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Unsui Clothes in Final Fantasy Record Keeper [FFVI].

Water-resistant shroud from an age of ice.

Unsui Clothes (雲水の衣, [missing rōmaji]?), also known as Raincloud Rainment, is a recurring armor in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

Raincloud Rainment is a low-ranked armor for Penelo, providing 18 P.DEF, 27 M.DEF, and resistance to Water-elemental damage. It can be obtained by buying it for 1,600 gil from the shop from Chapter 4 onwards, and found as a treasure during Mission 46: Bug Hunt.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

Battle clothes woven with the words of the ice hermit. Long ago, there was a sage that saved the people from a raging river by freezing its waters. The frozen water formed a glacier that carved the land, which diverted the flow of the water, ensuring that the river would never flood again. In appreciation, the people wove clothes with the teachings of the sage so that it can be passed on to those in the future. The clothes thus woven protect the wearer by navigating them away from earthquakes and water hazards. Soon, many traveling monks chose to wore these clothes, thus giving it the name "Unsui," also known as the "itinerant monk."


Unsui Clothes is a Clothes obtained as the reward for finishing the quest My Object of Affection, as well as being a craftable item. It provides +30 Defense, +12 Spirit, and +50% Water resistance.