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Upper La Noscea.

Upper La Noscea is a location in Final Fantasy XIV.


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Upper La Noscea is located on the foothills of O'Ghamoro. The zone is divided in the middle by Bronze Lake, with ferry services connecting between the two shorelines.

This zone connects to Western La Noscea in the south on the west end, to Eastern La Noscea in the eastern edge, and to Outer La Noscea in the north (both sides).


Camp Bronze Lake.

The only Aetheryte is at Camp Bronze Lake. This resort is famous for its hot springs. Many veterans of the Battle of Carteneau still convalesce in its waters.


Upper La Noscea contains the following areas:

  • Oakwood – The forest along the west side of the lake.
  • Bronze Lake – The western shoreline, still partially flooded since the Calamity.
  • Zelma's Run – A hilly path leading to Outer La Noscea.


Upper La Noscea's climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

Weather Frequency
Clear Skies Clear Skies 30%
Fair Skies Fair Skies 20%
Clouds Clouds 20%
Fog Fog 10%
Thunder Thunder 10%
Thunderstorms Thunderstorms 10%

Places of interest[]

Poor Maid's Mill[]

A run down mill in the Oakwood region of Upper La Noscea. Now run by a group of former pirates, the Salthounds, led by Rabid Ratata, after the Calamity destroyed their ship.

Memeroon's Trading Post[]

A trading camp set up by a Qiqirn named Memeroon, along the western shore of Bronze Lake. His estranged brother, Jijiroon, runs a similar trading post on the opposite shore.


The fossilized remains of an ancient serpent, situated upon a bluff overlooking Oakwood. Though unconfirmed, rumors suggest it is one of the legendary sea serpents said to have been released by Llymlaen at the dawn of time.

Jijiroon's Trading Post[]

A trading camp set up by a Qiqirn named Jijiroon, along the eastern shore of Bronze Lake. His estranged brother, Memeroon, runs a similar trading post on the opposite shore.

The Wanderer's Palace[]

A structure of Nymian creation, uncovered when Bronze Lake drained during the Calamity. It is named for Oschon, thought to be patron of the old civilization.



The Wanderer's Palace.

The Wanderer's Palace The Wanderer's Palace
Level 50
Item level 45
The Wanderer's Palace (x25 y23)

Decades of kobold mining deep beneath O'Ghomoro gradually weakened upper La Noscea to the point that when the Calamity struck, the land surrounding Bronze Lake collapsed, draining its waters and revealing a palace of unparalleled beauty. Thought to have been built by the Nymian civilization, which thrived in the area some fifteen centuries ago, the palace appears to have been dedicated to their patron deity, Oschon, the Wanderer. In search of the bounty she may hold, treasure hunters have already begun to delve into this forsaken place...but will treasure be the only thing they find?
The Wanderer's Palace (Hard).

The Wanderer's Palace (Hard) The Wanderer's Palace (Hard)
Level 50
Item level 90
The Wanderer's Palace (x25 y23)

Bound no more by the rancor of their fallen king, the tonberries have regained their senses─with a little help from devoted friends. Yet all thoughts of peace have been put to the blade, as a band of Mamool Ja mercenaries known as the Silverscales have stormed the walls and seized the place for their own. Someone must stop the sellswords from turning the Wanderer's Palace into an unassailable fortress, and take a stand against tonberry slaughter and slavery!
The Navel.

The Navel The Navel
Level 34
Zelma's Run (x29 y18)

Having passed the seemingly endless trials imposed upon you by the Company of Heroes, you have been entrusted with the knowledge of a secret way into the Navel, the domain of the primal Titan. Courtesy of Y'shtola's magicks, the beastman aetheryte is now primed to send you to a confrontation with the Lord of Crags. Gird your loins for a struggle of titanic proportions.


Name Level Location Time limit Objective
Spawn conditions (if any)
Defense FATE. Poor Maid's Mess 20-25 Poor Maid's Mill (x11 y24) 15 minutes Protect the grain hampers from the dirty rats.
Most likely assuming that there would still be poor maids living there, former-pirates-turned-model-citizens have exchanged their cutlasses for brooms and hammers in an effort to restore Poor Maid's Mill to its former pre-Calamity glory. Aid the men and women in clearing the farmstead of rats who now infest the ruins.
Boss FATE. Poor Maid's Mishap 20-25 Poor Maid's Mill (x11 y24) 15 minutes Defeat 382nd Order Pickman Ge Bu.
A band of kobolds led by 382nd Order Pickman Ge Bu has descended on Poor Maid's Mill in search of food and supplies. Aid the Salthounds in driving back the beastmen and defeating their commander.
Boss FATE. Poor Maid's Misfortune 20-25 Poor Maid's Mill (x11 y24) 15 minutes Defeat Slasher.
The Salthounds looking to restore Poor Maid's Mill cannot seem to catch a break, as now a pack of bloodthirsty coeurls has surrounded the ruins and has already dragged a few of the injured boatswains off into the wood. Join hands with the former pirates as they attempt to defend their little piece of La Noscea.
Boss FATE. Poor Maid's Misadventure 20-25 Poor Maid's Mill (x11 y24) 15 minutes Defeat the greater buffalo.
If it isn't diseased rats, thieving kobolds, or bloodthirsty coeurls threatening to undo all the Salthounds have accomplished at Poor Maid's Mill, it's frenzied buffaloes looking to stomp the old farmstead into oblivion. Join with the former pirates one last time to see that all their efforts weren't for naught.

This FATE has been removed from the game.

Boss FATE. Giant Enemy Crab 21-26 Oakwood (x14 y24) 15 minutes Defeat Karkinos.
A crab released into Bronze Lake by Qiqirn so that the beastmen might harvest its sweet eggs has grown into an uncontrollable nuisance. Not only does it not produce any eggs of its own (on the account of being a male), it also ravages the nests of the local waterfowl, devouring their eggs. Karkinos must be slain.
Boss FATE. Simurgh Is the Word 23-28 Fool Falls (x9 y21) 15 minutes Defeat Simurgh.
Simurgh, a colossal cloudkin who is thought to nest high upon O'Ghomoro, has descended into upper La Noscea to feed─his prey of choice? Lalafells. Slay the creature before he finds his next tender, juicy victim.
Battle FATE. The Road More Traveled 30-35 Bronze Lake (x31 y24) 15 minutes Defeat the Mamool Ja.
A party of Mamool Ja mercenaries hired by the local kobolds is attacking travelers using the main thoroughfares through upper La Noscea. Engage the mercenaries and make them regret ever taking this contract.
Boss FATE. Truth in Faerie Tales 30-35 Bronze Lake (x34 y24) 15 minutes Defeat Oannes.
Legend says deep beneath the waters of Bronze Lake dwells a terrible creature with jaws so powerful they can tear a man in two with a single bite. Common sense would suggest that Oannes is merely a tale to frighten babes, but the local smallfolk would have us believe otherwise.
Battle FATE. Nine-ilm Snails 31-36 Bronze Lake (x32 y25) 15 minutes Defeat the uragnites.
Not a day passes without the physickers of the Warmwine Sanitorium having to clean their bathing pools of uragnite hatchlings, and they have had enough. They seek volunteers to hunt down and slay the root of the problem─the adult creatures laying the eggs in the springs.
Boss FATE. Shell Shocked 31-36 Bronze Lake (x28 y24) 15 minutes Defeat Zoredonite.
Heated by the molten rock coursing deep below O'Ghomoro, the waters of Bronze Lake are warm year-round. This unique environment has allowed creatures, which normally only grow to a few ilms, to balloon into terrifying monstrosities. The wavekin Zoredonite is one such abomination.
Boss FATE. Peeping Ja 33-38 Bronze Lake (x28 y23) 15 minutes Defeat Scarface Bugaal Ja.
After repeatedly harassing a party of Miqo'te bathers, a Mamool Ja mercenary who goes by the name of Scarface Bugaal Ja was banned for life from the hot springs at Camp Bronze Lake. The degenerate, however, is back once again, and must needs be dealt with.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with the storm sergeant.
Battle FATE. Hop, Skip, and a Jump 33-38 Bronze Lake (x28 y22) 15 minutes Defeat the waterskippers.
A plague of waterskipper yarzons has converged upon the shores of Bronze Lake, looking to lay eggs. Waterskipper numbers are already at an all-time high, and if any more were allowed to hatch, the area would be overrun with the ravenous pests. Slay the yarzons before they can mate.
Defense FATE. Surprise 34-39 Zelma's Run (x26 y19) 15 minutes Help the supply troops defeat the kobold pitmen and supplicants.
A lightly armed Maelstrom transportation unit en route to Camp Overlook has been ambushed by a band of savage kobolds. Fend off the assailants and protect the supply troops to ensure that the unit can complete its delivery.




Enemy Pic Level HP Abilities Drops Areas
Rank 1 Bumble Beetle
Bumble Beetle
20-24 413-568 Attack, Bombardier Oakwood
Rank 1 Coeurl Pup
Coeurl Pup
23 532 Attack, Microblaster Animal Hide Animal Hide Oakwood
Rank 1 Forest Yarzon
Forest Yarzon
22 493 Attack, Snap Jaw Blue Yarzon Leg Blue Yarzon Leg Oakwood
Rank 1 Kobold Footman
Kobold Footman
24 568 Attack, Fast Blade, Titan's Boon Oakwood
Rank 1 Kobold Patrolman
Kobold Patrolman
34 1142 Attack, Fast Blade, Titan's Boon Zelma's Run
Rank 1 Kobold Pickman
Kobold Pickman
24 568 Attack, Enstone, Overpower Oakwood
Rank 1 Kobold Pitman
Kobold Pitman
34 1142 Attack, Enstone, Overpower Zelma's Run
Rank 1 Kobold Sidesman
Kobold Sidesman
34 1142 Cure, Stone, Stoneskin Zelma's Run
Rank 1 Mamool Ja Breeder
Mamool Ja Breeder
31-33 887-1055 Attack, Fast Blade, Sentinel, Shield Bash Bronze Lake
Rank 1 Mamool Ja Executioner
Mamool Ja Executioner
31-33 887-1055 Attack, Barbaric Surge, Overpower Bronze Lake
Rank 1 Mamool Ja Infiltrator
Mamool Ja Infiltrator
31-33 887-1055 Attack, Groundburst, True Thrust Bronze Lake
Rank 1 Mamool Ja Sophist
Mamool Ja Sophist
31-33 887-1055 Fire, Groundburst, Spinning Kick Bronze Lake
Rank 1 Master Coeurl
Master Coeurl
24 568 Attack, Blue Mages can learn the Basic Instinct spell from this enemy. Basic Instinct, Charged Whisker Oakwood
Rank 1 Mud Pugil
Mud Pugil
30 780 Attack, Screwdriver Bronze Lake
Rank 1 Salamander
34 1142 Attack, Bog Bomb Bronze Lake
Rank 1 Stoneshell
21 458 Attack, Small Claw Oakwood
Rank 1 Uragnite
31 887 Attack, Gas Shell, Painful Whip Bronze Lake
Rank 1 Water Sprite
Water Sprite
30-34 780-1142 Water Water Crystal Water Crystal Bronze Lake
Rank 1 Wild Wolf
Wild Wolf
20 413 Attack, Foul Bite, Neck Rip Wolf Fang Wolf Fang Oakwood


Enemy Pic Level HP Abilities Areas
Storm Recruit
Storm Recruit
36 6530 Attack, Barbaric Surge, Overpower Bronze Lake

Musical themes[]


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