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Rikku using an item.

Here, this will pick you up!

Use (使う, Tsukau?) is a Special ability in Final Fantasy X. Initially available to Rikku, it enables the character to Use any of the special items not accessible via the Item command. These items are necessary for Rikku's Mix Overdrive, and on their own can inflict damage, heal, or grant beneficial status effects to the party.

Most of the items usable in battle require the ability Use to be activated. Most Use items are offensive or supportive in nature, with Al Bhed Potion, Healing Water and Tetra Elemental being the only Use Items that actually recover HP.

Use Items are rarely found freely available and must be stolen or dropped by enemies, or acquired through sidequests. Use items also tend to be usable to customize rare abilities onto equipment or to teach strong skills to aeons.

List of Use Items[]

Item Description Obtain Image
Al Bhed Potion Cures poison, silence, petrification.
Restores 1000 HP of each party member.
Drop- Sand Wolf, Zu, Mushussu, Alcyone, Sandragora
Steal/Bribe- Mech Defender, Mech Hunter, Mech Gunner
Find- Bevelle, Bikanel, Home
Shop- Rin's Shop in Fahrenheit (after gaining control).
Healing Water Fully restores HP of party. Steal- Adamantoise
Bribe- Anacondaur
Tetra Elemental Fully restores HP and casts NulAll on a character.*(The in-game description erroneously says it works on the party) Steal- Master Tonberry, Seymour Natus
Antarctic Wind Deals ice damage to an enemy. Steal- White Element, Snow Flan
Arctic Wind Deals ice damage to an enemy. Steal- Ice Flan
Bribe- White Element, Snow Flan
Ice Gem Deals ice damage to all enemies. Steal- Chimera Brain
Bribe- Ice Flan
Bomb Fragment Deals fire damage to an enemy. Steal- Bomb, Red Element
Bomb Core Deals fire damage to an enemy. Steal- Chest (Moonflow - North Bank in tutorial only)
Bribe- Bomb, Red Element
Fire Gem Deals fire damage to all enemies. Steal- Bomb King, Flame Flan, Grenade, Puroboros
Bribe- Bomb (Siege of Home), Flame Flan
Electro Marble Deals lightning damage to an enemy. Steal- Aerouge, Gandarewa, Gold Element, Thunder Flan, Yellow Element
Lightning Marble Deals lightning damage to an enemy. Steal- Aerouge, Yellow Element
Bribe- Aerouge, Gandarewa, Gold Element, Thunder Flan, Yellow Element
Lightning Gem Deals lightning damage to all enemies. Steal- Chimera Brain, Imp, Vidatu
Fish Scale Deals water damage to an enemy. Steal- Aqua Flan, Blue Element, Maze Larva, Sahagin, Water Flan
Dragon Scale Deals water damage to an enemy. Steal- Random Chest (Moonflow - North Bank Road), Aqua Flan, Maze Larva, Octopus, Phlegyas, Remora, Sahagin, Water Flan
Bribe- Splasher
Water Gem Deals water damage to all enemies. Steal- Achelous, Evrae, Evrae Altana, Maelspike, Octopus, Phlegyas
Bribe- Aqua Flan, Blue Element, Maze Larva, Piranha, Remora, Sahagin, Water Flan
Grenade Damage all enemies. Steal- Klikk, Mech Guard, Mech Leader, Mech Scouter, Piranha, Splasher, Tros
Bribe- Mech Guard
Shop- Rin's Travel Agency Shops, Rin's Shop in Fahrenheit (first visit), and Calm Lands Shop.
Frag Grenade Inflicts damage and Armor Break on all enemies. Steal- Mech Leader, Splasher
Other- Magic Urn (Outer Eyes)
Sleeping Powder Inflicts damage and sleep on all enemies. Steal/Bribe- Dingo, Garm, Mi'ihen Fang, Sand Wolf, Snow Wolf
Dream Powder Inflicts damage and sleep on all enemies. Steal/Bribe- Bandersnatch, Skoll
Silence Grenade Inflicts damage and silence on all enemies. Steal- Anima, Bat Eye, Exoray, Funguar, Thorn
Bribe- Bat Eye
Smoke Bomb Inflicts damage and darkness on all enemies. Steal- Alcyone, Condor, Garuda, Pteryx, Stratoavis, Zu
Bribe- Condor, Garuda, Simurgh
Shadow Gem Reduces HP of all enemies by half. Steal- Abyss Worm, Halma, Sand Worm
Shining Gem Damages an enemy. Steal- Abaddon, Black Element, Bomb King, Juggernaut, Right Fin, Seymour Omnis, Sinspawn Genais, Varuna
Bribe- Grenade, Puroboros
Blessed Gem Damages an enemy. Steal- Barbatos, Coeurlregina, One-Eye
Drop- Cactuar King
Supreme Gem Damages all enemies. Steal- Left Fin, Seymour Omnis, Sin
Drop- Jormungand
Bribe- Halma
Poison Fang Inflicts damage and poison on an enemy. Steal- Bite Bug, Hornet, Killer Bee, Nebiros, Sleep Sprout, Wasp
Bribe- Bite Bug, Killer Bee, Nebiros, Wasp
Silver Hourglass Delays next turn of all enemies. Steal/Bribe- Kusariqqu, Lamashtu
Steal- Mushussu
Bribe- Vouivre
Other- Magic Urn (Outer Eyes) x4
Gold Hourglass Damages all enemies and delays their next turn. Steal- Fafnir, Nidhogg
Bribe- Nidhogg, Mushussu
Candle of Life Casts Doom on an enemy. Steal- Don Tonberry, Fallen Monk, Pteryx
Petrify Grenade Petrifies all enemies. Steal- Anacondaur, Basilisk, Cave Iguion, Demonolith, Dinonix, Iguion, Ipiria, Jormungand, Melusine, Raptor, Yowie, Zaurus
Bribe- Basilisk, Cave Iguion, Dinonix, Iguion, Ipiria, Melusine, Raptor, Yowie
Farplane Shadow Inflicts death on an enemy. Steal- Anima, Espada, Ghost, Master Coeurl, Tonberry, Wraith
Farplane Wind Inflicts death on all enemies. Steal- Coeurlregina, Espada, Sleep Sprout, Varuna, Wraith, Yunalesca
Drop- Don Tonberry
Bribe- Ahriman, Epaaj, Wraith
Dark Matter Deals major damage to all enemies. Drop- Abaddon, Abyss Worm, Bomb King, Cactuar King, Catastrophe, Catoblepas, Chimerageist, Coeurlregina, Don Tonberry, Earth Eater, Espada, Fafnir, Fenrir, Greater Sphere, Hornet, Ironclad, Jormugand, Juggernaut, Jumbo Flan, Kottos, Malboro Menace, Nega Elemental, Nemesis, Neslug, One-Eye, Ornitholestes, Pteryx, Shinryu, Sleep Sprout, Stratoavis, Tanket, Th'uban, Ultima Buster, Vidatu, Vorban
Bribe- Land Worm
Chocobo Feather Casts Haste on one character. Steal- Cactuar, Fenrir, Qactuar
Chocobo Wing Casts Haste on party. Steal- Cactuar, Cactuar King, Fenrir, Ornitholestes
Bribe- Machea
Lunar Curtain Casts Shell on one character. Steal- Crawler, Defender, Defender X, Defender Z, Juggernaut, Jumbo Flan, Larva, One-Eye, Tanket
Other- Magic Urn (Outer Eyes) x3
Light Curtain Casts Protect on one character. Steal- Gemini, Iron Giant, Ironclad, Tanket
Drop- Fafnir
Star Curtain Casts Reflect on one character. Steal- Barbatos, Dark Flan, Nega Elemental, Sinspawn Genais
Healing Spring Casts Regen on one character. Steal- Achelous, Behemoth King, Catoblepas, Evrae Altana, Vorban
Drop- Kottos
Bribe- Octopus, Phlegyas, Achelous
Mana Spring Absorbs MP from an enemy. Steal- Chimerageist, Coeurl, Malboro Menace, Master Tonberry
Stamina Spring Absorbs HP from an enemy. Steal- Chimerageist, Fafnir, Kottos, Land Worm, Spirit, Ogre, Sand Worm, Sin (core), Stratoavis
Bribe- Bashura, Ogre
Soul Spring Absorbs HP & MP from an enemy. Steal- Bashura, Kottos
Other- Magic Urn (Outer Eyes)
Purifying Salt Damages an enemy and dispels its magic effects. Steal- Abaddon, Fallen Monk, Hornet, Warrior Monk
Stamina Tablet Doubles max HP of one character. Steal- Random Chest (Moonflow - North Bank Road)
Rare Steal- Abyss Worm, Adamantoise, Ironclad, Vorban
Bribe- Defender
Other- Magic Urn (Middle Eye)
Mana Tablet Doubles max MP of one character. Steal- Behemoth, Jumbo Flan
Drop- Abaddon
Bribe- Chimera
Stamina Tonic Doubles max HP of party. Steal- Catoblepas, Dark Yojimbo, Machea
Drop- Abyss Worm
Bribe- Gemini, Iron Giant
Mana Tonic Doubles max MP of party. Steal- Great Malboro, Vidatu
Drop- Malboro Menace
Twin Stars Reduces MP cost of one character to 0. Steal- Behemoth King, Nega Elemental
Drop- Nega Elemental
Bribe- Spirit
Twin Stars.
Three Stars Reduces party's MP cost to 0. Steal- Jormungand, Shinryu
Drop- Catoblepas
Bribe- Behemoth King