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Urth's Fount is a Trial Trial in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, introduced in patch 2.5, Before the Fall. It sees players battle against the primal Odin, who they may have encountered previously in the FATE FATE Steel Reign Steel Reign.

While listed with Hard trials in the Duty Finder, Urth's Fount is not included with other Hard-mode trials in the Trial Roulette. This is because its difficulty is considered to be more on the level of Extreme-mode trials.


In the moons following the Calamity, myriad rumors of ghastly creatures stalking the Twelveswood began spreading across the realm like wildfire. While most of the rumors have since been deemed unfounded, there is one series of events that has remained difficult to cast off as merely the ravings of broken-minded smallfolk: that concerning the supposed Dark Rider of the Shroud. After several deaths attributed to this mysterious figure, Seedseer O-App-Pesi sought communion with the spirits of the Twelveswood, only to learn that the rider was none other than the elder primal Odin. Slain in the Third Astral Era by an Allagan hero, why and how the primal has returned to Eorzea remains a mystery—one now in the capable hands of Eorzea's adventurers.



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Musical themes[]

"The Corpse Hall" plays during the battle against Odin. This theme also plays during the FATE Steel Reign when fighting Odin.