Job Class Knight
Hometown Zanarkand
IQ Infinity?
Weapon Brotherhood
Spells Curaga, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thunderaga, Ultima
Summons Bahamut.....just Bahamut
Limit breaks Renzokuken, Lion Heart, Omnislash, and Blitz Ace

Hello everyone. As you can plainly see I am 8-Bit Ecko A.K.A Eckoblade. I am new to this whole wikia thing so I still confused on how it all works. As you can see I am don't have a picture on top of my whole box so if someone could kindly let me now how to do that that would be great. I am a pretty big Final Fantasy fan. I have only ever beaten FF VII but I have played plenty of them. I plan to make a walkthrough when I learn all of this wikia stuff. As you can see from my character bubble on the right I have a very high opinion of myself. What with me having an infinite amount of I.Q., all high level spells, etc. My favorite summon is Bahamut (I hope that I spelled that right. I don't want him to smite me.) because I think that he is the king of all summons even more powerful then Ifrit who is my second favorite.

As you can see I talk too much and seem to stray off of whatever point I am making. So I guess I should probably just stop here before I get too off point so this is the end. =======================================================================================================================================My Numerous Userboxes (Man I love these things. :))

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Ultros-field-ffvi-ios Uwee hee! Come to the Colosseum and vote on this week's fight:
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