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Upper Sector 7[1] is a town in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is located on the top plate of Sector 7 above the Sector 7 slums, and is a place of residence for Shinra Electric Power Company employees. Rowan Rasberry, the father of Jessie Rasberry, resides here. The plate is also home to a large Shinra warehouse at the Sector 7-6 Annex.

Prior to Final Fantasy VII Remake, only the Sector 7 Undercity could be explored.


Jessie, Rowan, and her mother resided in the Shinra Employee Housing Area, as Jessie's father worked for Shinra. Jessie aspired to become an actress performing at the Gold Saucer's theaters, though when she landed a role, her father was left in a coma after a mako accident. Her father remained in their house on life support, and Jessie left, with Rowan believing she was still pursuing an acting career, unaware of her involvement with Avalanche. Denzel also resided on the upper Sector 7 plate with his family.

In "Mad Dash", Jessie returned to the plate with Cloud Strife, whom she had hired to help rob a Shinra ID card from her family home. Biggs and Wedge also came along, concerned for her safety. After traveling by motorcycle through the Corkscrew Tunnel, Cloud stole the ID while Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie distracted Rowan.

Standoff at the Sector 7-6 Annex.

After securing the ID, Jessie asked Cloud, Biggs, and Wedge to cause a distraction in the Sector 7-6 Annex warehouse so she could infiltrate it to gather information about the Mako Reactor 1 bombing. Cloud, Biggs, and Wedge fought several Shinra forces at the warehouse, before Roche, who had previously fought them at the Corkscrew Tunnel, returned for a rematch with Cloud and disrupted Shinra's forces. Wedge was also severely injured in battle after a guard dog bit his rear. After other Avalanche cells attacked the warehouse, and Jessie found what she needed, Cloud, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie left the plate and returned to the undercity using a parachute.

The collapsed plate after destruction.

Later, Shinra, learning from Don Corneo that Barret Wallace's Avalanche cell was located in the Sector 7 Undercity, sent the Turks to drop the Sector 7 plate. In "Fight for Survival", Shinra successfully dropped the plate, after Avalanche were unable to fight them off, apparently killing the residents on Upper Sector 7. In "The Day Midgar Stood Still", Cloud, Barret, and Tifa Lockhart traveled atop the ruins of the plate using grappling hooks provided by Leslie Kyle on their way to the Shinra Building. The group saw the extent of the damage, and fought Shinra forces along the way, including the Valkyrie weapon, before reaching the building.



Upper Sector 7's main points of interest are the Employee Housing Area, a residential area that houses Shinra employees, and the S7-6 Annex, an immense warehouse located just south of its residential area. Upper Sector 7 is notably a lot cleaner than its undercity counterpart, with larger, concrete houses that do not appear to be as cramped, and cleaner streets.

Upper Sector 7 is joined to a depot beneath it connected to the Corkscrew Tunnel, a winding overhead tunnel with a road leading into the Employee Housing Area, and a passageway to the Plate Partition connecting Sector 7 to Sector 6.

S7 Depot[]

Located beneath the Employee Housing Area, the S7 Depot connects the sector with the Corkscrew Tunnel at an emergency passageway. This simply comprises a staircase up into an overhead tunnel, within which is a long, winding road leading to the Employee Housing Area.

Employee Housing Area[]

A civilian district located atop the Sector 7 plate. A Shinra distribution depot is also located near the residential area, which stores mako reactor parts, artillery, and ammunition, among other industrial materials.

Sector 7 Employee Housing Area.

Shinra's Employee Housing Area is a residential area where Shinra employees are located. It is a town comprised of stone and wooden houses and larger apartment buildings along its roads. The town is located behind walls and beneath large bridges that connect to pipes leading towards the Shinra Building, which can be seen clearly from the town. Several cats reside in the town.

The town is notably cleaner than most explored areas of Midgar, particularly the lower Sector 7 Slums, with cleaner air and little scrap or graffiti left behind. By the residential buildings, a few cars are parked along the street, and a car park is visible but is not too heavily packed. As well as houses, a basketball court is seen near Jessie's house, along with recycle bins, bus stops, phone boxes, and an aqueduct running through the town. Posters advertise recruitment for Shinra's military.

Jessie's house is located a few blocks south of the overhead tunnel. It is a red brick house with a car parked just by the front door, and following the wall the house around leads to a back entrance. Three rooms are seen within the house: one through the back entrance with a few hangers for items of clothing, one in which Jessie's father is located, and a kitchen where Rowan Rasberry cooks for Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie. In Jessie's father's room, he is bedridden with a life support due to a mako accident, has his maintenance supervisor uniform hung up, many photos of his family, a desk with a computer resembling a PC, a shelf with several books, a camera, and a radio.

To the south of the streets are a ramp leading up to the Sector 7-6 Annex, close by the residential area.

Sector 7-6 Annex[]

Wedge runs from guard dogs at the Sector 7-6 Annex.

The Sector 7-6 Annex is an immense warehouse located just south of the mid-level employee housing in the Employee Housing Area. A ramp leads up to the annex itself with a vehicle checkpoint gate outside to screen vehicles. The warehouse is surrounded by concrete, navy walls.

Near the entrance to the facility, trucks are parked, and many smaller warehouses and power tanks are located just east of the main facility. Past the checkpoint gate, a hallway leads into the main entrance to the facility itself. Just right of this hallway is a staircase to an underground training center, a small concrete room underground.

The facility itself is an immense, heavily armored warehouse with large walls around its grounds in the center. The grounds are heavily armored with several turrets defending them, and several soldiers on standby. An armory also stores sweeper units. Construction materials can be seen around the grounds themselves.

Plate Partition[]

Plate Partition - Interior.

The Plate Partition is the gap between the Sector 7 and Sector 6 plates. It is accessed through a narrow passageway between stone walls, on the west end of the streets in the Employee Housing Area. Several catwalks run between the plates which can be traversed to move between the warehouses located around the partition, and large metal pipes connect the plates.


Upper Sector 7 is explored in chapter 4, "Mad Dash", as Cloud Strife escorts Jessie to her family home alongside Biggs and Wedge. It is reached after the quest "Motor Chase" as the group travel through the Corkscrew Tunnel in a bike minigame segment. After this, Cloud explores the streets to visit Jessie's home, before traveling with Biggs and Wedge to a warehouse where many Shinra soldiers are fought.

In chapter 15, "The Day Midgar Stood Still", the collapsed Sector 7 plate is explored by a party of Cloud, Tifa Lockhart, and Barret Wallace as they explore the rubble left from the plate after the events of "Fight for Survival" in order to reach the Shinra Building. Along the way, the group fight Shinra soldiers as well as a weapon, The Valkyrie.

Behind the scenes[]

One minigame didn't make the cut to the Final Fantasy VII Remake was a basketball minigame based on the minigame from Wonder Square in the original, which was to be played on a court topside of Sector 7 near where Jessie's family lives. The ball is still there, and the player can interact with it so it rolls, but Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi decided it would not be fitting to have the sounds of a basketball echoing through the quiet hours of the night while the team were moving covertly.[2][3]