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"Unseen Intruder" (不可視の侵略者, Fukashi no Shinryakusha?) and its remix, "Unseen Intruder -Aggressive Mix-" (不可視の侵略者 -Aggressive Mix-, Fukashi no Shinryakusha -Aggressive Mix-?), are the location themes for Bresha Ruins 5 AF and 100 AF in Final Fantasy XIII-2. The latter plays when monsters appear on the field. The theme's name refers to Atlas, an invisible giant that appears to wreak havoc in the ruins due to a paradox.

The themes were composed and arranged by Naoshi Mizuta. In the Japanese version, the themes are accompanied with vocals from singer Aimee Blackschleger who also wrote the lyrics. "Unseen Intruder" was the first song Mizuta wrote for Final Fantasy XIII-2, and that it is a vocal song with rap makes it a piece that reflects director Motomu Toriyama's desire to have a sound that's unlike the typical Final Fantasy title.[1]

Both versions are the 1st and 2nd tracks of disc 2 on the Final Fantasy XIII-2: Original Soundtrack.

The North American and European versions removed the vocal work, making it a purely instrumental track, and added some extra instruments during the main choruses of the original song. In the localized version of the theme's Aggressive Mix, one lyric is included: "Time traveler". The localized version of the theme without lyrics was included on Final Fantasy XIII-2: Original Soundtrack PLUS, but only the normal mix. The Steam version of the title released for Microsoft Windows restored the lyrical version of the song, though only if the Japanese voiceover is selected when first starting the game. If the English voiceover is selected, the instrumental plays like it did on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.


The official lyrics were released on the Final Fantasy XIII-2: Original Soundtrack.

A place in my heart
A place in my mind
A prayer for the souls
That are running out of time
A fight to live
It's a fight to breathe
It's the only way to be
You be you
And I'll be me
Waking up in a world
Where the warriors reign
The pressures of life
Drive you literally insane
Don't be ashamed of your race
Or the place that you're from
Stand strong 'til the end
'Til the battle of the world is won.
Can't stop , Won't Stop!
'Til the day that it's done
The enemy is always there
Let 'em come, let 'em come
Who am I?
What am I here for
All these questions appear &
Barge down the door
I was here & there at a time,
Then lost
Every day I tell myself
I won't die without a cause.
Be bold I say be bold
You don't really have to do
What you've always been told
Laws of old
Share the gold
Find the truth of Life unfold.
People of the light come out
Stand Tall
Be strong through the night
Come one, come all
Warriors stay Loud
Stay proud
Don't shroud the features you are all blessed with
Don't confine or define the reality we're all left with
Making new lines, entwine the design
Make your light shine
enzymes in real time
Watch your soul unwind.
I walk through the terrain
Where the ashes were before
See it all come to life
Now I know what the rain was for
Now is the time
Today is a new day
No shadows of doubt
All has been done away
A feeling washes over me
Make me into a higher being
Wash away this anguish
I am feeling
Wash away this strife
Keep me in the Light
Until I am reborn
Don't let me slip into the night
Give me strength to carry on
Show me the place I belong
Right the wrong
Insight to a better plan
take control, take command.