as in math-formal.

<Eight-bit> You explain things with math?

<Faethin> Oh yeah

<Faethin> Totally

<Eight-bit> Describe the quantified results of reactions

<Eight-bit> In real-world situations?

<Faethin> You can't picture how much Math describes fuggin everything ._.

<Eight-bit> Yeah, I just realized

<Eight-bit> <Eight-bit> You explain things with math?

<Eight-bit> No dur <.<

<Eight-bit> But physical chem focuses on the quantifiable effects of reactions, then>

<Faethin> Chem Equilibrium? there's a diff eq behind it. Chem bonding? There's a quantum model that predicts it. Gas Chromatography? There's a function that maximises the chromatogram's resolution...

<Faethin> Math pwns

<Faethin> PWNS

<Eight-bit> ^^;

<Faethin> Math > Kain Highwind. *I'll* say that.

<Eight-bit> I do love using math when I understand it

<Eight-bit> Like Taylor Series.

<Eight-bit> At first, I was around the likes of: ...........................................................................what?

<Eight-bit> And then it clicked. o.o

<Eight-bit> And then it was love.

<Faethin> Of couse, Kain Highwind can solve non homogenous differential equations WITHOUT USING INTEGRAL FACTORS

<Eight-bit> Homogeneous...? This means?

<Faethin> Yeah, Taylor's theorem is one of my favourite theorems

<Eight-bit> Multi-variable?

<Faethin> No, it means that they have the form x^n + x^n-1 ... x = g(x)

<Faethin> Where g(x) is non-zero

<Faethin> Yeah, he's THAT badass

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