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Use (回数, Kaisū?), also called Magic Left, is a recurring stat in the Final Fantasy series. There is a limit to the number of times the character can use weapons or abilities while in battle. Therefore, the player should always choose an action wisely and not get stuck being unable to act during battle. The number of remaining Uses of each item is shown to the right of each item name.


Final Fantasy VIII[]

Magic has a limited number of uses per spell, dependent upon the amount drawn from enemies. Provided that a spell is not junctioned to a character stat (in which case it has a direct effect on the linked stat), a spell with one charge stocked is as effective as a spell with 100 charges stocked.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest[]

All spells cost 1 to cast. At the maximum level, Benjamin can have 42 White, 21 Black, and 10 Wizard. While Benjamin can learn all spells, allies have their spells set and cannot gain more through gameplay, although their repertoire have increased in the space of their absence between their first and second appearances in the party.

Final Fantasy Adventure[]

With the exception of weapons and armor, all items have a certain amount of uses. Once they reach 0, that item is removed from the player's inventory.

The Final Fantasy Legend[]

Weapons and shields, with a few exceptions, have a limited number of uses. Therefore it is very important that the characters have enough equipment to get them through their various quests. There is no way to change equipment in the middle of a battle. It is suggested that the player buy extra equipment while they are in towns.

Some weapons and shields have unlimited uses, and these will have a dash where the number would usually appear. Later, the player will have the opportunity to purchase an item called Arcane which can restore the character's equipment back to their full amount of uses. This is particularly useful with such powerful weapons like the Glass sword, Masmune, and Xclbr.

Final Fantasy Legend II[]

Most weapons are "breakable", potions are consumed, and Magic Books are depleted. The number to the right of the item indicated how many times it can be used before it is removed from the character's inventory, unlike Abilities which remain with a value of 0. When the player sells an item, its value is 1/2 of what it cost unless it's slightly used. The value depreciates the more used up that item is. Armors have an unlimited number of uses and never "break".

These are inherent abilities that cannot be unequipped for a Mutant and Monster. On a Robot, weapons with a limited number of uses gets halved upon equipping, but they become Rechargeable Abilities. These abilities may have a limited number of uses, but if the number of uses reaches 0, they will not disappear from the character's inventory. These can be recharged at any time by going to an Inn, drinking a Elixir, or using a Tent. Heart functions like a rechargeable ability, and has only a single use.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

All abilities have a limited number of uses. The number of uses can be increased by honing the ability, which costs an increasing amount of gil and orbs per level.

Most abilities start at 2 or 4 uses, and gain 2 extra uses per level. Summoning abilities start at 1 use and gain only 1 extra use per level, due to their higher power and usually being able to damage all enemies.