Kaze, an Unlimited

The Unlimited are a mysterious group of beings of varying races that appear in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. Though their nature is largely undisclosed within the series, a couple of major aspects are known:

  • An Unlimited can survive any fatal injury, reviving at a later point, unless killed by a fellow Unlimited. An exception to this is Chaos and Omega, who the Unlimited rival in power.
  • The Unlimited seem largely unaffected by mental manipulation and other ailments.

Members[edit | edit source]

Only two Unlimited are seen within the series: Kaze and Makenshi. Though of different worlds, both utilize weapons and spiral momentum to create Summons to fight on their behalf.

Magun[edit | edit source]

The Magun is Kaze's weapon. It is a large three barreled gun, which uses Soil bullets to summon powerful creatures to fight. The only two people seen to successfully use the Magun are Kaze and Lisa Pacifist.

Maken[edit | edit source]

The Maken are wielded by both Makenshi and his brother and teacher, Madoushi. They are straight, two-handed swords which the brothers can apparently manipulate with their mind alone. They can also use their swords to summon the Sword Dragons.

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