Urutan-Yensa are enemies in Final Fantasy XII encountered in great numbers throughout the Nam-Yensa Sandsea and Ogir-Yensa Sandsea. They can be found wielding daggers, katanas, and bows. The katana-wielder has two versions, but the only difference is that one type drops Potions rather than Teleport Stones.

Rare Yensa Fins, which are needed for acquiring the Arcturus at the Bazaar, can be stolen from them. It is quite easy to get a high battle chain when fighting Urutan-Yensa in the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea. It is also possible to do this in the Nam-Yensa Sandsea, though the battle chain will be much lower. Killing hundred of them is needed to spawn the Urutan Exile Rare Game.

The player can partake in a sidequest where the Urutan-Yensa fight the Urutan Eater. The Urutan-Yensa killed by the Urutan Eater rather than by the player drop no loot.

The additional pages unlocked in their bestiary entry tell the story of how mimics came into being.

Clan Primer[edit | edit source]

Page 1: Observations[edit | edit source]

Race evolved from crustaceans to bipedal humanoids. Their hides are extremely hard, covered with stiff bristles of needle-like hair. Customarily, they wrap themselves in cloth, though whether this is for protection against the elements, or to hide their hideous appearance, none can say.
Extremely aggressive by nature, all attempts at integrating Urutan-Yensa into hume culture have ended in tragedy.
Though they recognize no state, they are fiercely territorial and war between Urutan-Yensa tribes is incessant.

Page 2: Letters to a Wayfarer[edit | edit source]

My Dearest Pulania,
My close examination and painstaking translation of the text you send me a fortnight since is finished. I send you the results with all haste. The text in question was written in an ancient time, yet it offered only nominal resistance to my keen interpretive eye.
It is nothing other than the memoranda of an ancient crafter of weaponry, though as to whether what it records is a truth, or merely a fiction, I must confess I suspect the latter.
I await your return with bated breath, and ask you bring something offering a modicum more challenge, though my expectations remain, as always, humble.
Yours, Farrister, Archaeist

Page 3: Project Memorandum - 1[edit | edit source]

Request from said Patron, wanting a Device for felling Beasts, Fiends, &c., and I not thinking to ask what Sort of Creature he hunted, but it matters not. Whatever it may be, it will have Wants, and I need only Fashion an appropriate Lure to whet its Greed. Perhaps something in the Shape of a Coffer.
Prototype complete. When placed surreptitiously amongst my Assistant's Belongings he reached for 't with a swiftness and lo, his Shock and Dismay at being caught! Now I only need to fashion for it a Means of Attack.

Page 4: Project Memorandum - 2[edit | edit source]

Delivery complete.
Received Complaint. The Target was in Fact a Dragon of some Power. Tell me these Things sooner! Yet one must not Complain to one's Patron. On bended Knee and with Head hung low, submitted I a Tally of additional Costs and Fees, for which I was only reimbursed after much Hemming and Hawing.
I will not forget this.
How to defeat that which cannot be defeated? Nightly, I ponder...

Page 5: Project Memorandum - 3[edit | edit source]

Tis hot. Unbearably so. I find this Season most unpalatable. Be that as it may, I have devised a Plan for this Project. When One does not know the Strength of one's foe, one must first observe. Then, One must attain the necessary Strength to defeat the Enemy. My Weapon will be a learning, growing Entity!
Growth Lattice in place. Had I not made it Myself, indeed, I would say it lived. Yet all that lives must have a Mother, and so that is what I shall make next.
The Mother is complete, and continues Her growth. So too grows her Brood, for daily she gives birth to small larval Weapons. Like their Mother, they too must have the Appearance of small Coffers. 'Tis much like the laying of Eggs one might witness in the Wilds, and as such is quite fascinating, yet at this Rate my Laboratory will soon be filled with Coffers. Returning current stock to Storage.

Page 6: Project Memorandum - 4[edit | edit source]

Delivery. Via reviewing Crystal concealed in one of the Coffers, I watch the Fray. 'Tis a Dragon of incredible Size, indeed! My Creations' Attacks appear to strike true, yet the Creature is nary the worse for it. I shudder to think on how much further Growth will be needed before the Results can be seen in this deadly Contest.
Received Complaint. "How dare you allow the fell Beast to escape?" or some such. I essayed to explain that Time was required for the learning to take root, yet my dear Patron's ill Humors did rise, setting his Face to shine bright Red, and there was no reasoning with Him.
A Pestilence take him!
Finding this whole Affair to have left a bitter Taste upon my Tongue, I departed, but only after creeping down to the Patron's well-appointed Cellars, there releasing a very young Mother. That should give him a Surprise in a few Years.
I wonder where Mark XII could have gotten to? Both viewing Crystal and Transmitter were crushed in the Fray. I can only surmise it found some Place rich in Mist whereby to foster its continued growth. I wish it the best of Luck.

Stats[edit | edit source]

The BradyGames guide to the PlayStation 2 version erroneously states that the katana-type of Urutan-Yensa would drop X-Potions rather than Teleport Stones.




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