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Ice Cavern from Final Fantasy IX is an example of an unrevisitable location.

Unrevisitable locations are locations accessed automatically during the storyline that become inaccessible after a certain point in the game. Many unofficial guides and walkthroughs warn players of these locations beforehand, especially if they contain useful items that could potentially be missable.


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Final Fantasy II[]

The Dreadnought, the Palamecian Empire's airship, is destroyed by the player party. Leviathan, the sea monster from whose bowels the party must escape becomes inaccessible. The Cyclone is destroyed by the Wild Rose Rebellion, and Altair, Gatrea, Paloom and Poft are destroyed by the Cyclone. Palamecia Castle is replaced by Pandaemonium after the party escapes from it.

Final Fantasy III[]

There are some unrevisitable locations: the first being after the party leaves the Dragon's Peak by jumping off Bahamut's nest with Desch, Castle Hein which is restored as the party escapes it, Wrecked Ship after Kraken's defeat, Lake Dohr after Leviathan is defeated and after the player leaves the area. Doga's Grotto disappears once Doga and Unei are defeated. Also, the World of Darkness, the final area, has no exit other than the game's end.

Final Fantasy IV[]

Tower of Zot.

There are four unrevisitable locations: the Tower of Zot, the two portions of the Tower of Babil, and the Giant of Babil. Due to a glitch Kain's Trial becomes unrevisitable if the player defeats Dark Kain using the Tornado activated by Abel's Lance.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

The game is entirely linear—after being flown to a new location the previous region and nearby locations are inaccessible.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

The player can revisit some areas in different Tales, but in some Tales they may be unrevisitable. Some locations become unrevisitable after the point of no return in a Tale, but reloading the player after completing the Tale may place them back at an earlier location, so areas that can be revisited upon reloading are not noted here.

In Ceodore's Tale, the player cannot reenter the Adamant Isle Grotto and Mythril after leaving the area. In Rydia's Tale, the Underworld and all locations within become inaccessible after traveling to Agart. In Edge's Tale, the player visits the Dwarven Castle, Tower of Trials, Mount Ordeals and the Impact Crater with the members of the Eblan Four, and can only visit them in Edge's Tale once.

In Porom's Tale, the locations visited in flashbacks—Kaipo, the Ancient Waterway, Mist and the Feymarch—cannot be revisited in the final part of the Tale. In Kain's Tale, the Mist Cliff, Kaipo, Ancient Waterway and Damcyan cannot be revisited.

In The Crystals, the final Tale, many cave areas are blocked off by meteor strikes or cave-ins or otherwise cannot be reentered. These locations are—Underground Waterway, Devil's Road, Mist Cave, Ancient Waterway, Antlion's Den, Impact Crater, Mt. Hobs, Mount Ordeals, Adamant Isles Forest, Agart Mine, and Tower of Babil. Additionally, the Red Moon is inaccessible outside of The Lunarian's Tale.

Final Fantasy V[]

Castle Exdeath.

The Torna Canal cannot be accessed anymore after the party awakens in the Ship Graveyard, which is after the first and only visit. The canal still remains visible on the world map both in Bartz's world and the merged world.

The Walse Tower becomes permanently inaccessible in its original form when it sinks into the sea after the water crystal gets shattered. An underwater version can be accessed in the merged world with the help of the submarine. However, no previously missed treasure chest can be obtained at that point.

The Karnak Castle becomes unrevisitable after its explosion, following the destruction of the Fire Crystal. The Fire Crystal chamber and the tunnel that links the castle to the Fire Ship are also unrevisitable after the explosion.

Gohn becomes unrevisitable after the first visit, as approaching it a second time triggers the Ronka Ruins raising to the sky from below the ground cutscene. The underground dungeon below Gohn cannot be revisited either, including both sides of the teleporting room.

The Ronka Ruins become permanently unaccessible after their destruction following the shattering of the Earth Crystal.

The Desert of Shifting Sands dungeon becomes unrevisitable for every practical purpose after the party travels to Galuf's world, as only a brief interaction is possible in the merged world, when the party discovers the sand tides have stopped, and the desert dunes are therefore immobile. After that brief cutscene, the desert becomes a regular world map desert.

The four meteorites and the Ship Graveyard disappear forever after the party travels to Galuf's world, as they do not appear in the merged world at all.

While Walse, Castle Walse, Lix, and Istory are still present when Bartz's world and Galuf's world merge, they are sucked into the void soon after completing the Pyramid of Moore, before the player gains access to any means of transportation that would allow for such locations to be revisited. Therefore, they become effectively unrevisitable as soon as the party travels to Galuf's world. However, in the SNES and PS versions of the game, the player can make use of the Ancient Library glitch to gain early access to the airship, and revisit those locations before completing the Pyramid events.

Castle Tycoon gets sucked into the void upon meeting with Ghido in the merged world, becoming permanently unaccessible from that point onwards.

The Library of the Ancients become inaccessible after the player completes the Pyramid of Moore. Unlike Walse, Castle Walse, Lix, and Istory, it can be accessed in the Merged World before completing the Pyramid of Moore without employing any glitch.

Xezat's Fleet and Barrier Tower become unrevisitable as soon as the events at the latter are completed.

Castle Exdeath, Gil Cave, and the Underground Waterway all permanently disappear after the worlds merge.

The Big Bridge becomes inaccessible as a dungeon in the merged world, though the player can still cross it as a world map component, albeit interrupted in the middle by the Island Shrine.

While the Moogle Village is still present when Bartz's world and Galuf's world merge, it is sucked into the void soon after completing the Pyramid of Moore, before the player gains access to any means of transportation that would allow for it to be revisited. Therefore, it becomes effectively unrevisitable as soon as the party defeats Exdeath is his castle. Unlike Walse, Castle Walse, Lix, and Istory, the Ancient Library glitch does not allow for the Moogle Village to be revisited. In principle, the player can get access to the airship, use it to unlock the Black Chocobo at the Mirage Village, and use it to travel to the forest where the village is located (forest which is much smaller than it used to be in Galuf's world). However the player can never enter the village this way, because such forest in the merged world is just a regular forest for gameplay purposes.

The upper floors of Ghido's Cave are unrevisitable in the merged world, due to the cave becoming above water level.

The first two sections of the Great Forest of Moore, part of the third section, and the interior of the trees between sections become unrevisitable after the forest catches fire. The interior of the elder tree becomes inaccessible after Krile joins the party. The remaining part of the third section (with the exception of a small patch in front of the elder tree) becomes unrevisitable in the merged world.

The entire Fork Tower complex becomes unrevisitable after it disappears following the events at the top (i.e., the player getting the Holy and Flare spells).

Final Fantasy VI[]

Phantom Forest.

Several locations are no longer accessible after a certain point. After the cataclysm, Vector is replaced by Kefka's Tower, and Mt. Kolts, the Returner Hideout, Lethe River, Baren Falls, the Phantom Forest, the Serpent Trench, the Crescent Mountain Cave, and the Esper Caves can no longer be visited.

Many other locations are heavily altered after this point. There are, in fact, only three locations within the game that feature the same enemies in the World of Ruin as they do in the World of Balance: Zozo and the secret passageway beneath South Figaro. The Veldt's geography is greatly changed, but its general concept remains the same.

The Imperial Camp, Phantom Train, Magitek Research Facility, Cave to the Sealed Gate, Burning Home, Floating Continent, Crumbling House, and Dreamscape become inaccessible after they have been completed.

After completing the Three Scenarios, the player cannot return to the selection location.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Sector 1 Reactor.

The No. 1 Reactor and No. 5 Reactor cannot be returned to upon completion, nor can the area of Sector 8 where Cloud first meets Aeris. The trains cannot be re-boarded, and all areas of Sector 4 Plate can only be visited during the storyline. After the events on the Sector 7 pillar, also a one-time visit location, the Sector 7 Slums area becomes unrevisitable. The upper sectors of Midgar are also unrevisitable locations.

The player may visit the Honey Bee Inn only once during Cloud's crossdressing efforts to disguise himself as a woman. After the events at Don Corneo's house, he is no longer let in, and on Parts 2 and 3, the Honey Bee Inn is closed and taken over by Shinra Electric Power Company.

Cloud's flashback is visited once; while one can return to Nibelheim, the field map looks slightly different, and Tifa's underwear will not be in the drawer anymore, and the letter on her desk is different.


Crossing the marsh between the Chocobo Farm and the Mythril Mine the first time, the player enters a one-time Marshes location where they witness a Midgar Zolom's carcass impaled on a tree. Nothing is found in the area, but after exiting the field, it cannot be returned to.

The Cargo Ship field map, although the ship itself is usable as a transport, cannot be returned to after the departure at Costa del Sol, which means the player cannot get the unique Ifrit Materia if they missed it.

Corel Prison is no longer visitable after exiting it; trying to return there with the buggy will lead to a single screen in the desert where all directions take to the world map. Following the disappearance of the buggy after obtaining the Highwind, the desert becomes permanently inaccessible as well. It is advised to get the Laser to the Enemy Skill Materia there before fighting the boss at the end of the desert. The jockeys' Waiting Room in Gold Saucer can also never be revisited, which means the player cannot get the unique Ramuh Materia if they missed it.

After leaving the Cave of the Gi, the player may not return through the door back to it in Cosmo Canyon.

The Temple of the Ancients is visitable once, which holds many strong weapons and the Bahamut and Morph Materia and the Ribbon accessory, which prevents all status ailments. Only two Ribbons can be obtained without morphing the Master Tonberry or Ho-chu, both in unrevisitable locations: Temple of the Ancients and the Gaea's Cliff.

Gaea's Cliff.

After completing the Whirlwind Maze, Mr. Holzoff does not let the party back onto Gaea's Cliff, therefore not allowing the player to return to the Whirlwind Maze where the Neo Bahamut Materia is located, or the parts of Northern Cave seen on the first visit. Gaea's Cliff is the second and final location that contains a Ribbon. The player should thus ensure they get the Magic Breath and Trine enemy skills from Stilva, and the Bad Breath enemy skill from Malboro, while they are here.

Once Mideel is destroyed it may not be returned to in its original state. The shops and inn amenities remain, though with increased prices. After Cloud recovers, the player cannot return to his subconscious.

If the player loses the Siege of Fort Condor by letting the enemy reach the top of the Fort Condor reactor in the Huge Materia battle and purposely lose the subsequent boss battle with CMD.Grand Horn, the local defenders are implied to have been killed, the party loses the Huge Materia, and Fort Condor becomes inaccessible for the rest of the game.

The Shinra No. 26 cannot be revisited after escaping from it during its launch.

The Junon Underwater Reactor's dock may not be revisited upon completion, which means the player cannot get the unique "Leviathan Scales" item needed for the Da-chao Statue cave if they did not pick it up the first time there.

After the party parachutes into Sector 8, the Winding Tunnel areas become unrevisitable once left. This is also the player's second and last chance to enter the Shinra Bldg., and the only chance to get Cait Sith's ultimate weapon, the HP Shout, from Floor 64. The weapon can be discovered earlier, but the party at the time sees no use for it. Shinra Bldg. also has other missable items available at this time.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]


There are several unrevisitable locations, such as Junon, Modeoheim and Nibelheim. The village of Banora is effectively unrevisitable: although the player returns there in the final chapter, only a small part of the ruined village remains explorable, and it only serves the purpose of providing access to the Banora Underground.

Generally, since the game is linear, once a player completes a chapter, they can never return to that location, save for missions. Any sidequests, like those found in the non-linear areas of Midgar, are missed once the goal is completed.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-[]

The game is linear, so all locations are unrevisitable unless the storyline takes the player back there. Old battles can be replayed by returning to that chapter and selecting the point at which to start the game up again.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

Dollet Communications Tower.

The Dollet Communications Tower cannot be revisited after confronting Biggs and Wedge and the consecutive boss fights. Though the path leading to it can still be accessed later on, the party will be blocked halfway by an X-ATM092, though they will not have to fight it.

Though technically not explorable, the ballroom and its balcony in Balamb Garden are only featured in one scene and two FMVs, the "Waltz for the Moon" and the ending. The secret area in the Training Center can only be visited once, and is inaccessible for the rest of the game (possibly due to the Garden becoming mobile).

The Forest Owls' Base becomes inaccessible after the train mission, so the player should win the Angelo card there and get the Pet Pals magazine before they leave. The TV Station in Timber can only be visited once. The forest background where the second Laguna dream sequence begins cannot be accessed again afterwards.

After the assassination attempt on Edea, the president's residence is closed, although it is still possible to reach the area behind the residence with the truck containing all the crates, as one of the doors in the sewers that was previously closed becomes open from disc 2 onward. The crates can no longer be climbed on, however.

Once the party escapes from Galbadia's D-District Prison, it cannot be revisited, so the player should ensure to find all Triple Triad players within and upgrade the Battle Meter.

After Selphie's mission at the Missile Base, it is destroyed. The path to the Front Gate of Balamb Garden, as well its MD Level and the connecting corridors to each of the Garden's facilities, are inaccessible once the Garden morphs into its mobile state.

A Galbadia Garden lecture room.

Galbadia Garden cannot be revisited, as it vanishes after the Battle of the Gardens. The player should fight Cerberus there during the Garden war when they have the chance.

The White SeeD Ship disappears after it is visited in the storyline, so the player should give Zone the The Girl Next Door magazine when they can; giving it for free yields the Shiva card. The Horizon Bridge is only visited in a cutscene.

After entering Esthar City, the party cannot return to the interior of the Great Salt Lake. Esthar City changes permanently after the party heads to the space station, Lunar Base, itself an unrevisitable location. The player should get the Occult Fan IV from Esthar City before leaving.

After fighting Seifer at the end of Lunatic Pandora, the player can no longer return to the world map. Defeating the next boss, Adel, leads into the time compressed world, and while the player can still access the world map there, nearly all locations (particularly cities) are inaccessible due to barriers blocking them, and the Lunatic Pandora and Balamb Garden have vanished.

All instances in which the player controls Laguna Loire are non-repeatable, including certain areas that cannot be revisited.

Final Fantasy IX[]

The interior of Prima Vista.

Many areas of the M.S. Prima Vista cannot be revisited after the crash caused by Queen Brahne launching chained harpoons at the airship. Following this cutscene, the left tower of Alexandria Castle, where Steiner climbs the stairs to rescue Garnet, becomes permanently blocked off by a portcullis.

Evil Forest cannot be accessed after leaving, as it is petrified. At the same time, one cannot revisit the Prima Vista again.

A villager blocks entry to the Ice Cavern.

After leaving the Ice Cavern, one can immediately re-enter it, but from disc 2 onward, the interior cannot be re-entered, as the ice starts melting. This can be seen when Garnet comes to Dali region with Steiner and Marcus; a villager will stand at the exterior entrance to the cavern, warning them about the ice and preventing entry. Both exteriors become inaccessible in the endgame due to a root from the Iifa Tree preventing entry from both sides.

The underground factory of Dali can only be visited once, as it is either blocked or sealed off later on.

After landing safely in Lindblum, the party cannot reboard the cargo ship.

Burmecia Palace, where the party first meets Kuja, cannot be revisited due to insurmountable walls.

Summit Station.

Most of South Gate can still be visited after the party returns from the Outer Continent, but without working cable cars in either direction, Summit Station is unrevisitable.

Cleyra and Cleyra's Trunk is accessible only after the party is defeated by Beatrix in Burmecia and cannot be revisited once the party escapes to the Red Rose as it is then destroyed by Queen Brahne's Odin.

Gargan Roo becomes inaccessible when the player rides the Gargant to Alexandria.

The Red Rose cannot be returned to after the party teleports from it.

The Industrial District of Lindblum is inaccessible after Lindblum comes under attack.

The deeper parts of Pinnacle Rocks cannot be revisited once the party exits them. The outer parts become inaccessible as well in the endgame due to an Iifa root blocking the entrance.

Fossil Roo becomes inaccessible once the party exits it; the entrance from Qu's Marsh gets blocked off by rubble, and the Gargant that the party used to reach the exit to the Outer Continent is a one-way ride. After the party returns from Terra, the entrance from the Outer Continent is further blocked by an Iifa root.

After the party enters the Black Mage Village, the Dead Forest Grove cannot be revisited.

Iifa Tree lift not budging.

The interior of the Iifa Tree cannot be returned to once the boss inside is defeated.

The Blue Narciss gets remodeled into the Hilda Garde III, so the party may not access it again.

Alexandria Castle (save the harbor) cannot be revisited after Bahamut attacks. The street which leads to the entrance/exit of Alexandria (where there is a statue) also disappears, and the main street becomes the entrance/exit.

The Earth Shrine, Wind Shrine, Fire Shrine, and Water Shrine cannot be revisited after the storyline events of unsealing Terra by placing the elemental mirrors at these locations.

Access to Conde Petie blocked.

After entering the passage to Terra, South Gate, North Gate, Desert Palace, Esto Gaza, Mount Gulug, Conde Petie, Conde Petie Mountain Path, the Iifa Tree, Oeilvert, and Observatory Mountain become inaccessible once the party returns to Gaia. All locations in Terra become unrevisitable when the player progresses to the end of Pandemonium, meaning that any treasures in there, Bran Bal, and Terra wilderness are missed. The player also cannot return to the Hilda Garde III after they depart for Terra.

Final Fantasy X[]

Tidus in Dream Zanarkand.

The dream Zanarkand at the beginning of the game is an unrevisitable location, as is the Al Bhed Salvage Ship and the Underwater Ruins beneath. The lagoon in Besaid, where Wakka pushed Tidus in, can only be swum through once. The Ridge and Beach areas of the Mushroom Rock Road are inaccessible after the events of Operation Mi'ihen and the player cannot travel underneath the lake ice of Lake Macalania after initially falling down there. Backtracking to Guadosalam and all locations before it is not possible after Yuna leaves the party with Tromell in Lake Macalania, until the party gains control of the airship. In addition, the Guado manor is sealed off and the entrance is blocked by a Guado guard.

The Al Bhed Home can only be visited once, as the Al Bhed destroyed it (however, it is possible to revisit Home again through the Home glitch or using a Spawn Modifier. If this happens, the game will then act as if Tidus and the party never went through Home at all). Bevelle, which includes the Via Purifico, cannot be reentered (except the Highbridge). The Garden of Pain area Inside Sin, where the player faces Seymour Omnis, cannot be revisited after defeating him.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

The Floating Ruins will be unrevisitable after the party takes the sphere from the spire until Chapter 3.

Kilika, with the exception of the entrance, is inaccessible in Chapter 2.

If the player sides with New Yevon, the Youth League Headquarters will be inaccessible.

The Cloister of Trials area in the Zanarkand Dome is closed down by Isaaru in Chapter 5.

The Cactuar Hollow can no longer be visited once the player completes it.

Final Fantasy XI[]

Mount Kamihr is a separate zone dedicated just to cutscenes. Once you finish all the relevant cutscenes, you can never enter again.

Final Fantasy XII[]

Nalbina Dungeons battle arena.

The inside of Nalbina Fortress, Royal Palace of Rabanastre, the Nalbina Dungeons, Dreadnought Leviathan, and Draklor Laboratory are unrevisitable. There are also some sub-locations only seen in cutscenes and/or battles, that are unrevisitable; examples include the place where the Occuria reside above Giruvegan, and the Womb of the Sun-Cryst at the top of the Pharos.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Sunleth Waterscape.

All locations covered in chapters one through ten cannot be revisited. These locations are the Hanging Edge, the Pulse Vestige, Lake Bresha, the Vile Peaks, Bodhum, the Gapra Whitewood, the Sunleth Waterscape, Palumpolum, Nautilus, the Lindblum, the Palamecia, and the Fifth Ark. In addition, the Grand Prix Circuit of Eden cannot be revisited and earlier configurations of the Tesseracts of Orphan's Cradle cannot be revisited once the player either reaches one of Eden's minions to change the configuration, or the player advances to the Narthex.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Due to the events of the Calamity at the end of the version 1.0, some locations became inaccessible in the relaunch. Some examples are minor places like the old Gridanian Ampitheatre or the Milvaneth Sacrarium of Ul'dah, and entire areas like the West Shroud or Southern Mor Dhona.

In A Realm Reborn, some instanced places are unrevisitable after completing certain duties in the story. The majority of these are small places that stand before entering some trials, like Ifrit or Ravana. Some important places in sidequests also become unrevisitable after completing them, such as Bahamut's panel control, Alexander's cores, and the Interdimensional Rift's hub.

Final Fantasy XV[]

The Disc of Cauthess is only accessible during chapter 4 as part of the main quest. If the player flies across it on the Regalia Type-F later, they can see it has become but a big hole in the ground.

All areas covered between chapter 10 and chapter 14 cannot be revisited. These include the train, Cartanica station and Fodina Caestino, Tenebrae, the areas around Gralea, and Zegnautus Keep.

The island of Angelgard only appears in a cutscene, and the Galdin Quay of the "world of ruin" and surrounding areas cannot be returned to once the player leaves.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto[]

The first Niflheim facility cannot be returned to once left, so the items and photo ops there are missed until a replay if the player does not find them.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis[]

After taking the boat towards the end of Chapter 1, access to Altissia and its collectibles are lost.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

The first mission, The Akademeia Liberation, cannot be replayed from the Missions menu, and thus its locations cannot be revisited and its boss, Dáinsleif, cannot be fought again until New Game Plus. The last mission, Invasion of the Rursus, also cannot be replayed from the menu.

Iscah changes layout throughout the game as it is restored, and it is impossible to revert to an earlier layout.

Ingram can only be visited once; after the mission Escaping the Imperial Capital it cannot be visited again.

Staging Point is only available on chapter 6 before commencing the The Clash on Big Bridge.

Certain areas only appear in cut scenes, like Arecia's office and the Akademeia cemetery. The player can trigger events in these places, but not visit them any other time.

The Silent Key cannot be accessed after activating the Setzer. Though the Setzer carries over to New Game Plus playthroughs, it can be reactivated from the Silent Key in each.

The point of no return is advancing to Mission Day for the Capturing the Imperial Capital mission in Chapter 7, after which most towns cannot be revisited, and nether most areas of Akademeia. In Chapter 8, once the party departs for the Pandæmonium they cannot return.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Brigands' Den, Ziekden Fortress, Fort Besselat, Mullonde Cathedral, Sand Rat Sietch, and Windflat Mill are all storyline battlefields that can only be accessed once. The first four become completely inaccessible, and the last two are replaced with different maps.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest[]

The Hill of Destiny that appears at the very beginning is removed from the World Map as soon as Benjamin leaves it. Falls Basin is the second area that becomes inaccessible once the Crystal of Water is restored. The player should not forget to take the Heal spell located here, it being the only valuable treasure in the area. The last area is Rope Bridge, once the player leaves Rope Bridge, they can never return.

The Final Fantasy Legend[]

  • In the World of Sky located on the Tower's tenth floor:
    • The Resistance Base cannot be revisited after the sisters are reunited for the first time.
    • Similarly, the Floating Castle and its Jail cannot be re-entered once Byak-ko falls; therefore, if the Revenge weapon is missed, there is no other way to acquire it.
  • In the Future World on the sixteenth floor:
    • The nuclear reactor becomes inaccessible after the first visit. Its meltdown triggers a sequence in which all underground tunnels become sealed off as the party leaves the reactor, and nearly all inhabitants of the world collapse from radiation poisoning. The towns revive after Su-zaku's defeat, but other locales do not return.
    • After Su-zaku is defeated, the train at the top of the Skyscraper cannot be boarded.
  • Once the player reaches Final Base Town, the Tower becomes inaccessible without a Door or the Telepor skill, as it is "replaced" with the road to Paradise.

Final Fantasy Legend II[]

After the player exits the Cave of North, Mr. S stays behind to guard Home Town. But he stands in the cave for the rest of the game, preventing the player from returning to their native town. The player cannot warp with the use of the Pegasus MAGI, the Door item, or the Teleport ability.

Final Fantasy Legend III[]

After leaving Floatland, the player will be unable to return to the 4 locations found on it which includes; Floatland Town, Northern Ruins, Mountain, and Maitreya's Tower. Once the player warps to Pureland, all of the Talon's units malfunction, preventing the player from returning to the "original" world making all those locations inaccessible.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Red gateways in the story-modes Treachery of the Gods and Light to All cannot be reentered once the player clears them, and the player must replay the storyline to access them again and claim anything missed. In Confessions of the Creator the Southern Lufenia Gateway, where the manikin of Feral Chaos is fought, cannot be reentered at all once he is defeated, as unlike other story-modes Confessions of the Creator cannot be restarted from the beginning.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

Most of the locations from the Prologue and Chapter 1 become unrevisitable afterwards. Mt. Gulg, the ship in Fabrica Cave, and the Heliogabalus in Chapter 4, become unrevisitable after they are completed. In the World of Twilight, after the second Dimensional Shift, many towns from the World of Light and World of Darkness are unrevisitable.

World of Final Fantasy[]

The pirate ship the player visits in the Saronia Docks in Chapter 8 cannot be revisited once they progress through the story by traveling on the fastcraft to The Low Seas as the ship will no longer appear. The Gate that connects from Nine Wood Hills to this area also disappears.

At the beginning of Chapter 9, the player travels down a river on the fastcraft to The Low Seas, and the player can take control of the lead character for a short time. Once the following cutscenes play, the player cannot revisit this area or the fastcraft as the latter gets destroyed going down a waterfall to the Nibelheim continent below.

In Chapter 18, the player swims underwater in a fixed path on the way to The Sunken Temple. Once the player reaches the temple itself, the player cannot swim through the ocean again.

At the beginning of Chapter 20, the Gate area of The Crystal Tower becomes unrevisitable when the player defeats Brandelis, and the area becomes inaccessible if attempting to reach it from the tower's seventh floor. While the player returns to the Crystal Tower's highest floor at the end of the Postscript, the player faces a boss gauntlet there and therefore cannot be explored. Two simulacrums for the Gate area exist, however: as the final room of EX Dungeon Z, and as a separate area in the Maxima version.

The Saronia Harbor becomes temporarily unrevisitable during the Cogna invasion in Chapter 20. If the player tries to enter from the Saronia Docks, they still will not be able to do so. Only after clearing the Postscript can this area be revisited again.

The Cathedral in Agarthir, a building normally blocked off by two NPCs, can be entered starting from Chapter 21, and is used to access The Chainroad and Castle Exnine, the final two dungeons in the game's story. After clearing the Postscript, this building cannot be reentered again.

After Chapter 21, Castle Exnine becomes temporarily unvrevisitable until the player clears the Postscript.

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