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Unshelled Bullet (通常弾, Tsūjō-dan?, lit. Common Bullet), also known as Buckshot and Normal Ammo, is a recurring item in the series. It is the most common and weakest ammo when it appears, and is generally used for the Normal Shot ability.


Final Fantasy V[]

Canooneer's combining ingredient.


Buckshot is the weakest ammo, found in the Game Boy Advance and later versions for 200 gil at random shops from the Traveling Merchant. It is used with the Cannoneer's Combine ability, and creates the "Shot" set of abilities, dealing the least amount of damage out of the three ability types.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

Regular bullet.


Normal Ammo is the weakest ammunition, and is used for Irvine's Limit Break Shot. When selected, it will allow Irvine to use the Normal Shot Limit Break. It can be bought for 20 gil at any shop or by refining Screw x1 into Normal Ammo x8. One Normal Ammo can be refined into one Fast Ammo.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

Unshelled Bullet is a trade accessory that provides Luck +4, and five are required in obtaining Squall's ultimate weapon, Lion Heart. It can be obtained either from the Lunar Whale course in the Duel Colosseum or from the shop by trading 2,000 gil and Megalixir x4.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

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Unshelled Bullet is a trade accessory that provides Luck +4, and one is required in making Squall's Lion Heart weapon. It can be found during Confessions of the Creator/The Dragon King's Gateway in a chest on floors 5, 8, and 10, or trading 3,500 gil and Megalixir x3 at the shop.