aka Frida Avila

  • I live in twilight town
  • I was born on January 5
  • My occupation is fighting heartless
  • I am female


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AB Drec ican ec y vmiahd cbaygan uv Al Bhed.
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TAYPSP-CidSprite This user hasn't slowed down that much, you know!
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TAYPSP-LucaSprite This user was never a fan of dwarven fashion, really.
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TAYPSP-UrsulaSprite This user may be princess of this kingdom, but even more than that, s/he is a proud citizen of Fabul!
Golbez-PSP-BattleSprite To be honest, this user isn't sure s/he wants to know the answer.
Userbox ff7-cloud This user is not interested.
Userbox ff7-tifa Right now, this user feels they have to push themselves to the limit.
Userbox ff7-aerith2 This user wants to know how compatible Cloud and s/he are.
Userbox ff7-yuffie This user is totally clueless.
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Reno CC This user says this is Turks jurisdiction.
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Userbox ff7ac-cloud There's not a thing this user doesn't cherish!
TifaACPortrait Yeah, this user remembers you.
AerisACPortrait Why is everyone calling this user their Mother lately?
Userbox ff7ac-vincent Where can this user buy a phone?
Userbox ff7ac-yuffie Alright, who's been touching this user's materia?
RenoACPortrait Looks like today this user is clockin' out early.
ACMarleneuserbox This user wants to talk to Tifa.
ACDenzeluserbox This user guesses s/he is the last straw.
Userbox ff7ac-kadaj This user's Reunion... bet you're dying to watch!
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Edeamenu This user would enslave you in the name of the Sorceress.
Zidane menu Get off of this user, you scumbag!
Garnet menu No matter what this user becomes, he/she will always be themselves.
Dagger menu Remember the way this user was... for them.
Userbox ffX-rikku You beat this user up, remember? That really hurt you know!
Luluface This user thinks you're a little lacking in the imagination department.
Kimahriface This user thinks only those who try will become.
Userbox ffX-jecht This user thinks you got tall, but you're all bones.
Userbox ffX-seymour This user robs the cradle.
Userb-X-2 Yuna This user doesn't like your plan. It sucks.
Userbox X-2 Rikku Aw, this user wanted to be a Cactuar!
Nooj Face This user's opponents aren't as young as they used to be.
Shinra Face This user is just a kid.
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Shuyin face Don't try to tell this user you understand.
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BalthierUserbox This user plays the Leading Man, who else?
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HopeUserbox There is hope for this user after all.
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Userbox-DCecil This user can turn darkness into hallowed light!
Userbox-DExdeath This user's potential is unlimited!
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Userbox-DSephiroth This user wants you to stop pretending you're sad.
Userbox-DCloud This user's reality is his/hers alone.
Userbox-DSquall This user has gone talking to a wall.
Userbox-DZidane Does this user need a reason to help someone?
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th_Userbox_KHII_Kairi.png This time... this user'll fight.
th_Userbox_kh2-roxas.jpg It looks like this user's summer vacation is... over.
th_Userbox_KHII_Namine.png This user always thought Nobodies were doomed to fade back into darkness.
th_Userbox_KHII_Axel.png You really do remember this user this time. S/He's so FLATTERED!
th_Userbox_kh-orgxiii.jpg This user is a member of Organization XIII.
th_UserboxXehanort.jpg This user is the Seeker of Darkness.
th_Userbox_KHII_Xemnas.png This user is creating a brand new world, one heart at a time.
TerraBox.png Someday, this user will set things right.
VenBox.png This user is taking a long nap.
AquaBox.png This user's name is Master name. Return their friend's heart or pay the price!
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th_Userbox_kh2-nobody.jpg This user is a Nobody.
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Moogle1138 This user is Kupo for Kupo Nuts!


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