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Zack's final stand in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

Unwinnable battles are battles the player is intended to lose, usually against enemies that hit too hard for the player to survive, are invulnerable to damage, or have infinite HP. Losing the unwinnable battle progresses the story and triggers the next scene.

Unwinnable battles tend to occur early in the games. Enemies from unwinnable battles are sometimes fought again later in a manner the player can win. Occasionally, a battle the player is not meant to win can still be won, but will still be treated as a loss for the following story scenes, and the player may not get any battle spoils.


Final Fantasy II[]

Black Knight.

Four Black Knights are encountered as a boss fight that cannot be won at the beginning. If the player wins through a cheat device, the NES version allows the player to progress as normal, but in Origins and subsequent re-releases, the player is sent back to the title screen (considered a Game Over, but with no Game Over sequence). Black Knights later appear as random encounters in Castle Palamecia.

Final Fantasy III[]

Bahamut is encountered on Dragon's Peak towards the beginning of the game, but he is too strong for the party to defeat. The player can visit Bahamut's Lair later after acquiring the Invincible to defeat and obtain him as a summon.

It is possible, through cheats or grinding, to defeat Bahamut at Dragon's Peak. This means the player cannot challenge him at Bahamut's Lair later, and so can only acquire his summon by buying it at the secret shop in Eureka. In the 3D versions, even though using cheats one can only defeat Bahamut using a one-hit kill cheat, as all other attacks only do one damage, and Bahamut will have killed the player long before the player kills Bahamut.

Nepto Dragon in the 3D versions.

The Nepto Dragon is a virtually unbeatable boss who guards the Bay of Nepto. It is fought if the player enters the Enterprise before defeating the Giant Rat in the Nepto Temple, preventing sailing the seas of the Floating Continent until his rage is appeased. After the statue of the Nepto Dragon in the Nepto Temple is restored by retrieving the Nepto Eye from the Giant Rat, Nepto will cease to appear and the party is free to pilot their ship to Castle Argus.

Nepto Dragon's battle is similar to Bahamut's, so the player's only chance of getting out is running. In the NES version it is possible to "defeat" him by using the fully equipped Onion Knight strategy, but defeating it does not get rid of it, and it must be faced again if the player tries to leave the Bay of Nepto.

The Cloud of Darkness is fought twice, but the first time it is invincible and, after a few turns, it will use Particle Beam and defeat the party. The player must rescue the four Warriors of Darkness in the World of Darkness located in each of the four corners of the dungeon before facing it again in the center area in a battle that can be won. In the first battle with it, the Cloud of Darkness is immune to nearly all attacks. In the 3D remakes, the Dark Knight's Darkness attack, Bard's Requiem song, and Ninja's weapon throw will deal regular damage to it. The battle will still likely end before enough attacks can be used to kill it, as the Cloud of Darkness will deal full damage to the party.

Final Fantasy IV[]

Girl is an unwinnable scripted battle in Mist. She summons Titan, who uses Earthquake, ending the battle.

An unwinnable battle against Dragoon (3D).

Dragoon is an unwinnable scripted battle that takes place in Fabul's crystal chamber. Even if Cecil depletes all of the Dragoon's HP, the victory will be overridden by the following cutscene, and the Dragoon does not appear in the bestiary.

In the first phase, the Dark Elf will attack the party with relatively weak physical attacks and magic spells for 3–4 turns, before casting Tornado, reducing each character's HP into the single digits and ending the first phase of the battle. If the player did not get Whisperweed from Edward in Troia, then instead of using Tornado the Dark Elf will cast Quake, inflicting 9,999 damage points to the party and resulting in a Game Over. The player can skip the first phase by equipping metallic equipment prior to talking to the Dark Elf to end with the player's party defeated upon the start of the battle and advance the story. If the player has Tellah cast Reflect on the party, the attacks will simply bounce back onto the Dark Elf. After a few turns of this, the game moves to the cutscene, assuming the party has been defeated.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

The Mysterious Girl (iOS).

The Mysterious Girl is a recurring boss who frequently fights alongside an Eidolon.

When Palom and Leonora face her, the Mysterious Girl calls Shiva to defeat them. In Edge's Tale, the Mysterious Girl again cannot be defeated as she eventually summons Ifrit, and the party will flee from her. In Porom's Tale Porom will be assisted by the Elder of Mysidia, but the battle ends with the Mysterious Girl summoning Ramuh to defeat them. She is defeatable in the subsequent battles against her.

The first phase of the fourth Creator fight is scripted and cannot be won. After a cutscene, the party's status will be fully restored.

Final Fantasy VI[]

In South Figaro, Heavy Armor blocks various passages and will probably kill Locke since he is fighting alone. It is highly advised to avoid them and to flee if encountered by accident. However, the player can rarely steal an Iron Helm from them, the most powerful helmet at the time. Even if Locke is killed, he is revived at the edge of town, and the player is free to return and try again. It is still possible to win the battle, and if one does the enemy will disappear from the map.

Guardian in Vector.

When encountered the first three times the boss Guardian is indestructible, and the player must flee or have their party killed. The player can first encounter the Guardian if they attempt to enter the Imperial Palace on their first visit to Vector. After the events in the Magitek Research Facility, a Guardian prevents the party from entering the city. Three Guardians accompany Kefka to Thamasa and prevent the player from leaving the village while controlling General Leo. In Kefka's Tower, the Guardian reappears vulnerable to damage.

The player battles Humbaba four times, but only two of these fights can be won. It is first fought alone by Terra when the player visits Mobliz in the World of Ruin. Humbaba is invincible and cannot be killed and Terra will be knocked out. Even if the player uses the Vanish-Doom bug to kill Humbaba, it will be treated as a loss. After Terra falls, the player's party battles Humbaba in a normal battle, but it flees upon being defeated.

When the player returns to Mobliz after acquiring the Falcon and locates Terra, Humbaba will arrive for a third battle. When his HP is depleted he uses Humbaba Breath to remove two random party members and the battle ends. At this point, Terra arrives and assists the player in the fourth and final clash with Humbaba and during this battle he is killed.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Essai and Sebastian are fought as bosses in Chapter 8. They each have infinite HP, and so are impossible to defeat.

Zack Fair is fought as a boss in Chapter 19 twice. Although he won't attack, it is impossible for the player to defeat Zack as most of their attacks will be easily avoided and those that hit will hardly deal any damage on the SOLDIER and eventually Zack will simply run away.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

At the end of the game, the player must fight through an unlimited amount of Shinra infantrymen until Zack's Digital Mind Wave reels break and he is defeated.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Weiss Empowered.

Weiss is fought as a boss twice at the end of Chapter 11. At first, he cannot be killed, as it is extremely difficult to hit him and any hits do not affect his health. Phoenix Downs do not activate, and as such, the player must lose. If the player managed to deal enough damage to supposedly deplete Weiss's health, his health will never drop below 1. If one hacks the game to make that happen, Weiss continues to fight, but any attack will clip through him. Weiss can be fought again in a regular battle once Vincent has been augmented.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

The party escaping from X-ATM092.

X-ATM092 is a massive robotic spider that pursues the player party as they leave the Dollet communications tower. The party must attack it until it collapses and enters self-repair mode and then flee. The initial battle is scripted and X-ATM092 cannot be permanently defeated at this point, regardless of how many self-repair sequences it triggers. From then on, the X-ATM092 will chase the party; it is possible, albeit difficult, to avoid the encounters. If it catches up with the party, they are forced to fight it again. It is possible for the player party to defeat the robot during these subsequent battles, and doing so earns 100 bonus points in the SeeD exam report upon graduation.

The battle against Edea in Deling City always ends with her casting Ice Strike on Squall in an FMV, but if the player depletes her HP before this they still get battle spoils.

Final Fantasy IX[]


Beatrix appears thrice as a boss and does not fall in battle even when her HP is supposedly depleted. The party must try stay alive until she uses an unblockable finishing move that knocks everyone down to 1 HP. She uses this when her HP hits 0, or after getting ten turns. If the party is defeated before Beatrix uses her finishing attack, it will be a Game Over. Beatrix has many good items to steal, but it is difficult to get all the items before she finishes the battle, and all of the items can be bought by the player in the later shops.

The battles against Kuja and Trance Kuja end with him blasting the party with Ultima, but the party gets battle spoils and thus the battles are considered won.

Final Fantasy X[]

Tidus escapes from Geosgaeno.

Geosgaeno is a geo-type fiend that appears on the Baaj ruins to threaten Tidus near the beginning of the game. After three turns, Tidus decides to flee. If the monster is killed (only possible through the use of a cheating device, such as GameShark, to alter Tidus's stats), the cutscene will play as if the battle had ended normally. Later on, once the party has gained control of the Fahrenheit, the ruins can be revisited, and the party can attempt to defeat the boss and enter Baaj's Chamber of the Fayth.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

When Snow fights a group of soldiers in Lake Bresha, the player doesn't get a Game Over for losing, and the following cutscene will be the same either way. The battle is not too challenging to win, however, so the player is not necessarily intended to lose.

Hope takes on the Ushumgal Subjugator alone in Palumpolum. It is impossible to win as Hope alone, as after his health is reduced to 2%—or he manages to remove 1% of the Subjugator's health—Lightning and Fang join and the proper boss battle begins.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Early in A Realm Reborn, the Adventurer and a contingent of Brass Blades are ambushed by the Amalj'aa during the main scenario quest "Lord of the Inferno". This battle cannot be won and automatically ends after roughly 5 minutes. Even if the player defeats all the Amalj'aa, which is possible on lower difficulties, the duty will not end until the allotted time has passed. The Adventurer and surviving Brass Blades are then taken captive to be presented before Ifrit.

In 6.1 revamp of A Realm Reborn the newly added solo battle with Lahabrea in level 50 main scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon" is initially unwinnable, as Lahabrea overpowers the Adventurer and ultimately kills them with Dark Meltdown. It's not until Hydaelyn brings the Adventurer back to life and empowers them that the fight becomes winnable.

In Stormblood, the Warrior of Light faces Zenos yae Galvus in the level 61 main scenario quest "In Crimson It Began". Zenos is level 70 and the player must survive his onslaught.

Zenos is fought again in the level 64 main scenario quest "The Time between the Seconds" and appears to be evenly matched until he draws the Ame-no-Habakiri and becomes empowered by his new katana.

In Shadowbringers, Ran'jit is fought during the level 72 main scenario quest "The Oracle of Light". Ran'jit overpowers the Warrior's companions and eventually the Warrior themselves, who is rescued by Thancred Waters.

Ran'jit is fought again in the level 75 main scenario quest "Legend of the Not-so-hidden Temple" with only the Warrior and Y'shtola Rhul, aided by the Viis sisters Almet, Uimet, and Cymet. The fight is less of a "must be lost" and more "cannot be won", as the Warrior and Y'shtola eventually have to abandon the fight to proceed further into the temple as the Viis sisters keep Ran'jit occupied.

Final Fantasy XV[]

In the main game's Chapter 13, Foras cannot be defeated with just Noctis, as the daemon will just heal itself to full when its HP drops low. He can be defeated after the party reunites, as well as when Gladiolus and Ignis fight him in Chapter 13 Verse 2. After the party faces Ravus Nox Fleuret, endless waves of daemons attack the party and the door to the Crystal begins to close. While the player can choose to fend off the daemons as this happens, a timer will eventually appear, forcing the player to play as Noctis and exit the area before it runs out.

In Episode Duscae the first battle against Deadeye can be considered unwinnable, as the behemoth is too tough for the party to kill. Eventually, it is defeated by summoning Ramuh. If the player level-grinds, they can take on Deadeye without summons.

In Assassin's Festival, most of the fights are not supposed to be winnable, as the party's level is reduced to 1 by Wallbreaker Wave, and Noctis is stuck with the Engine Blade, which magitek troopers resist. The battle against Loqi Tummelt starts unwinnable, but partway through the Wallbreaker Wave is disabled, allowing the party to fight at their full strength and win.

In Episode Gladiolus the first fight against Gilgamesh is unwinnable, as Gladiolus can barely damage him, and cannot block his attacks. Gilgamesh is fought again at the end of the episode, this time being beatable.

In Episode Ignis, when the player first fights Ardyn, although he doesn't use the full extent of his powers, the fight is unwinnable. The moment the power Ignis gained from the Ring of the Lucii wears off, the battle ends, although Ignis can also lose the battle by dying. In Chapter 3 Verse 2, Ardyn attacks Ignis with Armiger while Ignis himself can barely damage him and cannot block his attacks and will quickly be defeated. Only after Ignis puts on the Ring of the Lucii will he be able to fight Ardyn and win.

The Final Fantasy Legend[]

FFL Su-Zaku.png

On the surface of the World of Ruins, the party can randomly encounter Su-Zaku. Attempts to battle Su-Zaku are futile since a forcefield protects it from damage. If the player uses the Saw, Su-Zaku can be defeated thanks to a bug in the programming of the weapon, but since he's not meant to be defeated, he simply returns as a random encounter on the world's surface.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[]

Ogre Bear.png

The Ogre Bear is fought in the Animal Burrow. It is a large version of a normal bear. It is encountered when Aire tries to reach Guera, but is attacked by the Ogre Bear because she smells like a human. Aire is scripted to be defeated. Later, in the second half of the game after the party is sent back to the past, the player can re-challenge the Orge Bear and defeat it.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Nox Suzaku appears as "Unidentifiable Target" during the introductory mission that is not properly defeated, but will appear as a superboss in New Game Plus playthroughs.


A level 142 Nimbus is fought during Chapter 3's Operation MA Demolition. It is impossible to win, as his health bar can only be whittled down to a sliver. Although the battle will end normally if all party members are KO'd, it is also possible to avoid Nimbus's attacks for three minutes until the fight ends. This strategy is required to obtain an S rank for the mission.

Some bosses are very hard to win against and intended to be won in New Game Plus playthroughs, but the battles are still winnable with skill. Shinryu Celestia in Chapter 5 during The Battle of Judecca can be won via Class Zero's efforts alone, but the intended way for the player to get through it the first time is to let the cadets die and then summon Bahamut ZERO. The battle against Gilgamesh at the end of Chapter 6 mission The Clash on Big Bridge is winnable, but the player can lose it and still continue, as Gilgamesh is strong and durable; the player gets a different cut scene depending on if they win or lose.

If the player chooses to become l'Cie in Chapter 8, during the Invasion of the Rursus mission, they will fight infinite waves of Rursan Reavers with each wave five levels higher than the last until the player is defeated and gets the bad ending.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

The first battle against Asmodai takes place at the top of Yggdrasil, and the first two parts are scripted. The first part of the battle cannot be won, as Asmodai will use Corrupt Miasma to render himself invulnerable. When he uses Upheaval, the battle ends. The second part is also scripted: Gramps fights Asmodai on his own and the player cannot lose. With his immunity gone, the party battles Asmodai for real.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

If, at the beginning, the player answers that they are a "Dissidia expert," they will face the superboss version of Feral Chaos as a level 1 Lightning in an unwinnable battle. If the player wins by using cheats the game will start with the 000 stories available outside the final gateway with just a level 1 Lightning. The Moogle acts as if the player lost.

World of Final Fantasy[]

At the beginning of Chapter 1, "Land of the Lilikin", Lann and Reynn enter a Murkrift in Wellspring Woods and encounter an unbeatable Behemoth; when the player's party is defeated, they are sent back to Nine Wood Hills, and the story continues. In the Maxima version, even if the player plays on a New Game+ file and is strong enough to defeat the Behemoth, they earn no EXP and the game proceeds as if the player had lost. Regardless of the outcome, the player can re-enter the Murkrift and challenge the Behemoth again as normal.

Several story-related boss fights, especially with NPCs such as Faris, Shelke, and Shantotto, cannot be won. Even if the player manages to bring the HP to 0 (which can be accomplished in a New Game+ file), they will not be defeated and will take 0 damage from subsequent attacks. During the Intervention Quest, "The Sunken Temple's Secret", the player has a boss fight with Shantotto in the The Sunken Temple, but she has 360,000 HP and very high defenses. It is possible to defeat her, however, the reward being a vast amount of EXP, and a change of post-battle dialogue for doing so.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

The player needs to unlock the Madam's Manor in Crystallis before they can take the quests, which is done by talking to a certain non-player character in Ilteah Town in Crystallis. Once the player meets the Madam, they will be tested in a boss fight where she will idle for four turns, and then unleash a physical attack on the party on the fifth turn. Defeating the Madam is impossible as the battle ends whenever her HP reaches 49% (from a total of 100,000,000). Surviving the battle will allow the player to perform the Madam's Manor quests.

Behind the scenes[]

In Final Fantasy XII the party is attacked by Ba'Gamnan's crew in the Lhusu Mines in a battle that the player is told to flee from (by Lamont), but the battle is winnable and shows a different cutscene where Ba'Gamnan gives up trying to defeat the party. Even if the player wins, Lamont keeps running on ahead at each zone transition as though the party was still running from Ba'Gamnan.