Hi, 1stclasswarrior here and I will be OUR guide to the most difficult enemies in the main FINAL FANTASY series so far. I am the guy who LOVES a good challenge and takes maybe too much pride in my aceivements so I have these pages. ONLY superbosses in the main series and remakes will be included so if you are stuck on seymour flux for example this is NOT the place for you. Even though Minerva is in a prequel I will be including this in my list as I enjoy fighting it so much. Also, if you have a game that i don't be patient, wait for me to get the game and kill it and look again another tme. If i buy a new FF I will post it on the talk page of this page so feel free to find out if I have it or not.
The reason VI is not here is that it has no Superbosses. Those 8 dragons do not count. Atma is harder than some of those. Also, I know about kaizer but I don't have VI advance so....Yeah.

Final FantasyEdit





Final Fantasy IIEdit

(I have but none defeated yet)

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

-Iron Giant- (Tried it once. Need to train.)

Final Fantasy IVEdit

(Got it now but wait for superbosses)

Final Fantasy VEdit

(Don't have it yet)

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Ultimate WEAPON (VII)

Emerald WEAPON


Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Ultima Weapon (VIII)

-Omega weapon- (When I finally kill that ass!!!!!)

Final Fantasy IXEdit

(On the Way to Ozma)

Final Fantasy XEdit

(Dark Aeons are HARD)

Ultima weapon

Omega weapon

Dark Valefor

Dark Ifrit

–Dark ixion–

-Dark Shiva-


Final Fantasy XIEdit

(Will not buy due to inaccessibility)

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

(Fighting Yiazmat. Locked myself out of the gates to omega)

–Hell wyrm– (coming Soon to a cinema near you.)

Crisis CoreEdit


Quick reviewEdit

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