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I'll be going now. I'll come back when it's all over.
―Aeris Gainsborough, Final Fantasy VII

Name Hayley-Amber Woods
A.K.A *bambi*
Job Class Martial arts expert
Hometown York
Date of Birth 03/10/1990
Age 17
Height 5 ft 4
Weapon Fists/gloves
Spells Curaga, Thundaga, Aura, Berserk, Meteor, Ultima
Summons Eden, Gilgamesh
limit breaks Combo, Beat Rush, Healing Wind
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I've been playing the Final Fantasy games since I was 7. Everybody calls me Bambi. FF seem to be the only games I play nowadays. I've written a couple of walkthroughs. I like to play them for what they are. Games. Really awesome games.


Category Best
Male Protagonist Cloud Strife
Female Protagonist Yuna
Male Supporting Character Zell Dincht
Female Supporting Character Selphie Tilmitt/Tifa Lockheart
Female Love Interest Aeris Gainsborough
Female Bubbly Ditz Rikku
Temporary Player Character Seymour
Villain Sephiroth
Minor Villain Seifer
Recurring Boss Gilgamesh
Cid Cid Highwind
Biggs and Wedge FF7
Airship Highwind
VII Character Aeris
VIII Character Zell
X Character Lulu
X-2 Character Paine
XII Character Balthier