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The Unsavory Imp is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV who only appears in the All Saints' Wake seasonal events, first appearing at the 2018 edition and returning in 2019.

This Imp can be found in the open instance of the Haunted Manor. It lets players to transform into notable non-player characters from Final Fantasy XIV storylines while inside the manor.


Players using emotes while transformed into notable characters.

By talking to the Unsavory Imp, the players turn into known non-player characters. When transformed, the players get the Transfiguration status effect, which lasts 30 minutes, but can be cancelled by selecting it. The Transfiguration status will also be removed if the player leaves the Haunted Manor.

The available characters are divided into expansion options, and each one has a description.

  • Stormblood: A journey to liberate lands near and far.
    • Hien Rijin: A dauntless Hyuran man of integrity from the Far East.
    • Yugiri Mistwalker: A devoted Auri woman who has mastered the art of the shinobi.
    • Magnai Oronir: A haughty but valorous Auri man with a yearning heart.
    • Sadu Dotharl: An Auri woman strong of body and stronger of will.
    • Cirina Mol: A sweet Auri woman who lives according to her faith.
    • Lyse Hext: A crimson-garbed Hyuran woman fleet of foot and fist.
    • Asahi sas Brutus: A vindictive Hyuran man of savage political cunning.
    • Tenzen: A Hyuran man whose strength and compassion made him a legend.
  • Shadowbringers: A journey to reclaim the night sky.
    • Y'shtola Rhul: A sagacious Miqo'te woman skilled in the magical arts.
    • Urianger Augurelt: An Elezen man who reads the stars as easily as his tomes.
    • Thancred Waters: A handsome Hyuran man who fights to protect those he loves.
    • Ryne: A dainty Hyuran woman who chose to carve her own fate.

Behind the scenes[]

The Unsavory Imp plays a similar role to one appeared in the 2014 edition of the event who also transformed players, though randomly. This one let the players transform into the Eorzean Alliance leaders, the A Realm Reborn Minfilia, and some voidsent creatures.

The Unsavory Imp's transfigurations are the only way the players have to play as a non-playable race: Padjal (Kan-E-Senna), Garlean (Cid and Nero), and Hyur/Elezen hybrid (Hilda). However, they use Hyur emotes (except Nero, who uses Elezen's). Cid and Nero are included in the A Realm Reborn option, but they have their Stormblood attires. The same happens with Estinien, who is included in Heavensward while wearing his Stormblood armor.