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Availibility: Here, but less than before. || IRC? Maybe, Responding: Yes. (If I'm there.)
Aern Absolute Virtue (FFXI).png
Name J
A.K.A J OR 1st
Job Class Samurai
Hometown Nibelhiem (supposedly)
Date of Birth 7th March
Age 16
Height Taller than any moogle I've seen
IQ Don't want to know it, but better than most
Weapon Masamune (When I manage to get my hands on one. Or a replica)
Summons None, I am too powerful to need to rely on summons
limit breaks Relentless fury/Cosmic despair/Pain of time
Edit Count Special:Editcount/1stclasswarrior
~Insanity is the perfect weapon~

My talk Templates[]

Burning Griever.jpg

Other games I play[]

In no particular order:

  • 1. Dark chronicle (which is awesome)
  • 2. PGR4
  • 3. NFS Undercover and Pro street
  • 4. Ridge racer
  • 5. Sega rally
  • 6. Gran turismo 4
  • 7. Frac-ture (completed it the day I got it)
  • 8. Bloons Tower Defence 3 + 4 (Internet)
  • 9. Tanks (Internet)
  • 9. Worms Armageddon
  • 10. A copy of Pokemon Emerald that doesn't save properly
  • 11. Fable II (AMAZING!!!!)
  • 12. Forza Motorsport 3 (Bugatti Veyron for free! Yeah!)
  • 13. Colin Mc'rae Dirt 2
  • 14. Blue Dragon

Greatest quotes of all time[]

Misery made me a fiend. Frankenstein's monster in Frankenstein.

Tell me what you cherish most. Give me the pleasure of taking it away. Sephiroth in Advent Childeren

I will... never be a memory. Sephiroth in Advent Childeren

Die and be free of pain. Or live and fight your sorrow. Auron FF X

I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won't remember them all, so I put them all together into one...I'd like to spend more time with you. Aerith to Zack in Crisis Core

I'm not fit to help anyone. Not my family. Not my friends. Nobody. Cloud to Tifa in Advent Childeren

Nothing can beat the music of hunereds of voices screaming in unison. Kefka Final Fantay VI

Boy oh boy. The price of freedom is steep. Zack fair. At the end of Crisis Core.


Run run or you'll be well done! Kefka in Final Fantasy VI

Death comes after chaos..... Kefka in Final Fantasy VI

This is sickening! You sound like chapters from a self help booklet! Kefka in Final Fantasy VI

Do you sincerly fail to see what this is all about or you just like playing Paladin? Fae on the IRC


  • 1. My favorite food is Cadbury's double decker bars.
  • 2. When I was a child, I asked my mum if I could go to sleep in custard warmed up by lava.
  • 3. My pet dog is a ressurected dinosaur
  • 4. I am worshipped as a god by.... 2 people!
  • 5. I am 1/2 man 1/2 cat. This means I have 4.5 lives (even though I hate cats)
  • 6. I have one month left to live. (according to my doctor who told me this when I was 13)
  • 7. My house is made out of CHEESE!
  • 8. My dad is a gingerbread person
  • 9. I can't get the one-winged angel tune out of my head. Funny thing is, I'm happy about that.
  • 10. I have actually commited suicide
  • 11. I only ever get rejected by people who have seen me phisically
  • 12. I am a member of the Under 17 Car Club (grade 4)

Acheivements and extra subpages[]



Any medals I get will go here.

I miss Aerith.....

Poll Thingy!!!!![]

Coming soon......[]

Starting the 21st of december 2008 I have been writing Superboss pages giving detailed accounts and strategies of how to defeat the superbosses in the main series.

I have also started a walkthrough for FFVII as it is my favorite game in the series and I got bored one evening.

A picture for each

I plan to walkthrough Dissidia because I like that game. It's fun....