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An Elezen student of prophecy known for his cryptic utterances, Urianger is considered one of the Scions' most erudite Archons. He stands resolute even in the face of world-ending calamity, drawing strength from the memory and example of his mentor, Master Louisoix.

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Urianger Augurelt [ˌʊr.iˈɒ̃.ʒeɪ, -ˈæn.ʒeɪ, yʁjɑ̃ʒe oɡyʁɛl] is a character in Final Fantasy XIV, introduced as a Scion of the Seventh Dawn and appearing throughout subsequent expansions as an ally of the Warrior of Light. In version 1.0, he was one of the primary characters in the storyline surrounding the Seventh Umbral Era.


Early life[]

Urianger spent his youth engrossed in books of prophecy. He devoured all manner of sources concerning his favorite subject, acquiring an erudite vocabulary and poetic mannerisms that alienated his peers.[1] When he was young, Urianger's parents were deeply engrossed in their research into the occult, leaving Urianger often unattended. His neighbor, Bloewyda Uwilsyngwyn, couldn't bear the sight of the young child being alone, and so offered to raise him in his parents' stead. Urianger's parents thanked Bloewyda profusely before leaving for parts unknown, and so it was that Urianger was welcomed into the family of Bloewyda, her husband Wilfsunn, and their daughter Moenbryda.[2]

Encouraged by Moenbryda, Urianger entered the Studium under the auspices of the foremost authority on prophecy, Archon Louisoix Leveilleur. It is thought that Urianger elected to join the Circle of Knowing to learn the truth of Mezaya Thousand Eyes's Divine Chronicles, a work that hinted at the coming of the Seventh Umbral Calamity.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV (version 1.0)[]

Before the Calamity, Urianger sought to share his knowledge with the people of Eorzea, but his doomsaying only earned him an unflattering reputation. Following a lead, the adventurer tracked down one of the mages responsible for the Sixth Umbral Era fifteen centuries ago. There, they discovered Urianger, who spoke cryptically of impending doom, and asked if the adventurer was willing to face it. Regardless of their answer, he sensed their intent to arrest him and called forth a familiar as a distraction while vanishing. After the familiar's defeat, the adventurer encountered Urianger's fellow Circle member(s) who asserted the coming of a Seventh Umbral Era.

Urianger was involved in the reestablishment of the Grand Companies of Eorzea, which continued to combat this threat. Urianger acted behind the scenes, having been branded a heretic by the Garlean Empire. Their pursuit of him distracted them from doing greater harm to the city-states. In spite of his seclusion, Urianger appeared at most Circle of Knowing gatherings, and even accompanied their leader, Louisoix Leveilleur.

His words reached Inspector Hildibrand Manderville. Misinterpreting his words, the buffoon concluded that he was to be Eorzea's destined hero. Urianger saw no reason to discourage any man from standing up to the descending lesser moon Dalamud, and allowed him this delusion.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

An Elezen sage and scholar of prophetic teachings, Urianger was one of the first to draw the attention of Eorzeans to the peril of the Seventh Umbral Era. Formerly of the Circle of Knowing, he is infamous among adventures for the guidance he proffers via his cryptic utterances.

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Scions of the Seventh Dawn

Urianger and the other Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

Minfilia Warde introduced the Warrior of Light to a delighted Urianger in Western Thanalan, who repeated Louisoix Leveilleur's words. After the Warrior defeated Titan, Livia sas Junius and her soldiers kidnapped Urianger and some of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn members who were imprisoned in the Castrum Centri in Mor Dhona.

When the Warrior of Light and the other remaining Scions arrived to free their captive comrades, Urianger and Papalymo Totolymo aided the Warrior in battle. After defeating the imperial forces, soldiers cornered Urianger and the others until Cid Garlond saved them and all escaped on his Enterprise.

Urianger did not permanently accompany the rest of the Scions to their new headquarters in Mor Dhona; much of the collected primal-lore would be too difficult to transport again, and Urianger found it easier to contact the Students of Baldesion from Vesper Bay (nevermind that his continued residence in the Waking Sands allowed the Scions to retain ownership of the building, just in case).[3]

Urianger arranged the adventurers' conflict with the new, "extreme"-power versions of the primals, and assisted in the investigation into what could be allowing the beastmen to summon their gods with such overwhelming strength. He had words for anyone who had defeated Twintania in the Binding Coil of Bahamut, and shared his thoughts on an old friend the Warrior of Light and Alisaie Leveilleur could have glimpsed while there. Urianger unexpectedly joined with the other Scions in the Sylphlands when they confronted Ramuh, observing the battle from afar.[4] Based on his research during the battle, combined with Y'shtola's earlier observations during Leviathan's summoning, he theorized how an immortal being—such as an Ascian—could be eliminated permanently. He continued to study this, meeting his close friend Moenbryda who arrived from Sharlayan to help.[5] Though glad to see her, he was embarrassed by her teasing flirtation.

Moenbryda sacrificed her life to slay the Ascian Nabriales, and Urianger was greatly affected, but took comfort in learning that she had come to terms with the spiritual doubts that had plagued her.[6] After the Crystal Braves betrayed the Scions by framing them for Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo's supposed assassination, Urianger remained in the Waking Sands by hiding the building with magick. He later met with Elidibus, the Emissary of the Ascians who wished to discuss "fate".[7]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Urianger searched for the missing Scions after the conspiracy. He tracked aether from Y'shtola after the Warrior of Light defeated Bismarck. She was taken to the Lifestream, and if they would not hurry, she would die. Before the Warrior of Light took off to Azys Lla, Urianger gave them the White Auracite, the same that had slain Nabriales. Urianger vouched for Unukalhai's statements regarding the Warring Triad, adding that he was not an enemy "for now".[8]

He that holdeth fast unto his convictions shall never count betrayal amongst his crimes, though all the world may call him villain. My path is unchanged; my creed sacrosanct. This I believe with all my heart.


Urianger attempted to find information on The Gerun Oracles in the Great Gubal Library[9] where Elidibus and the leader of the Warriors of Darkness, Ardbert, found him. Disguising himself, Urianger served as a liaison between the Warriors of Darkness and the Ascians. When the Warriors of Darkness were tasked to kill the Warrior of Light, Urianger revealed his true loyalty to the Scions, and was revealed to have orchestrated their absolution, citing Louisoix's creed. When the Scions gathered at the Rising Stones, Urianger was encouraged to continue spying on the Ascians for them.

Urianger, while in Vesper Bay of Thanalan, came across the traveling samurai, Gosetsu Daito, having come all the way from Doma in search of Yugiri. He invited the samurai to the Rising Stones to meet with the Scions[10], knowing that Yugiri would also be there.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

"Look ye where the sun doth rise, see crimson embers, dark'ning skies...
Look ye where the sun doth fall, see azure lost amidst the squall."


Initially, Urianger did not participate in the war to liberate Ala Mhigo. He paid the Warrior of Light and their allies a visit right before departing to Othard on their mission to aid Doma to give them a cryptic warning. He gave Alisaie Leveilleur a new custom rapier and magicked crystal medium to replace the aetheric blade she had previously relied on for battle.

Sometime after Doma's liberation, Urianger heard reports of a soldier named Fordola rem Lupis, who had avoided both Alisaie and Lyse's combined attacks with ease, not unlike the Warrior of Light, and how the power was granted to her thanks to imperial experimentation. He devised a means to counter it, inventing a new aetheric siphon to halt Fordola's aetheric flow, which would disorient her and render her vulnerable to attacks. Traveling to Gyr Abania, he presented the Warrior with the weapon, but elected to not tell the specifics of the item itself so as to catch Fordola herself by surprise.

After Fordola's defeat and the planning stages to take back Ala Mhigo, Urianger made a surprise visit to Krile. They talked about the new power Fordola had received, and the grave implications of her words of Garlean prince Zenos yae Galvus having been given a power surpassing that of the primals. Krile revealed the power to be the "Resonant"; an artificial version of the Echo.

During the brief reprieve during the war between the Eorzean Alliance and the Garlean Empire, the Scions and the Warrior of Light were hit by a strange phenomenon that pulled at their very souls, with Thancred Waters being the first to succumb to it.[11] When they visited him to discuss it, the phenomenon reoccurred, this time claiming both Urianger and Y'shtola.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

An Elezen student of prophecy known for his cryptic utterances, Urianger is considered one of the Scions' most erudite Archons. In the face of a new threat and a precarious future, he has turned to the ancient Sharlayan art of astrology to divine a path forward...

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Urianger and the rest of the Scions were taken to the world of the First, their souls having been called one after another by a robed figure named G'raha Tia, who originally worked with the Warrior of Light during their expedition of the Crystal Tower. He had awakened from his long slumber and found his Crystal Tower in the First (one of the reflections of the Source world). The tower served as the last bastion of hope in the wake of the halted Flood and the sin eaters that plagued the remnants of the star, Norvrandt. G'raha's summoning had been flawed, as only the Scions' souls were pulled with their bodies still on the Source. Due to their strong connection to the Source, their souls had a physical presence, allowing them to interact with the world around them as they would in their corporeal form.

G'raha came from a future where the Source and the First both suffered simultaneous calamities where the Warrior of Light emerged victorious in the war. To prevent the calamities, he called the Scions and the Warrior of Light to the First before the calamities would occur to save both worlds, believing that the Warrior's power would contain the primordial light blanketing the First. He asked Urianger to conceal his identity and frame the devastating timeline to his friends as a possible future outcome that he had foreseen.

Urianger met up with the other Scions and everyone parted ways to keep an eye on the developments across Norvrandt while slaying sin eaters. He familiarized with the land of Il Mheg and the Fae that inhabited it, and learned their language and of the First's concept of aether and its connection to the Black Rose poison gas that the Garlean Empire was planning on releasing back on the Source, and which would destroy their realm unless they could change the timeline. He kept in touch with Thancred and his charge, a reincarnated "Minfilia", whom he rescued from Eulmore. Urianger and Y'shtola fell out when she became frustrated with his insistence on secrecy, unable to fully trust him. The future G'raha spoke of plagued him, and thus Urianger took up astrology to try and explore this supposed time to come.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

The Scions saved the First and returned to the Source to learn of the rogue Ascian Fandaniel's machinations to destroy the world via a phenomenon known as the "Final Days". Urianger and his fellow Scions departed to Sharlayan to research more about the phenomenon. Urianger meant to meet Moenbryda's parents to pay his respects to his departed friend, but they were too busy with the governing body Forum's project.

Urianger joined the Thavnair party alongside the Warrior of Light, Thancred Waters, and Estinien Varlineau, but he was struck by aetherial sickness after using an experimental aetheryte. After recovering, they visited the Great Works where the Hannish alchemists were developing an amulet to protect against Telophoroi's enthrallment—Fandaniel's scheme to turn everyone into his and Zenos's mindless followers. Urianger gave them some information, and later participated in the Tower of Zot. As a healer, he stayed behind to tend to the kidnapped Arkasodaras alongside Y'shtola, Krile, and G'raha Tia.

Urianger joined the Ilsabardian Contingent of the Eorzean Alliance to provide succor to the Garleans affected by the Telophoroi. He participated in the assault of Tower of Babil and later followed the Warrior of Light to the moon where the Ascians' god, Zodiark, was bound. However, when he arrived alongside Y'shtola and Thancred, the Warrior had already destroyed Zodiark. The dark elder primal's protection gone, the Final Days fell upon the star. The group sought information from the Watcher and were told to go the Bestway's Burrow where they found the Loporrits, the moon's caretakers.

Urianger, who understood the Loporrits' plea better than his fellow Scions, was contacted by their leader, Livingway, to work behind the Scions' backs to perfect the moon vessel. The Warrior of Light confronted him about this, and Urianger confessed that he had always worked surreptitiously and lied to the his friends. The Warrior would not forget that Urianger had done all that for the greater good, and so he resolved to help the Loporrits more openly. For that, he stayed behind on the moon to teach the Loporrits about modern society while the Warrior, Y'shtola, and Thancred returned to the star.

Urianger later returned to Garlemald with a group of Loporrits interested in seeing the planet for themselves. He returned to Sharlayan to help the Loporrits learn more about modern society. While there, he happened across Moenbryda's parents and was finally able to clear the regrets he had carried from Moenbryda's death by reconciling with them. He accompanied the Warrior and the other Scions into the aetherial sea and helped the Warrior of Light prove they were ready to fight Meteion, the true cause of the Final Days since the time of the world before its sundering.

As the Scions traveled to Ultima Thule, Meteion attacked them. Urianger and the Scions survived thanks to Thancred's sacrifice creating a path forward. As the group explored the desolate system, they came across shades of the Ea, beings from a now-extinct star. After Y'shtola provoked the shades into attacking, Urianger joined her in sacrificing himself to create a way forward, having reasoned his usual methods of subterfuge were no longer needed. He was brought back to life using Azem's crystal after the Warrior of Light reached Meteion's lair, where they subdued the Endsinger and saved their world while instilling Meteion with a newfound sense of hope for the future.

Following the Final Days' aversion, the Scions publicly disbanded, in truth returning to their behind-the-scenes roots, with Urianger electing to accompany Thancred on his journey across the realm.



Urianger Augurelt FFXIV 5

Urianger in Shadowbringers.

Urianger is a Wildwood Elezen in a long black-and-white cloak with the unique mark of the Circle of Knowing on one shoulder, the hood pulled over his head. He has long ears and wears goggles that conceal his eyes. He bears the tattoo of an Archon on his right cheek. He carries a staff once used by Arcanists in the 1.0 game.

During the events of "Soul Surrender", he wears a set of Orthodox robes and briefly a partial mask that initially conceals his identity. When his visage is revealed, he is shown to have light gray hair and pale yellow eyes. Following the conflict with the Warriors of Darkness, Urianger returns to his previous outfit in A Realm Reborn.

In Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, Urianger adopts a new appearance following his decision to become an astrologian. His face is fully revealed, and he wears the Weathered Soothsayer chiton, although his jewelry is gold rather than silver. When he takes on the role of a Lithomancer, he wields an Antiquated Almandal.


In prophecy are a myriad truths concealed. The eye of man decreeth which shall be revealed.


Urianger often speaks in poetry and riddles. He is well-versed in the prophecy pointing to the Seventh Umbral Era, and recites a verse at nearly every encounter. Though his appearance and mannerisms are intimidating, he is virtuous. Although he tries to hide it behind a serious facade, he is close to fellow Scion Moenbryda, having known her since childhood. Though secretive, Urianger is loyal to his fellow Scions and his teacher, Louisoix Leveilleur.

It pains him to deceive his friends or withhold information from them, but he follows through with his convictions as they are for the greater good. When all is revealed, Urianger makes no excuses and humbly wishes for forgiveness and understanding from his fellow companions.


Urianger is an Arcanist and uses a grimoire for a weapon. He has access to both Arcanist and Conjurer abilities and can summon Amber Carbuncle.

In Shadowbringers, Urianger primarily uses Astrologian skills to heal and buff allies. He is also shown using Aetherial Manipulation from Black Mage as a Trust in a dungeon.

In the Main Scenario Quest instance "Death Unto Dawn", Urianger is playable in the third part of the battle. He uses a fixed deck consisting of the original version of Lord of Crowns as an attack and The Scroll as a damage buff. As healer, he must heal both his allies and the Confluence. If either falls, the duty ends in failure.

In Endwalker, Urianger again can accompany the player in the Trust System, except in Vanaspati and Ktisis Hyperborea. He can also participate in the Mothercrystal trial. In said trial, when the player is a healer, Urianger will change his job into Lithomancer, a renamed Summoner.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Urianger appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Water- and Lightning-elemental Forward cards.

Final Fantasy Portal App[]

467a Urianger

Urianger appears as a Triple Triad card.

Behind the scenes[]

Urianger was an Arcanist even before the class was available to players; in the legacy version, he used one of the mechanical staves that had previously been tagged for use by the old version of Arcanists found in the game's data files.


Unlike in the English version, Urianger speaks normal Japanese in the Japanese scripts.

In the English version of A Realm Reborn, Urianger was voiced by Gideon Emery, also the voice for Balthier from Final Fantasy XII. Since the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, he is voiced by Timothy Watson.

Urianger is voiced by KENN in the Japanese version.