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"Unrequited Love" (とどかぬ想い, Todokanu Omoi?), also known as "Unfulfilled Desire" or "Where Love Doesn't Reach", is a theme from Final Fantasy IX. It is a slower, more melancholy variation of "Zidane's Theme" and plays while Zidane tells the story of his past to Garnet during the night at Black Mage Village. Later, it becomes the background theme to Alexandria from disc 3 onwards.

Arrangement album versions[]

Piano Collections: Final Fantasy IX[]

A piano arrangement of the theme performed by Louis Leerink is included on this album. This version can also be found on the Final Fantasy S Generation: Official Best Collection and Potion 2: Relaxin' with Final Fantasy albums.

Final Fantasy Song Book "Mahoroba"[]

An arranged version with vocals is included on this album, called "Mawaru hikari" (Light goes around). Its lyrics have been written by Manami Kiyota who also sings the vocals, and it is arranged by Yuji Hasegawa, who also plays the acoustic guitar on the song.

Japanese Rōmaji[]

Chiisa na tenohira o komorebi ni kazashite
Kanjiru nukumori ni yasashisa o mitsuketa
Fuku kaze ni dakarete michibata de yureteru hana
Hitamuki ni hikari ukeru sugata ni hohoemi koboreru
Ikutsumo no kiseki ga kasanari umareta inochi
Tooku no sora no shita de wa arasoi de kesarete shimau
Gareki no katasumi ni midori no ha no ue ni
Hikari wa onaji you ni taemanaku sosogu yo
Daichi ga itsu no hi ka shizumi umi ni natte
Sore de mo mata koko de deau koto negau yo

English translation[]

I held my tiny palm out in the sunlight coming through the trees
And found kindness in the warmth I felt there
Flowers swaying by the roadside, embraced by the wind
Seeing them earnestly taking in the light, a smile escapes
This life, with so many miracles piled atop one another
Obliterated by battles under a distant sky
Whether into a rubbled nook or onto a green leaf
Light shines down in the same way, never ceasing
Someday the earth will sink and become sea
Even so, I pray we can meet up here again

Final Fantasy Orchestra Album[]

"Unrequited Love" appears on this Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary arrangement album.