Try stopping this, Golbez! My once-in-a lifetime unaided flight!
―Cid Pollendina, Final Fantasy IV

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Name 3155
A.K.A 3155 the 1337
Job Class Dragoon
Hometown Alfitaria
Date of Birth March 18
Age 17
Height ???
IQ ???
Weapon Dragon Tusk
Spells Flare, Jump, Firaga
Summons Ifrit, Bahamut
limit breaks Lilty Soul, Spear Smash

Hey! I'm writing a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time walkthrough! Be on the lookout for this one, and show some support, if you feel like it.

T3h stuff that dosn't realy pretain to anyoneEdit

I am 3155...

What? You expected more????? kfine... I like to play video games, especialy from the FF, Zelda, and Sonic series. I also like to draw (Stuff from games mostly. What a nerd this guy is!), and run (From the cops, right?). I'm also probably the most straight-edge kid you'll ever meet. I distain all forms of drug use, especialy tobaco. That's the most discusting thing you can do to yourself, IMHO. But enough about that! Let's discover how I got into gaming! (Oh, joy! We get to listen to someone we don't even care about rant about his favorite games..... We're so lucky!) Yeah, realy I started playing video games when my mom brought home an old SEGA Genesis home from EB Games. It came with Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I instantly fell in love with the games (Yeah, that one WAS prety cool. I guess the graphics weren't TOO bad...). I then asked for a Game Boy Color for Chanukah, because all the cool kids had one, and continualy showed off during recess. To make a long story short, I got one. It came with Super Mario Bros. Delux. I also liked this game. After years of playing Mario and Sonic games, my friends introduced me to Zelda. By this time I was old enough to buy my own games, so I went down to the store and bought The Legend of Zelda: Classic NES Edition for the GBA. I now own, and have beaten at least once, all the games in the series. About two years ago, I decided to buy Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls for my good ol' GBA, because my cousin is a fan of the series. I did, and loved both games. Well, that's how I got to like FF. The only Final Fantasy games I've ever player are the ones on GBA and DS. (Good... Can we go now?)

WTF means 3155?????????Edit

When the NSider forums were still up, I was known as LINK3155. Since then I've shortened it to 3155, but I've also been known as: L3, L3155, ULTROS3155, U3, and LEET3155. I also use 3155 as my name on DS, and any game that you can name the character, other than Zelda and FF games. The sole exeption to that rule, is that my Lilty in FF: CC is named 3155.

FF StuFFEdit


Category Best Second Best Third Best Fourth Best
Game Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy II Final Fantasy I
Story Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy II Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Graphical Style Final Fantasy VI DS Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
Soundtrack Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy II
Cast Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy II Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
World Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles world Ivalice The Blue Planet WoR/WoB
Monsters Behemoth Goblin Bomb Tonberry
Battle system FFV FFIV FFVI FF:CrCh

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