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The Unnamed Witch artwork.

The Unnamed Witch (名前の無い魔女, Namae No Nai Majo?) is the main antagonist of Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon: Majo to Shoujo to Go-nin no Yuusha, the sequel to the game Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales. She wants to erase all the happy endings from Cid's Alvanica books and create her own world of pure white.



The Unnamed Witch's first appearance.

The Unnamed Witch has long blue and white hair tied to the front and left with golden gem-adorned accessories and white bandages. Her eyes are turquoise. She wears a dark green patterned dress with translucent strips of fabric billowing about her with a brooch with rubies, and the left sleeve is replaced by red and yellow feathers. Her shoes are light-violet and her skin is a pale blue, almost white. She has runes around her legs and a symbol on the left cheek, just below her eye. Around her neck she wears a long stripy orchid-colored scarf.


The Witch is hostile and cruel. She giggles when whoever she's pretending to attack is scared, or when she has used her powers upon them. The Witch is powerful as she can modify stories and kill characters by vanishing them.


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Unnamed Witch's ghostly form.

While Cid is writing one of his books he starts to cough and the Witch appears to him in a ghostly form and Cid faints. During the firstly entered book going by the title "The Wolf that fell in love", Volg, Chocobo and Shiroma are tricked by the Witch's spells, which corrupt the story so she can make her own: make characters who weren't evil attack the protagonists, block paths and sometimes make Chocobo go through challenges. In the third book, "The Sky-Flying Twins", she makes Raffy depressed, making him think he is not going to win the Roman Cup and defeat a pig and a mouse who bully him and his sister.

Before entering the fourth and last book, "The Girl Without a Name", Shiroma abandons Chocobo and it is revealed she is the protagonist of this book, the Unnamed Girl. She faints during one of the last pages due to being called Witch by unknown voices. When the page turns, the protagonists of the other stories reunite and one of the characters in the book, a young man named Ricci, names her. The Unnamed Witch appears in front of him and with her her powers makes him vanish.

After the protagonists are sent to a blank page the Witch can be heard proclaiming she is going to destroy all those worlds and create her own. Shiroma reappears and as they leave the book, the Unnamed Witch summons the beasts Ifrit, Ramuh, Shiva and Titan in front of a crystal, now showing all her colors. The beasts materialize in different places of the island and after the beasts are defeated, Cid writes in a blank page of a book that the heroes arrive to their world. They materialize as themselves and the door to the Witch is opened.

The Witch casts a spell that makes the islanders feel weak. At the top the book heroes appear and unify with Chocobo to give him power. Cid then calls him "Brave Chocobo". A golden armor appears on Chocobo and he defeats the Witch, who explodes into a white cloud. Everybody thanks Chocobo and returns to their respective worlds, even Shiroma, who kisses him on the forehead and promises to meet again soon.

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Battle portrait.

As the final boss, the Witch boasts high HP of 999 and ATK of 20.

The Unnamed Witch appears over a spinning pink flower-shaped throne with a single blue petal. As Chocobo is dragged around the battleground, she prepares to attack. Each time the petal is hit, the flower spins faster. With each turn 10 SP is earned. When 100 SP is reached, double damage will be done if Chocobo hits the petal.

Her attacks include lasers that shoot from around the petals, almost always damaging Chocobo. To avoid them, Chocobo must be positioned between two of them, or sometimes they miss by sheer luck. She can summon crystals to emerge from the ground. This attack is only used if Chocobo is near her and it cannot be avoided. Every time the blue petal is hit the Witch blows Chocobo away.

Musical themes[]

Her battle theme is an arrangement of "Glass Goth Z" from the original Chocobo's Dungeon game.