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Name 8bit_BlackMage
Job Class Alchemist/Student/Researcher
Hometown Honolulu, HI
Current Residence Shawano, WI
Date of Birth April 14, 1991
Age 20
Height 5' 8"
IQ Fluctuates sharply with mood :)
Weapon Protractor, Various Vials of Stuffs, Spectroscope
Spells Redox, Equilibrium Shift, Catalyze
Summons Gödel, Avogadro, Curie
Limit Breaks Emoticon Mode, Mad Scientist Mode

Hello, visitors! I'm an admin on this wiki, so please message me if you have any problems/inquiries/complaints/food for me to address. Before I happened upon the FF Wiki, I was relatively inexperienced in the FF world, only owning a few games. Since joining this site, I have been inspired to purchase several more FF games, and as a result I am now the proud owner of VII, IX, Tactics, Tactics Advance, Tactics A2, and Revenant Wings, in addition to most of the Finest Fantasy for Advance collection. I am also currently lurking for Final Fantasy XIII images and data, though I do not expect to purchase the game. The FF Wiki has been a great place for me to decide what games to purchase and interact with other people who share an appreciation for the series, and I am only too happy to return the favor by adding as much information to the site as I can.


Srs bizness[]

User:8bit_BlackMage/Clockwork For links. maintenance, and such.
My Sandbox For my insane revelations (DNC Suggestions, Help Stuff, Story stuff)
Spam reporter
Project: Manual of Style
Category: Articles for Deletion
Special: Multipleupload


User:8bit_BlackMage/Story - The collaborative Wiki sci-fi fanfic, God of the Stars! (GotS) User:8bit BlackMage/Characters - Compiling characters for the plethora of fanfics on the wiki. User:8bit_BlackMage/Top 5 FF Moments My Top 5.
User:8bit_BlackMage/Chemist Association CAFFW! FOR TEH CHEMISTRY LOVERS! No snarky physicists allowed.
User:8bit_BlackMage/FF Quiz String of quizzes I made circa 2008.
User:8bit_BlackMage/Why FFXIII is Better Than You Think - If you're on the fence, take a read and jump!
User:8bit BlackMage/Wikian Quotes - A collection of various blurbs FFWiki users have said from time to time.
User:8bit BlackMage/Dissidia - Me in Dissidia! Random knowledge spewing warning :D
Forum:Echoes of Strife
Forum: Twilight Crystal

Stuffs I do[]

FFT enemy pages
FFTA enemy pages
FFTA Weapons pages
FFI enemy pages
FFII enemy pages
FFIII enemy pages
FFIV Advance enemy pages
FFIV Advance enemy image upload
RW enemy pages
RW Location pages

RW Weapon page
RW Armor Page
Tactics A2 enemy pages
Tactics A2 Loot page
RW Minimap Image Uploading Category: Final Fantasy XIII Enemy Images Status effect splitting


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Walkthrough[]

Finished! Though it may not be the most popular FF spinoff out there, at least it has a walkthrough on this site. Do not expect all those fancy tables that BH and Zerobandwith used on their Tactics walkthroughs, I am way too computer-illiterate/lazy to even try to use those things. I hope my walkthrough helps anyone and everyone who needs it!

About Me[]

  • I was born in Wisconsin.
  • My first plane ride was when I was 4 weeks old.
  • I moved to Hawaii when I was one and stayed there for 13 years.
  • I now live in the same state I was born in. It's way too cold up here. *weeps*
  • I do know how to dance some basic hula and participated in a "May Day" festival at my school during each year of grade school.
  • I'm half Filipino, (NOT PHILLPINO, DAMMIT) half Caucasian.
  • I have tried the luxurious Filipino dish of beef with cow blood sauce.
  • I have maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA since kindergarden.
  • I play the piano and know several Final Fantasy pieces, including the Aria, Loss of Me, Aeris' Theme, Melodies of Life, and Liberi Fatali.
  • My favorite season is spring.
  • I am an avid fan of Peter Gabriel's music and am glad to know another fan at this wiki.
  • I <3 xkcd.
  • I am applying for medical. I love the cardiovascular system and hate the skeletal system. :3


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